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UPDATED, January 8, 10 am. See Update at end of article. I've left 2009 behind, almost. Bear with me for one more look back. Remember the insane paranoia among gun owners during the 2008 election season and throughout most of 2009? The gun lobby whipped firearm owners into a fervor before and after the election of Barack Obama and a Democratic Congress with dire predictions about the impending demise of the Second Amendment if not all freedoms we cherish. I wrote several commentaries saying the opposite--basically that a lot of Democrats are pro-gun, pro-2A and many others wouldn't touch the gun issue because it's a political poison pill. So, what happened?

The Year of the NRA

I’ve left 2009 behind, almost. Bear with me for one more look back.

Remember the insane paranoia among gun owners during the 2008 election season and throughout most of 2009? The gun lobby whipped firearm owners into a fervor before and after the election of Barack Obama and a Democratic Congress with dire predictions about the impending demise of the Second Amendment if not all freedoms we cherish.

I wrote several commentaries saying the opposite–basically that a lot of Democrats are pro-gun, pro-2A, and many others wouldn’t touch the gun issue because it’s a political poison pill.

So, what happened?

Well, I was a bit off in my prediction. Democrats in Congress and many state legislatures did “touch the gun issue,” but ended up posing no threat our right to bear arms. Quite to the contrary, they probably passed more pro-gun laws than any year in history.

Therefore, may I suggest that the National Rifle Association (NRA), probably the most powerful lobby in our country and the architect or facilitator of most new pro-gun laws as well as court victories, should erect a statue of Barack Obama in front of its D.C. headquarters. Obama, with help from his fellow Dems throughout the country, has done more for firearm owners than any President in recent history, including vocally pro-gun Republicans.

And firearms manufacturers? Wow! While the rest of our economy tanked, they thrived, possibly having their best year ever in 2009, so perhaps the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the main trade organization for gun and ammo makers, should also have an Obama statue in front of its office out in Newtown, Connecticut.

What follows is hardly a complete list (yep, there’s more!), but here are a few of the most significant pro-firearm, pro-2A successes of 2009, the Year of the NRA:

Finally, a Real Bipartisan Issue. Are we all getting tired of politicians championing bipartisanship, but never doing it? Well, I say the right to bear arms is emerging from our two-party system as a true bipartisan issue.

Perhaps the most notable testimony to that claim was the amendment to H.R. 627, the so-called “MasterBlaster Bill,” which reformed credit card regulations. Credit card reform might have been “must-pass,” but the amendment to allow loaded, concealed firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges certainly wasn’t. Nonetheless, Congress easily approved the amendment and President Obama didn’t object to it as he immediately signed the bill.

Nowadays, most politicians are so gunshy about a recordable vote casting them as anti-gun and lowering their NRA grade–therefore making them vulnerable to defeat in the next election–they go to untold lengths to avoid it. But when they can no longer avoid taking a stand, most vote for guns and the 2A, including a lot of those purportedly anti-gun Democrats. On the national park gun amendment, the votes were 67-29 in the Senate and 279-147 in the House, with 27 Democratic Senators and 105 Democratic Representatives joining all but two Republicans in each house to form a veto-proof, pro-gun, bipartisan majority standing up for the 2A.

Having checked the lists, it’s clear that the gun issue is no longer related to which party, but instead, which state. Politicos hailing from urbanized states, mostly on the Left Coast and in the Northeast, still dare to vote against the 2A, but geographically, not in the rest of the country, particularly in southern and western states.

Representatives of populous states like Illinois and New York continue to introduce anti-gun bills, but none have gotten any traction. The 110th Congress, in fact, introduced 8,996 bills, but only 112 (1.3 percent) were signed into law, so clearly, anti-gun bills aren’t making the cut.

But not so with pro-gun bills such as an NRA-backed bill to allow Amtrak travelers to transport firearms in checked baggage, which has already cleared the House. Ditto for a bill prohibiting the Department of Defense from destroying certain outdated and unused military firearms, ammo and components, so they can go back into the marketplace.

States Strengthen Gun Laws. In the past two years, mostly in 2009, according to a nationwide review by The Associated Press, 24 states, mostly in the South and West, passed 47 new pro-gun laws.

“The NRA has a stranglehold on a lot of state legislatures,” Kristin Rand, legislative director the anti-gun Violence Policy Center admitted in the AP report. “They basically have convinced lawmakers they can cost them their seats.”

Here’s a sampling of this success: Arizona, Florida, Louisiana and Utah stopped businesses from barring employees from storing guns in cars parked on company lots….Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina and Virginia made some or all handgun permit information confidential….Arizona, Kansas and Montana allowed handgun permits to be issued to people who have had their felony convictions expunged….Montana and Tennessee exempted weapons made and owned in-state from federal restrictions…Tennessee allowed gun owners to take firearms onto sports fields and playgrounds….Montana, Ohio and Texas joined 21 other states in passing the Castle Doctrine, the so-called Stand Your Ground Law, which allows people to defend themselves with firearms from intruders without criminal or civil consequences…and many legislatures allowed firearms to be carried in cars, made it illegal to ask job candidates if they own a gun, and expanded agreements that make permits to carry handguns in one state valid in another state.

“This is all a coordinated approach to respect that human, God-given right of self defense by law-abiding Americans,” NRA chief lobbyist Chris W. Cox told AP. “We’ll rest when all 50 states allow and respect the right of law-abiding people to defend themselves from criminal attack.”

Supreme Victory. In June 2008, the Supreme Court overturned a handgun ban imposed by local government officials in Washington, D.C. and at the same time validated, for the first time, but with a narrow 5-4 vote, an individual’s right to bear arms.

“This is a great moment in American history,” declared NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre after the decision. “It vindicates individual Americans all over this country who have always known that this is their freedom worth protecting. Our founding fathers wrote and intended the Second Amendment to be an individual right.”

The NRA shepherded this historic case through the court system, but to me, the most amazing point was an Amicus Brief supporting Dick Armstrong Heller in his case against the D.C. gun law. Notably, 55 members of the U.S. Senate and 250 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, including nine Democratic Senators and 67 Democratic Representatives, signed the brief.

Even “ObamaCare” Scare Tactic Scores. Those who don’t follow the gun rights issue might not know about the Gun Owners of America (GOA), a group positioned, politically, right of the NRA and often calling themselves “Bitter Clingers.” The GOA was formed because members thought the NRA was too wimpy in its efforts to protect the 2A.

Throughout 2009, the GOA had this fanatical idea about health care reform legislation being a secret Democratic plot against the 2A, even though the 2,000+-page bill didn’t contain the words “gun” or “firearm.” This craziness was little more than an anti-Democrat, anti-Obama campaign, and easily dismissed as such by most, but viola, it still worked!

Although who knows what will come out of the conference committee in the final bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), specifically to pacify the GOA, inserted last-minute language into the Senate bill stating that no wellness program implemented under health reform could require disclosure or collection of any information relating to gun ownership.

The fact that this occurred and was done by a Democrat should tell us all we need to know about the politics of the gun issue.

More Americans Support Guns, NRA Membership Soars. Remember James Watt, the arch-enemy of the environment appointed as Interior Secretary by President Ronald Reagan? Did he destroy the planet? Nope, but he did double the membership of the {encode=”” title=”Sierra Club”}, so there’s another good idea for a statue.

Has Barack Obama tried to take away our right to bear arms? Nope, but he did sign the most pro-gun law passed in many years and prompted hundreds of thousands of Americans to join the NRA, now 4 million strong.

In turn, the NRA scored repeatedly in the court of public opinion. At the end of 2009, support for the 2A was higher than it has been in decades. A CNN poll found support for more restrictive gun laws declined from 50 percent in 2007 to 39 percent in 2009. In addition, a 2009 Gallup poll found that 71 percent of Americans now oppose a ban on handguns.

A Lot More People Now Have Guns. According to the NSSF, the number of background checks (required for people buying guns) has gone up 43 percent in 2009, following a 31 percent increase in 2008. One month alone, September 2009, had 1,093,230 background checks.

More guns mean more crime, correct? Nope, All categories of violent crime decreased in 2009, including a 10 percent reduction in murders.

In conclusion, you might not agree with all the NRA does or how it does things, but you have to agree that the gun lobby gets the job done for gun owners and puts up an almost impenetrable defense of the Second Amendment.

This brings me back to my Big Bet. In an earlier commentary, I promised to re-join the NRA if President Obama or the new, blue Congress passed any major anti-gun laws, such as a reauthorization of the Assault Weapon Ban. If I win, I hope all the gun guys who thought I was merely a crazy, left-handed “Fudd” would take up a collection and buy me an AR-15. Regrettably, no commitment on that, but actually, I’ll be satisfied with just being right, even if I have to buy my own AR.

I have three years to go before declaring victory, but what happened in 2009 makes me mighty comfortable that I made the right wager. And even though gun rights advocates must remain vigilant, after what happened–and didn’t happen–in 2009, they need not stress so much because they obviously have the Force within them. It’s called the NRA.

Footnote: For more NewWest.Net articles and commentary on guns and the NRA, click here.

UPDATE (January 8, 10 am): In the above commentary, I noted that “there’s more,” and readers helped me verify this by providing this additional testimony that the NRA is getting the job done for firearm owners.

More on “ObamaCare. The NRA, not just the GOA as I indicated, worked on the ObamaCare issue. The NRA worked with Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to draft the pro-gun amendment inserted into the Senate bill by Senator Reid. It’s very unlikely the House will try to remove this pro-gun amendment, given the politics of the gun issue.

Congressional Opposition to AWB. In March 2009, 65 Democratic congressmen signed a letter sent to Attorney General Eric Holder expressing their opposition to his call for reenactment of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, that expired in 2004.

The Ensign Amendment. With this amendment, the Senate repealed the D.C. gun registration statute on a 63-36 vote, including 23 Democrats.

The Thune-Vitter Amendment. This National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act scored 58 votes, including 20 Democrats, but two short of the 60 votes needed for passage. Only 39 Senators voted against it; three Senators were absent.

Pro-Gun Appropriations Riders. All pro-gun appropriations riders, most on the Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bill, were adopted even though three of them were not included in the President’s Budget. The Wicker amendment (allowing Amtrak passengers to include an unloaded firearm in checked luggage) was included in the Transportation-HUD appropriations bill. A provision reversing the proposed federal regulation designating all “assisted or one-handed opening” folding knives was included in the Homeland Security appropriations bill. New protection for ammunition components and spent brass was included in the Defense appropriations bill.

DeFazio-Dent Amendment. Congress approved this amendment, which improved the armed commercial airline pilots program.

Price Amendment The House Financial Services Committee voted 38-31, including 13 Democrats, to protect the 2A rights of residents of public housing. Previously, the lawful possession or use of firearms in federally assisted housing had been prohibited.

Omnibus Public Land Bill. Congress inserted a “sportsmen protection” provision in this massive bill to protect hunting, fishing trapping and recreational shooting.

Anti-Gun Efforts Go Nowhere. Lawmakers spiked several, anti-gun provisions from various bills, including a call for Senate ratification of the anti-gun CIFTA (Inter-American Convention Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives and Other Related Materials) Treaty.

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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Yes but, WHERE’S THE AMMO? The worst thing about the O’Bama scare was that all the morons bought up all the ammo and drove the price sky high! Now it’s impossible to buy any .380 ammo locally, and the price of ammo in general went nuts! I think that the ammo manufacturers plotted the entire O’Bama take away guns scare. BTW, the NRA is NOT the most powerful lobby. That’s untrue. AIPAC basically controls the government. My challenge to you, Bill, is to name ONE politico who has ever said a negative word abut Israel who got elected! The NRA does NOT start proxy wars, two and going on a third in Yemen or maybe Iran real soon. Nope. The NRA is just fine doing what they do.

  2. Obama and liberal-led Congress may not have gotten anything passed, Bill, but it wasn’t because they didn’t try. Remember the bogus claims that “90% of the weapons confiscated from Mexican drug cartels come from the U.S.”? This “feeler” was put out there by Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, and the Brady bunch to gauge public support for more gun control. And it was found out to be a complete lie! Therefore, the American people were not on board and the attempt went out with a very quiet whimper. The fears of law-abiding gun owners continue to be valid and it is our continued vigilance that keeps the tyrants at bay.

  3. I’ll go ahead and wager that without the gun lobby beating the drum to stay vigilant, indeed in many cases promoting active purchase of firearms forward of legislation, both Congress and the President would have gone forward with their anti-2A stance.

    I’ll wager that the administration felt compelled to remove themselves from the campaign desire of re-enacting an AWB not simply because the NRA opposed it quite vocally and threatened moneys to hoist those in opposition to such legislation to power, but instead, the administration distanced themselves from the issue in response to the OVERWHELMING monetary support provided to the NRA by those Americans who opposed the thought of a liberal agenda aimed at weakening rights outlined by the Bill of Rights.

    I contend that the NRA is only the messenger, not the powerhouse…they may lobby, but the American people provide them power…..ANY lobby with support from Americans on a scale matching that of the NRA would prove powerful….

    Failure to understand(admit) that the NRA lobby derives ALL of its power from the crowds of Americans in support of their Constitutionally recognized right to bear arms is both reckless and dishonest.

    Any contemporary group that supports the ideals our forefathers ratified back in 1791, whether related to guns, free speech, privacy, limited government, or states’ rights are sure to find themselves attacked by their federal government, whether republican or democrat. The federal government has a LONG history of siphoning powers clearly granted to the states’. Power is the federal governments objective…not protection, not safety, not welfare, not our common interests abroad. Many of those proponents of gun rights also are anti-Patriot Act, anti torture, etc… These are issues that neither reflect a republican nor democratic stance….These are issues that are flatly anti-liberal and pro-Constitution. Believe that those who are steadfast in their trust of the Bill of Rights and the brilliance of our forefathers will actively fight for those issues we hold dearest to our hearts…..and as distasteful as the responsibility of personal defense may be to the liberal agenda, never doubt our resolve to protect our beliefs and our country. There are far to many of us willing to bear our arms in defense of the Bill of Rights….

  4. Next up may be an attempt to supersede our Constitutions 2nd with international treaty. Remain ever vigilant

  5. I’m with Larry… embittered about the ongoing cost of ammo. (Remington, Winchester, Federal, etc., could all do the Obama-statue thing, too! But instead I wish they’d ramp up production.)

    Perceived opposition tends to strengthen any ideological group. I’ll wager that Rush Limbaugh is thriving financially now, as he never could’ve during the Bush years. Likewise the NRA… when gun owners perceive a threat, it’s natural to circle the wagons. (I somewhat resent terms like “stranglehold” applied to lobbying groups. It’s not the NRA, but the voting power of GUN OWNERS who are paying attention, that makes the politicians nervous. Of course, the NRA mailings and press releases may be what keeps ’em paying attention.)

    Some good analysis there, Mr. Schneider.

  6. Now I need to worry about “Big Guns” & “Big Ammo,”along with “Big Oil,” Big Business,” “Big Government,”??? Damn!

  7. Mr. Reynolds – Explain to me the process by which our constitution could be superseded by international treaty. Even an Amendment must be ratified by 2/3 of the states and no foreign government or international body has any jurisdiction at all over the constitution of another.

  8. Obama doesn’t have to go through Congress:

    “In fact, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just announced the Obama Administration would be working hand in glove with the UN to pass a new “Small Arms Treaty.”

    Disguised as legislation to help in the fight against “terrorism,” “insurgency” and “international crime syndicates,” the UN Small Arms Treaty is nothing more than a massive, GLOBAL gun control scheme.

    Ultimately, the UN’s Small Arms Treaty is designed to register, ban and CONFISCATE firearms owned by private citizens like YOU. ”

    World Net Daily, National Association for Gun Rights.

    Back doors need to be locked too!

  9. Obama stated that he will not take guns, and that is true. However, he has appointed many that will do it for him.

  10. The D.C. (Heller) decision was in 2008, not 2009.

    A similar ban in Chicago goes before the Supreme Court in a few weeks–this will give us the opportunity to see if Obama’s nominee, Sotomayor, supports the 2nd Amendment or not. If she does (most likely given her statements), it will be a boon for Dems; if she doesn’t, it will be seen a validation of the fear-mongering you described above.

  11. Yes – let’s make sure everyone has access to guns, including up and coming Muslim terrorists.

    You watch – first they used our own planes against us, next they’ll find a way to arm Al Quaida members without raising suspiciions…

  12. Cindy, except for the fact that a UN resolution by that title exists, everything in your post is false and you know it. Take a government class and pay attention. No UN resolution affects the internal laws of a member state. The bogus organization you refer to in your post states that such a thing would require ‘ratification by the US Senate’. UN resolutions require no such thing and the Senate does not vote on UN resolutions.
    Talk is cheap. Conspiracy talk is so cheap it has sponsors.

  13. Zak–Sorry about that mistake. How time flies. I fixed it…..Bill

  14. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Mehmnet, I’ll bet that they won’t look under you bed! Sheesh. What a way to live. We already HAVE Homeland Security. It’s called the Second Amendment.

  15. The session is not over. So the bet, which really has not been “shaken upon” with money thrown on the table, is not done yet. If I’d bought you an EBR, or administered a pool to do so, now….and all of a sudden something comes through DHS or State or even one of those hidden riders, I’d be wanting that shootin’ stick back for use.
    Never mind that the intent by the D party leadership has not gone away. If Chuck Schumer was leader rather than Harry, if so many D Congs had not been made vulnerable by Cap and Tax, the health bill, blah blah blah….
    Never mind the realities of the “nine Democratic Senators and 67 Democratic Representatives” that signed the Heller amici. That means about 40 (2008) or about 80 percent did not in the Senate, and at least two thirds of the Congs didn’t either. The “party” is still anti-guns, but as Obama said, “we don’t have the votes.”
    I don’t think it is a coincidence that this was a “good year” for gun rights, nor is this all the NRA’s “fault.” It’s more general than that.
    With trust in institutions at a generally low level across the board, with 65 percent or so of Americans rating Congress as poor, look, I’m not going to give over to anyone I see as incompetent and unworthy of trust….especially those SPECIFICALLY in a trust position.
    On the other hand, I might willingly give over MONEY to those I trust not to throw away my stuff….including my rights.
    As things are now, ammo prices are still up around 35% over last year even though commodity prices have flattened slightly. The guns themselves are coming down out of orbit.
    While my heart bleeds for Larry’s wallet, and mine, the simple fact remains that tooling up to run more than three shifts is way expensive. Like building oil refineries and drilling, it takes a while. Doing so would be a dumb move for the ammo makers unless a hot, big war starts someplace. In fact, ammo demand overall only cranked up about 35 percent, to 12 billion rounds from 7 to 10 “normally.” That’s about 20 to 35 percent extra, about what prices have settled to now.
    The good part, given recent polling results about self-ID as lib, indie, or con, and given that with the rare exception of enlightened liberals like Larry, conservatives bought up, along with about half of indies, while liberals bought none.
    So, in the past year alone, every man, woman and child now has 100 more rounds of ammo than those who didn’t. I like those numbers.

  16. I think it’s sad when people treat guns like religion. I think they need a hobby. Shooting things isn’t a hobby.

  17. I think you are remiss in some of your assumptions. The Parks gun bill was drafted by Gun Owners of America. As well as the Amtrack Bill. NRA tried to block the Parks bill, they told Sen. Coburn that it was far fetched and that no one would go for it, they said it would do more harm than good. The NRA did more this year to block Pro legislation.

    They wouldnt come out against Sotomayor until GOA and other groups had already been there for weeks. They didnt do anything about Cass Sunstein, Harold Koh or our very own gun loving Eric Holder. They wont come out and endorse Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Peter Schiff or any candidate that legitimately understands the true nature of the 2A. The NRA spends far too much time on hunting, WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SECOND AMENDMENT! Self defense only scratching the surface of the 2A. Its true nature is in acting as the actual check and balance of the system, a safeguard against tyranny.

    The dems may not have seemed like they were attacking the 2A, but they always are and they always were, this year was all about the back door. Something this author surely would have not caught. Take a look at all the people they ushered into positions of power this year. They are all anti gun radicals. Look at all of the treaties they have entertained.

    Look up CIFTA on google, its the worst UN treaty that could happen to the 2A. Look up Etrace by the BATFE, it is basically a list of every gun owner in america, on that list is your name address SSN# and your family members. This Etrace info has just been given to MEXICO!! The most corrupt government this side of the globe. 30 other countries also have this information.

    This article is the worst kind of dribble. You are ill informed and you are doing a disservice to people by posting something like this.

  18. “. . . . insane paranoia among gun owners . . .”? Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. It would be insane to expect that a Democrat administration and Congressional majorities wouldn’t enact drastic and overreaching gun control legislation. And a knowledge of history and documented anti-gun statements by the Democrats isn’t paranoia . . . it’s a reasonable expectation.

  19. If gun control really worked, “gun free zones” such as schools would be bastions of safety. Instead, the opposite is true.
    Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.
    If guns do not deter crime, why aren’t there any mass shootings at gun ranges or at gun shows?
    I wish every legislator who votes against guns would tell their secret service agents to disarm. Only then would we see who truly is against guns.


    One of the few statements of this life which is true 100% of the time: Slaves do not own guns; free men do.

  20. You write of the Supreme Court Heller vs DC decision: “The NRA shepherded this historic case through the court system…” without mentioning that it was NOT the NRA that started this case and got it to the Supreme Court, and through to victory there.

    Alan Gura created this case and sheperded it through the courts and won this case before the Supreme Court. NRA had very little to do with it, except for opposing it initially as a risky move and then supporting it in principle after it succeeded in getting to the Supreme Court docket. I don’t think there was any financial support from the NRA for this case, or legal representation of the plaintiffs from NRA resources, or recognition after victory that the NRA did NOT start and win the case.

    And now, with Alan Gura about to argue again before the Supreme Court to stop 2nd Amendment rights infringement by state and local governments, the NRA is trying to push him aside and take half his time to make their own arguments before the SC. The NRA has been a dog in a manger (see your Aesop’s Fables) about this series of cases from their start.

    And I am an NRA member.

  21. The NRA is the big dog on the block. Let us not forget that there are millions of gun owners out there that will not get involved.

    Firearms ownership is a right in the United States. Noone can take your freedom unless you let them.

    We must be constantly on the alert for anyone that that tries to steal our rights. If you own a firearm, you need to support and belong to a firearms rights organization. NRA, GOA, CCRKBA, Second Amendment Foundation, or one of many more.

    There are many more of us than there are the anti gunners. It is easier to defeat them at the ballot box than to defeat them when they come to your door and try to steal your guns.
    If they ever try to do that, the price they pay will be extremely high!

  22. So, Bill, “Stu Strickler” has posted that when “they come to your door and try to steal your guns… the price they pay will be extremely high!” Now, I believe that, when it comes to an issue so intrinsically intertwined with public safety, it is important to elicit and explore any information on the mental state and stability of the protagonists on both sides. I believe the mental state and stability of people who are desperately obsessed with the possession of weapons with capabilities that rival those of military weaponry is a fair issue in this discussion and I work to elicit as much information on that mental state and stability. You may not want to see it; but, the veiled threat posed in the Strickler comment and others in this thread have opened that door anyway.

  23. Actually ima, there’s a lot of archaeological & other historical evidence that slaves in the American south owned a lot of guns, which were used for hunting to supplement their diet since they were working their asses off & it was otherwise expensive to feed them.

    Here’s a link to some data on that if you’re interested:

    I firmly believe in the political power of the 2nd Amendment in keeping Americans free, but alone it’s not enough–we have to have the attitude among us that freedom is our birthright and we won’t give it up for any politics of the moment. That is, we have to refuse to cowed into submission and slavery. I wish the right wing had screamed as loudly about habeas corpus, due process and warrants as they are about giving poor people health care now.

  24. real mike, there is nothing wrong with my mental state. Remember Katrina? You can allow thugs to take down law abiding citizens, but I don’t have to allow that and I won’t. Not on my property.

    I spent 30 years defending this country against foreign enemies and I will be d@mned if I will allow allow domestic enemies to disarm us.

  25. People with serious disturbances always adamantly deny that there could possibly be anything wrong with their mental state. It’s actually one of the most reliable signals in psychiatry; if they think they “might” be crazy, then there’s still somebody in there who you “might” be able to reach.

  26. Okay – I’ve finally figured out you gun-heads.

    You are all symptomatically-prone to a form of paranoia.

    Such paranoia is part of your basic bio-chemistry – nothing will alleviate it (except maybe drugs).

    You start off in Life afraid that there are forces out there which threaten you.

    For whatever these forces are, you believe/perceive that they can be fended off by having a gun.

    So you all obtain your firearms.

    And that presumably solves your fears.

    BUT – because of your genetic propensity for paranoia – you must find another scapegoat that alleviates your fears. You transition such fear into one that imagines the confiscation of your firearms. “No firearms” equivocates to “No identity” in your eyes.

    Thus, you will never be at ease. Because of your genetically-grounded personality traits, you will always be fearful of something.

  27. RM and Met,
    You’re obviously not familiar with the oath. Something about defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic? Pretty big commitment there, what with the implicit promise to defend it with one’s own life.
    If it were the four of us, and a howling horde coming over the ridge, and I owned two guns…I’d give one to Stu. Why? Because I could trust Stu to point it at the enemy.

  28. The “oath”? Obviously your paranoia is tied to your own imagined fears.

    We who care less about guns figure we’re going to die because of a terrorist bombing or a volcano blowing up. Guns would be useless in either of those scenarios.

  29. Gun control is a huge joke played on the people than are dumb enough to think it works.

    You can’t stop crime by taking the fiirearms away from citizens.

    It’s not about stopping crime, it is about control.

    Those that talk about shrinks all the time, really do have problems.

  30. That’s what they all say.

  31. That’s why I use my real name on these posts, real mike. I stand behind what I say. Have a wonderful gun free day.

  32. Stu says “You can’t stop crime by taking the fiirearms away from citizens.” hahahahaah, tell that to those who’ve died and lost family members from violence, had their homes and animals shot up in vandalism. Tell that to those who’ve found the poached animals lying rotting in the fields. Tell that to the wives and children who live in fear because “daddy’s got a gun”. Tell that to the victims who were unfortunate enough to be in a public building when the nutcase decided to open fire. The NRA cult seems to have everyone brainwashed, and so terrified. There’s no such thing as common sense on this subject anymore.

  33. All of these entries have been real interesting of how naive people can be. So many would rather rely on heresay rather than doing their homework, meaning the history of this great nation. My husband is a WWII vet and I am very much aware that we would be speaking Japanese if the Citizens of this nation were not armed. For that reason the mainland of the U.S. was never attacked. They came close with the Battle of Attu Island, which I doubt very many of you even know where it is at. I lost family during that battle. The Japanese wanted to establish a base to jump on to the mainland of the U.S. For those who are interested the island is at the end of the string of islands which extends out from Alaska.
    For this reason this country would be very vulnerable from those who would like to take the power FROM the people. It would be those who have guns that would be defending those who have not.
    Just a thought from History.

  34. mitch, you are welcome not to own a firearm. However, you have no right to deny millions of others that right.
    If someone does not feel capable of owning or using a firearm, that fine with me me. You won’t tell me I can’t.

  35. We may not be able to deny the right of ownership, stewie; but we will soon be licensing them, I hope…

  36. Hope not.

  37. License them? Yeah, good luck with that.

    You run down and License yours, I’ll laugh. We are winning and some of the anti freedom types can’t stand it!

  38. I like the debate, but I don’t think marginalizing someone’s mental state gives anyone any credibility. There are people in our government, both with and without any real power, who want to remove the right to own firearms. Believing this is not paranoia. And although Obama has indeed signed pro-gun legislation he has not earned the right to be called a pro-gun politician. His record before entering the White House speaks for itself.

  39. It’s just a gun, people. Please do something better with your time. Donate food to your local shelter. Take up writing or painting. Maybe go take a couple extra courses. Expand your mind.

    These are just guns – pieces of metal that fire projectiles. They are not God, they are not your owner.

    Let it go people.

    Write a short story. Take some pictures of plants or wildlife. Go enjoy a cup of coffee at the local book store.

    Do something, *anything* other than whine about this stupid issue. Of all the suffering in this world and the tremendous power of the NRA is focused on such a worhtless and pointless thing. What a shame, and how short sighted. Think of al lthe good that could be done.

    I guess we will learn sooner or later. Expand your mind. Guns are not a hobby. Do something that makes you use your brain cells, or benefits others around you. Do something that opens some doors.

  40. For a second there Mike I thought you were serious. Thanks for the sarcasm. That’s my style too. LMAO!!

  41. Here’s a couple quotes I like. Enjoy.

    164,985,999 gun owners killed no one yesterday.

    Know guns, know peace, know safety. No guns, no peace, no safety.

    “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.” ~Thomas Jefferson

    Those who trade liberty for security have neither. ~John Adams

    You don’t shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.

    An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

    The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others.

    The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights Reserved.

  42. Mike, apparently you need to do your research before speaking. Yes, it is just a gun, an inanimate piece of metal and/or plastic and wood, but these things help people accomplish a very important hobby which is hunting. The NRA is about more than just “gun rights”, they are also about protecting hunting, and educating children and adults in the responsible use of firearms. Every year, hunters donate money and venison to help homeless people through soup kitchens. How much does the anti-gun lobby do to help these unfortunate people?

    The NRA’s Eddie Eagle program is responsible for educating thousands of children each year on what to do if they find a gun. What is the anti-gun lobby doing to keep our children safe? If guns are outlawed, criminals will still have them. Drugs are illegal, but people still get them. All that anti-gun legislation does is penalize law-abiding gun owners.

    As for Obama and his anti-gun cabinet, it wasn’t for lack of trying that no anti-gun legislation was passed. Obama has a proven track record in the IL Senate of voting against any pro-gun measures that came up. Just because he was elected president doesn’t automatically mean his position has changed in this respect. Same thing with Eric Holder. He wants more gun control, but knows that he won’t be able to get it passed. As for the pro-gun legislation attached onto the credit card reform bill, Obama had not choice but to sign that into law. He had to decide which was the lesser of two evils. Either sign the bill with a pro-gun amendment attached, or not sign it and REALLY make the general public mad for not helping with credit card reform. Even the most anti-gun person alive, if put in that same situation, would do the same thing.

  43. Thanks for your imput, Mark. People who know nothing about the NRA don’t have a clue.

    The NRA not only teaches firearms safety to children, they also train thousands of law enforcement officers. Many police officers are also members of the NRA. They know that firearms restrictions only apply to citizens and do nothing to stop crime.

  44. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    Grizzly Bears and wolves are virtually useless in a volcano or terrorist attack too, but they are nice to have around, even if they do occasionally kill visiting Californians. Does that mean we should pasteurize the wilds? No. A gun is just a tool, like a paint brush or a cigarette lighter.

  45. Merinas van der Lubbe

    I’ve been saying for some time that we’re actually winning, the eternal struggle notwithsatanding. However, far from that meaning that we should relax, we should press the attack all the more vigorously while our enemy is in retreat – or, in the immortal words of Nathan Bedford Forrest, “Keep up the skeer.”

    We should demand relaxation of concealed carry restrictions, push for firearms training in the high schools, demand repeal of the machine gun ban, etc…

    I don’t believe for a microsecond that the DemonRats have REALLY changed their tiny minds, though. They’re just reading the political tea leaves. They (and not a few Republicans – remember Lincoln Chaffee?) would disarm us and leave us naked in a heartbeat, if they could get away with it.

  46. Be ever vigilant. This country will not fall from outside forces.

    Look around you. There are plenty of internal forces trying to turn this great country into a socialist nation. Fortunately, millions of people are waking up and it’s still not to late.

  47. 1) I never stated that Thomas Jefferson our 3rd President of the United States stated this did I?….. no. Don’t make assumptions. Tom is my neighbor, and he said it. Hahahah.

    2) I’m not paranoid, I simply said that those are a few funny quotes. Dont get your panties in a bunch!

    3) “The loudest sound in the world is a “click” when you need a “bang.” ~ John Adams

  48. Did you all see the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence just gave Obama an “F” today? That actually quoted this article as proof that Obama is one of the most pro-gun presidents of all time.

    Poor guy’s taking flak from both sides–but having the Brady campaign against him is the best indication yet gun owners have a friend in the Oval Office.

    Here’s the link to the Brady screed: “President Obama’s First Year: Failed Leadership, Lost Lives”

    (If you know the issue, most of the Brady Campaign claims don’t hold up, but they sound good to the uniformed & zealous.)

  49. Well, BO fortunately hasn’t passed any gun-control legislation yet, but that does not mean he is “one of the most pro-gun presidents of all time.” He has a lot going on. Can’t fight wars on every front.

    Google his voting record from the Senate.

  50. Zak, thanks for the link. That was a fine belly laugh in an otherwise dull day. And congratulations, Bill, having a fine and credible institution such as the esteemed and objective Brady Bunch refer to you as source material. You’ve made it, you’re a STAR!

  51. That Brady report is special! He lied to the Brady Bunch and he lied to gun owners. You just can’t have it both ways! But, what’s new here?

  52. The NRA Lobby would not have the “power” attributed to it without the backing of the voting public.
    It is obvious where the majority of the American people stand in regards to the 2nd Admendment.
    Will a “low score” from the NRA cost a politician votes? Yes.
    Does the Obama Administration include the most rabid anti-gun office holders ever assembled? Yes. It is the people who have kept them in check. The little guy who votes both at the ballot box and by donations to the “nefarious gun lobby” are the real power group here.
    We were right to fear this bunch? Absolutely. It is not about hunting ducks.