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A wolf that wandered from Montana and died in Colorado earlier this year met its end on a hillside about 24 miles north of Rifle, according to government documents obtained by an environmental organization. Federal wildlife law enforcement officers continue to investigate the death of a Montana wolf that wandered from Montana and died in Colorado, nearly after a year after the wolf’s carcass was collected, raising speculation that the wolf was killed by a human. “It’s a good question, but I’m not going to answer it,” says George Morrison, Colorado senior wildlife agent for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Suspicion Surrounds Colorado Wolf Death

A wolf that wandered from Montana and died in Colorado earlier this year met its end on a hillside about 24 miles north of Rifle, according to government documents obtained by an environmental organization.

Federal wildlife law enforcement officers continue to investigate the death of a Montana wolf that wandered from Montana and died in Colorado, nearly after a year after the wolf’s carcass was collected, raising speculation that the wolf was killed by a human.

“It’s a good question, but I’m not going to answer it,” says George Morrison, Colorado senior wildlife agent for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Morrison confirmed the examination of the body, called a necropsy, had been completed, but he said the results would be closed to the public until agents complete their investigation.

“It could be two weeks or as long as a year,” he says. “It’s important to us not to impede the investigation.”

Wildlife officials have refused to divulge specifics about the wolf’s condition or its final whereabouts. But Rob Edward, carnivore recovery director for WildEarth Guardians, said he discovered its final location through an open-records request seeking information about wolves in Colorado. The documents showed the last location of the wolf to be about 24 miles north of the Western Slope town of Rifle, less than two miles west of Highway 13.

“I have believed for the last couple of months that they definitely have a law enforcement angle on this,” Edward said. “Otherwise they would tell you that it died of natural causes.”

Intentionally killing a wolf in Colorado would be a violation of the Endangered Species Act and state statutes that protect endangered species.

Edward described the site as “within rifle distance of a road.” Maps show the location to be what appears to be a scrub-covered hillside in an area known as No Name Ridge, apparently on Bureau of Land Management land just north of a dirt road called Thirteenmile Road.

“That’s the way the wolves from the Northern Rockies are going to come,” Edward said. “What we have to work on is making those lands safer.”

Known as wolf 341F, the 18-month-old female made headlines for making a 1,000-mile journey from the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park to Colorado. Biologists tracked her movements using a GPS unit in a collar fitted to her neck.

Researchers said she was a member of the Mill Creek pack and wandered from the pack’s location between towns of Gardiner and Livingston, Mont., in search of a mate.

She left her pack in September 2008 and took a meandering path through Wyoming, Idaho and Utah to Eagle County. She crossed back into Wyoming, then back into western Colorado where her collar showed she stopped moving. Biologists responded and gathered her carcass to perform a necropsy.

Native wolf populations in Colorado were wiped out by the late 1930s. The last record of a native wolf killed in Colorado was in 1943. In June 2004, a radio-collared wolf from Yellowstone was found killed by a passing motorist on Interstate 70 near Idaho Springs. In 2007, video footage captured an apparent wolf near Walden.

Officials say among Northern Rockies wolves, 26 out of every 100 wolves are killed, almost all of them shot by animal control officers or poachers. Among lone-dispersing wolves like this one, most are hit by cars or illegally killed.

State law does not call for wolf reintroduction, but it does protect wolves that wander into Colorado.

For wolf reintroduction advocates, this wolf’s death highlights a need for more protections.

“They’re not going to come down here and repopulate the area on their own,” Edward said, “especially if they meet that kind of fate.”

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  1. It may come as a surprise that the wolves of 2009 act exactly like those of 1940.

    It may also come as a surprise that those that are impacted by the wolves on a monthly basis will act exactly as their parents had to.

    It should come as no surprise that those in Idaho hardest impacted by the wolves that they did not want, will shoot every one they see.

    Yesterday a dead wolf came into our store on the rack of a Jeep. It had been shot near Deadwood Res legally and tagged. Everyone supported the hunter. Many stated that they would not have wasted their tag. They would have left it and continued the hunt.

    We don’t have anything against you dumping your wolves in our yard. Just come feed the damn things!

  2. I wonder if wolf supporters will ever consider the possibilities inherent in [i]shoot, shovel and shut up[/i] as it could be applied to domestic animals loose on public lands.
    I doubt any western state will ever approve a hunt to manage cattle and sheep; but perhaps–in time–cow and sheep haters may become as willful as the wolf haters in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming?

  3. The Zen of bureaucrats and cops and other public ‘ “servants” is sometimes what they DON’T say is more meaningful than wha they do say. I’ve been asking wolf recovery director Ed Bangs about Wolf 314 F for some months now, and I always get the Non- Answer …” it’s an ongoing investigation “…

    That is a euphemism for Foul Play. The article is correct. This wolf was shot illegally. Bet the ranch on that . The USF&WS;laboratory in Oregon that does necropsies usually completes their forensics in a matter of a few weeks. The 314F female wanderer has been missing since March. The implications of her circumstances go well beyond the death of a lone wolf. It ripples thru the entire Northern Rockies wolf recovery program and especially the courtrooms.

    If that wolf had NOT died of foul play , we would’ve heard that from Bangs et al quite some time ago. That’s the Zen of it.

  4. Loves the Outdoors

    “Federal wildlife law enforcement officers continue to investigate the death of a Montana wolf that wandered from Montana and died in Colorado, nearly after a year after the wolf’s carcass was collected, raising speculation that the wolf was killed by a human. ”

    I’m glad to see that during this economic crisis that we are spending our money wisely.

    Good job fed.

  5. This is typical for FWS. Do not expect anything but an ongoing invstigation if they fail to find anything bad. In 2004 they found 4 wolves from the Daniel pack that they susepcted as poisoned and made a point that they were suspected of being poisoned. I emailed Bangs a year later in 2005 to see what they had found because it was still being used as a black mark against Wyoming. I was told it was still under investigation and to the best of my knowlege it still is, at least I have never seen any resolution, same with the wolves killed elsewhere a few months agao, they leave a cloud of suspicion hanging over the states with this kind of nonsense.

  6. Oakland, CA, a city of 400,000 souls. 83 homicides so far this year. 124 last year. Close to 800 since 9/ll and the muslim murders of over 3000 innocents in the Twin Towers mayhem. No member of the armed forces claiming Oakland as home has died in the military since 9/11. And no wolves have been killed in Oakland. Should we bemoan the death of one wolf? Or close to a thousand murders? Is our country a worse off for suffering a wolf death in Colorado or for losing hundreds to murder and mayhem in one city?

    At some point in time, we do have to prioritize how we spend our taxes, private treasure taken by the government to keep the peace and promote domestic tranquillity. We do have to remember the government can’t give anyone anything until they take something from us all. How really important is it that we have wolf necropsies and forensics labs for “suspicious” wildlife deaths, while we don’t have the personnel and money to stop Mexican drug cartels from using roadless and wilderness lands for marijuana farming, the profits from which go to further undermine the very base of law and order that is supposed to protect society at least as well as we protect wolves?

    The wolf dilemma is really not that important in the whole scheme of things. The wolf is here to stay, all things considered. In the long term, most will be killed by their own species or by freeway traffic at critical migration spots. Especially the ones with the center dividers of concrete and high speed traffic. Choosing not to provide wildlife under and over passes is a hell of a lot more destructive to wildlife and wolves than occasional yahoos shooting the wolf that is a target of opportunity.

  7. ahh bearbreath

    diverting from the issue at hand as usual. I shot down your pot argument months ago but here you go again spouting your bs.
    Timber, petroleum, alcohol, cotton and variuos industrial interests pay to keep pot illegal. They realize hemp and pot are threats to their markets. They are the ones to blame for illegal gorwing not preservation of roadless and wilderness areas. You right wing nuts claim your all about freedom yet you take every opportunuity to intrude on other people’s lives such as the cannabis issue. A extremly safe plant used for thousands of years by humans yet you wing nuts want to throw everyone in prison who makes a choice.

    Yes bearbreath humans right and interests are overlooked at times however illegal poaching should not be ignored.
    Your hate of one lone wolf in Colorado exemplifies your lack of tolerance for anything you dont undertsand or like.

    Your generation just cost us a public option for health care.
    You out-dated prejudiced ideals need to die along with the RV elederly generation that is holding back any progress in our modern world.

  8. muslim murders

    9-11, pot, wolves have nothing to do with morals or religion but have everything to do with profits, power and prejudice.

    Seriuosly I go on this site now once in a blue moon and i’m really tired of you and skinhead spouting the smae tired bs and lies.

  9. Men can’t even live along side other men. Why is it we think that lions, tiger, bears, wolves, ….can be our tolerated neighbors?

  10. We must remember that the wolves in Yellowstone and Idaho (etc.) were human-introduced “experimental” populations. This policy was pushed by those that wanted an “instant” visible wolf population while there were still endangered but less visible populations of wolves in the area already. The introduced Canadian newcomers probably wiped out the existing gene pool, either by killing them (older individuals) or interbreeding with them (younger wolves). The Audubon Society and others argued against introducing Canadian wolves because the existing endangered wolves (canis lupus irremotus) would be lumped together with the newcomers (canis lupus occidentalis) thus eliminating the last remnants of an endangered subspecies. Ultimately c. l. irremotus was deemed “extinct” by the courts.

    To many, the introduced wolf population is a symbol of more government intervention in local affairs. The new wolves have altered ungulate behavior, so hunters can no longer find large elk herds in their usual places. Some people are shocked by the eating habits of wolves as evidenced here: h t t p (colon slash slash) saveelk (dot) com (slash) wolf_030 (dot) htm .

    In Idaho we have both extremes of human attitudes towards wolves. They are either god-like creatures to be worshiped or a dangerous pest to be wiped out at all costs. I disagree with both. Ultimately they will be controlled by Fish and Game trapping in order to prevent wide fluctuations in predator/prey populations (the cycles take decades), which is the natural state. F&G;departments need a steady stream of hunting and fishing license revenues in order to maintain a budget, pay officers, prevent poaching and so forth. Standard hunting techniques will have little impact on wolf populations, as evidenced by Canadian officials’ experience. They use professional trappers to keep wolf numbers in check. (In Alberta the goal is to cull 1200 per year)

    I’ve got a nice thick scientific textbook on canis lupus. Fascinating stuff. Just started reading it.

  11. A lot of the hatred of wolves, if such a term can be used, is based on the hatred of being lied to about the numbers and effects by officials, and by the enviro lawyers using the courts and the wolves to try to put ranchers out of business and end hunting. To be sure there are people who worship the wolves, but there is also the very powerful environmental legal groups that are draining the life blood out of the nation with their greed generated lawsuits.
    More is generated by lies told by our government, they just have to try to put the best possible face on wolf damage. I attended a talk by Doug Smith yesterday at the BBHC in Cody. He first of all stated the the northern elk herd is “down to 10,000”, I know there were a lot of tourists there who were traveling thru and they probably believed that. But the locals that are dealing with the wolves and their impact are all too aware that the herd has been in the 6000 range for 3 years, so why try to spin the numbers. He also blamed drought for the dropping numbers, and I asked him why drought decreased Yellowstone elk numbers when it appeared to increase them everywhere else around the park in wolfless areas.

  12. how rude of the wolves to eat my elk! i thought god created elk so that I could shoot them and eat them.

    the entire world isn’t here just for our benefit. just because we can kill everything we see doesn’t mean we have to.

  13. Sheesh , Todd— have you ever seen a piece of paper or a coin that only had one side to it ? You can rail all you want against the enviros and the lawyers or even the government for putting out disinformation or whatever, but I can make just as stout a claim about the ranching, hunting, outfitting , certain state game departments, and so-called conservation groups as well, with just as much veracity ( which is to say none at all ).

    Here’s a recent case in point: read the totality of Judge Molloy’s 46 page double spaced ruling where he put the Grizzly back under protection by effectively re-listing them. He did not rule ” for” the Earthjustice legal team or enviros, per se. He ruled against the US Fish and Wildlife Services own data and own internal documents and their own findings. The crafty enviro lawyer did not shoot Fish & Wildlife…he didn’t have to. They ( in the countenance of one Chris Servheen) shot themselves in the foot, year after year .

    You can expect much the same outcome when the wolves are put on trial , except it will be the state of Wyoming , et al, shooting themselves in the foot when they should be licensing wolves fully as trophy animals with limited quota seasons, exactly like Cougars, instead of a ridiculous statewide shoot on sight predator plan as though they were merely Coyotes or Foxes , only bigger.

    As for your opine that enviros ” are draining the life blood out of the nation with their greed generated lawsuits ” , that is beneath the dignity of a response and appears to come from a sheet of your one-sided brown recycl/or an unwillingness to do critical thinking.

  14. Oops–another instance of lousy typing on my part. Clipped out most f an entire sentence. I shot my own response to Todd in the foot. Ouch.

    Here’s what the last paragraph should have said:

    ‘ As for your [ Todd’s ] opine that enviros ” are draining the life blood out of the nation with their greed generated lawsuits ” , that is beneath the dignity of a response and appears to come from a sheet of your one-sided brown recycled magical 1-dimensional paper. It reveals great ignorance and/or an unwillingness to do critical thinking. ‘

  15. Outdated, but an argument nonetheless. You still think we can unnaturally accelerate a natural process with a complex, advanced species and predict all consequences? Man is still a stupid animal with a minimal understanding of his surroundings. That’s an argument you can’t refute.

    Thanks for responding to my punctuation request.

  16. Jeff, we will know if Wyoming gets any money if all awards have to be made public won’t we? That is what I want for all taxpayer money for awards to be made public.

  17. I find this continued attack upon ranchers and farmers based on subsidies absolutely funny, every citizen of this nation relies on subsidies, FRNs are a subsidized form of insurance script, pure 100% debt, and nothing more. In debt fools trust. The damn wolves have been subsidized as well, and we still have never enjoyed a democratic vote concerning dumping them in our back yards. Funny how these de-MOCK-racies work, starts out nice and ends up fascist.. To funny.

    I mean come on get real, that worthless paper you guys go out and work for and piss and moan over is NOT MONEY … it is the biggest sham ever created … the IMF world bank that sits above the “FED” or federal reserve has produced what we should call “debt notes”

    As you work and slave for debt notes … you engulf you and your family and children into more debt … since every one of these pieces of paper represents debt that has to be repaid up the banking ladder.

    Who is the man that has sooooo much money that he can loan it to all the countries in the world and they all owe him ??? and how did he get so rich ??? herein lies that scam … he does not have any more money than you or me … he just has the international CIA police force to enforce the “banking rules” and “prevent competition” … just imagine … the countries of the east (Japan, China, and a dozen other countries) recently tried to create such a competitive system to break away from this tyrannical monopoly (yes just like the game you played as a kid … only here it is for real) … with all their independence and wealth they were “forced to drop the idea”

    Picking on Ranchers and farmers for doing what you yourselves do is pretty pathetic.

  18. Whining about subsidies to ranchers/farmers is dumb, the currency known as FRNs, created out of thin air and loaned to this Nation via Congress has a catch, that catch is collateral. The IMF world bank which owns the “FED” holds that debt. Instead of crying about wolves that they paid for, not us, and ranchers/farmers subsidies they paid out not us, you might try and grow up and ask yourself, what is the collateral held in security for the national debt. Here is a clue, resources, public lands, minerals, timber, water, etc, etc, so while you NIMBY DUMBASS know nothing Ralph bots whine about what is walking on these lands you might consider who is about to walk off with the lands right out from under all the former owners. Your standing on it stupid, and included is all private property. I love how you serfs take for granted there is never a repo day connected to all YOUR national debt. The difference is I know it, and you don’t got the balls to know it, or face it. When this financial fake fiat paper world collapses your going to crap yourself. Just remember there is a guy out here laughing his ass off at you. Maybe Ralphie will give you a blanky..

  19. Well, this freight train has run off the rails…

    Does anyone have anything new to report or say about Wolf 314F’s mysterious death ?

    The latest weekly Wolf report from USF&WS;( Friday Oct 2 ) lists no new law enforcement activities. It has been seven full months since Ms. 314 died in Colorado. Being as the Northern Rockies Grey Wolf Recovery program is a 13 year multimillion dollar effort in three states and surrounds, and the odyssey that 314 F made last winter in traversing five states has some direct bearing on the wolf delisting lawsuit(s) regarding the genetic dispersion argument and Wyoming’s shortminded misguided “Shoot on Sight” predator status , we are most certainly entitled to some answers from Ed Bangs & Company. That we do not have those answers by now leads us to conclude in the absence of an explanation that US F & WS is stonewalling. But why ? For political reasons ? Because of the pending lawsuit(s) over delisting , as in withholding evidence ? Bureaucratic misfeasance or malfeasance ? Bad law enforcement case work and forensics ? Why ?

    Let’s put this 314F train back on the tracks and drive it straight to Ed Bangs’ office door in Helena MT. No excuses , Ed. But if you have a REASON for withholding 314F’s circumstances, please enlighten us. You work for us.

  20. The public has everything there going to know about 314F at the moment. They do not work for us, if they worked for us we would have voted on this reintroduction instead of having it jammed up our backsides.

  21. Wolfist- do you understand the difference between democracy ( small “d” ) , Democratic Representative Republic, mob rule, and anarchy ? You sound an awful lot like representing the last two to me . Also someone who only sees things in black & white, as in everything not being certifiably conservative-Libertarian must be socialist-liberal , or something. If so , permit me to rub your nose in your own crap: the full proper name of North Korea is “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”.

    It’s very counterproductive when that sort of narrowminded shortminded closeminded dogma creeps into public discourse , such as this.

    The very last thing any of us want is a voter’s referendum on wildlife issues, because most of the voting ( in Wyoming-Montana-Idaho anyway) would be done by largely ignorant people who flunked 7th grade science or choose to ignore it. And who votes for the Elk, Griz, Wolves, Bighorns, Pronghorn, Deer, Cougar et al ? Do you really believe that humans have sole authority and dominion over all wildlife ? ( Please don’t quote Genesis 1:26 in responding to that )

  22. I am not going to post Congressional Globes on here which support what I say, I found them, I posted them elsewhere, you can be a good little ‘American” and find them yourselves. Unlike chicken hearted Jeffry I back up what I say..

  23. Spineless bullshippers refuse to back up what they say with anything but more bullshipping.

  24. [i]”Men can’t even live along side other men. Why is it we think that lions, tiger, bears, wolves, ….can be our tolerated neighbors?”[/i]

    Most men are not nearly so admirable as lions, tigers, bears, wolves, etc.

  25. Most men are not nearly so admirable as lions, tigers, bears, wolves, wolverines, elk, deer, moose, goats, antelopes, rocky mtn big horns, eagles, hawks, grouse, etc etc.. Agreed. At least those creatures are honest.

  26. That’s interesting, you have no answers, you bring no proofs, of any kind, you spout lies about a persons credibility, all those legal documents posted and not once and attempt on your part to verify or disprove those documents. You continually resort to name calling, and so called insults, all the while hiding who you are, your afraid of the facts. You come after me with childish nonsense yet you never touch history or congressional documents do you. Never once have I seen you tackle those items.. And you hate me because I did collect and read them, and point them out, I did not invent those, write them, create them, I just go to the Library of Congress and seek truth. Jeff, your a chicken$$it. You pass judgments with out viewing the proofs, that’s just stupid. You’ve been betrayed and hate the people exposing the betrayal rather than the betrayers, that’s really stupid. Calling some one a poser for having more knowledge than you yourself have is also stupid. If it is all HS then you should have no problem defeating me in debate at a blog where we can debate those truths that scare you to the point of acting like a pup. You jump right on top of this poser when ever you feel lucky enough, your idle little threat means nothing. I doubt you have ever seen me.

  27. ..somebody needs to quit posting here and get over to his Anger Management meeting…

  28. That’s Jeffry’s neat little trick, licentious attacks and hatred with his foul mouth and then cry’s foul and requests a banning.. A censorship of a fellow American. The u.s. subjects way today.

  29. Yesterday, several anti-wolf organizers held a meeting in Hailey, Idaho to express their hatred for Idaho’s wolves (BS)

    less-than legal intentions that were expressed (BS)that were expressed at the meeting, and the general hatred that infects this very real cross-section of western culture. It’s real and it’s not wise to discount, pretend like it doesn’t exist or make-believe that it will not impact the state’s management of wolves. (BS)

    Sort of like a KKK rally, except the subject of scorn is a wolf. (BS)

    This does sound like a Klan rally (BS)

    Concerning the wolf haters. There is no dought in my mind at somepoint in the near future they (Wolf Haters) are going to get physical and attack, hurt or even kill a wolf enthusiast. They harbor to much anger.
    I suspect it will come after the next Federal challenge when the wolves are relisted to ESA. The last resort of a limited mind is violence. It will be a very sad day when this happens, and it will happen. (BS)

    Sure, this is why no busts of elk hunters poaching wolves in idaho in 13 years..

    I hear it’s pretty clear “the subject of scorn is a wolf” only because they have already harassed all of “the subject of scorn” of the original KKK out of Idaho. (BS)

    Sure, we ran off the colored people to, excuse me, African Americans.. Actually one of those kind humans saved my life once, in the marines, at the risk of his own..My pal Vince..

    Makes me wonder why Knight Maughan would allow this to go on, but then in turn he kicks several off his blog for far less than this, merely and opposing opinion..

    This is where you hang out Jeff…

  30. It’s “aluminum” not “tin.”

  31. Pumpkins always crash and collapse, enjoy yours.

  32. What’s funny about all of this is that Wolf 341 F’s death is just a mere statistic. For every one like this they find, 10 or more have succeeded. How many humans have died on the highway since this was reported? Have no concern for the wolves, any more than you would have for squirrels. They will survive.

  33. Thi concept was intended to improve intellectual discussions in the intermountain west, I presume?
    Well done!

  34. Jeffie, that is a big pile of male bovine fertilizer! The wolves are fine and they are bringing wheelbarrows of money to the enviros!

  35. What’s there to be suspicious about, anyway? She was shot. End of story…for now.
    The sick fact is Colorado ranchers and sportsmen are probably fully aware of what will happen if Colorado becomes “occupied habitat.” They are not interested in having the state become a Molloy fief.

  36. This has to stop, everyone!!!!!!! It just has to stop now!!!!!!!!!!

  37. This is the nuttiest commentary on the interwebs I’ve ever seen. Well done, folks!