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UPDATED 6 pm, March 11, Update at end of article. The pending purchase of Sportsman's Warehouse by UFA Co-operative United (UFA) of Calgary, Alberta has partially unraveled. (Click here for NewWest.Net's breaking story on the acquisition.) In a teleconference with all Sportsman's Warehouse employees yesterday afternoon CEO Stu Utgaard announced that 23 of the company's 67 stores would be closing in the next few months, including two stores in Idaho (Coeur d'Alene and Nampa), one in Oregon (Bend) and one in Colorado (Aurora). Other Idaho stores and all Montana stores would remain open.

Sportsman’s Warehouse Closing 23 Stores

UPDATED 6 pm, March 11, Update at end of article.

The pending purchase of Sportsman’s Warehouse by UFA Co-operative United (UFA) of Calgary, Alberta has partially unraveled. (Click here for NewWest.Net’s breaking story on the acquisition.)

In a teleconference with all Sportsman’s Warehouse employees yesterday afternoon CEO Stu Utgaard announced that 23 of the company’s 67 stores would be closing in the next few months, including two stores in Idaho (Pocatello and Nampa) and one in Colorado (Aurora). Other Idaho stores and all Montana stores would remain open.

In a phone interview with NewWest.Net, Utgaard explained that the company ran in to major cash crunch. “UFA did not close the transaction,” he explained. “They missed four closing dates. Now, we have no liquidity.”

And the banks are putting extreme pressure on the company to reduce debt, he said. “They have all the money. They (the banks) are trying to force us into bankruptcy, and we’re trying to avoid it.”

“We’re closing 23 stores to reduce our bank debt,” he explained, “and we’re selling 15 stores to UFA for the same reason. We are now a 29- store chain.”

In the teleconference, Utgaard said UFA will have the rights to use the Sportsman’s Warehouse brand on the 15 stores for up to two years, but will likely start the process of re-branding the stores as Warehouse Sports, a similar Canadian sports store chain UFA already owns.

These 23 stores are being liquidated: Aurora, CO, Coon Rapids, MN, DePere, WI, Henderson, NV, Lafayette, IN, Las Cruces, NM, Las Vegas, NV, Legacy, TX, Memphis, TN, Nampa, ID, New Berlin, WI, Oklahoma City, OK, Pittsburgh, PA, Pocatello, ID, Roanoke, VA, Rogers, AR, Round Rock, TX, St. Cloud, MN, Sioux Falls, SD, Southaven, MS, Visalia, CA, Wichita, KS and Woodbury, MN

These 15 stores are being sold to UFA: Bend, OR, Bozeman, MT, Burlington, WA, Coeur d’Alene, ID, Fargo, ND, Federal Way, WA, Helena, MT, Kennewick, WA, Lacey, WA, Missoula, MT, Portland, OR, Salem, OR, Silverdale, WA, Spokane, WA, and Vancouver, WA

NewWest.Net has calls into the corporate offices of UFA for comment and will update this story if more details come in.

UPDATE, 6 pm, March 11: After repeated attempts to get a comment from UFA for this story, NewWest.Net received a prepared statement from UFA tonight. In the statement, UFA said that after a ” comprehensive due diligence process” coupled with the “continuing deterioration of the North American economy,” UFA has decided not to pursue the acquisition under the original terms. Instead, UFA has agreed to take possession of 15 stores in Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington in exchange for the first payment already made to Sportsman’s Warehouse as part of the original acquisition deal.

“We cannot predict the future for Sportsman’s Warehouse,” UFA CEO Dallas Thorsteinson announced in the release, “but we are certain the acquisition of these specific locations is good news for the growth and sustainability of UFA.”

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  1. For what it is worth (very little monetarily) I haven’t purchased anything from Sportsman’s Warehouse since they dropped Cooper Firearms because the owner backed Obama. … Their problems probably don’t have anything to do with that whole fiasco (it’s the economy stupid), but I’ve spent money on sporting goods since November, it just hasn’t been there.

  2. Sportsman’s Warehouse was not a Cooper dealer. Billings store is curiously missing from either list…

  3. The Billings store is one of the 29 stores that Sportsman’s Warehouse will continue to own and keep open.

  4. Thanks Bill. Just a casual observation here – hard to believe that the Billings store would not be on either list. Surely with Cabelas about to open and the other stores (Scheels, Shiptons, Big Bear, etc.) one would have to think the Billings store would be on one of the lists. The location is also a head scratcher…

  5. John, Way to take a stand! I predict Obama will be a great supporter of gun rights…..Dan Cooper was an idiot for speaking his mind (or opening his wallet) in his position.

    Sportsman’s built six stores a year-got greedy, overbuilt. I personally like their stores better than Cabela’s tourist traps.

  6. Maybe Dan is getting the last laugh? Gun sales are at an all time high due to the election and other influences. Dan has sold the company at a time when selling anything seems less than ideal.

  7. I work at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Lacey, WA. We do sell cooper arms. we sell a .223 varmit rifle. nice but expensive. Yeah we are getting out of the sportsmans warehouse and moving in with UFA. I think it will be for the better. Because of the fact that we will be able to get more freight now. And keep our jobs. LOL. I hope that when they come down to check us out, we will be able to see a good strong future.


  8. Individual stores may sell Cooper rifles but Sportsman’s was not a dealer. The Cooper website lists all of the dealers. All of in Montana and hoping UFA breathes new life into SW as they are a great one stop source.

  9. Cooper was (to my knowledge) a individual store ordering deal with no dealership partnership. The Helena store has had a few in stock and I agree with Chas, they are expensive but you definitely get your moneys worth.

    As for dropping of Cooper, I am not sure that has truly happened, We still have Cooper firearms and we have few in stock that I do not recognize so we may be getting new ones in…I could be wrong however

  10. Does ANYONE care about the loss of the RECEIVING MANAGERS? My son was one of the managers that had his job DISSOLVED. Great job performance but no more job. UFA needs to bring back the positions that were lost trying to financially save the stores now that they have the funds to do it. The stores will be better off for it.

  11. MT Doc, the patronizing and bullying gun lobby that has you as their tool doesn’t for one second give me pause or concern in supporting President Obama. I am not a one issue voter, nor will I let the fear-mongering gun lobby rule my decision making. I don’t agree with the President on everything, guns among them. But I 1) believe the President when he says he will protect the second amendment and will not make controversial gun reform a priority. And 2) I am confident that egregious reform is one place where he and I will differ, and where he will lose. You MT Doc, and the rest of the gun lobby, might also take note that your fear mongering isn’t working. You damn near lost Montana, McCain carrying it by a mere 3 points over a black man from Hawaii named Barrack Hussein Obama. In the long run, you do gun owners and advocates everywhere a disservice by turning gun rights into a freak show side circus of crazy ass militia men and end of days types. Have you seen the gun ownership numbers lately? Not exactly trending in our favor. Change your message or push yourself into irrelevance.

    As for Sportsman’s Warehouse and Cooper, I have personally boycotted the Sportsman’s Warehouse for punishing Dan Cooper and his employees for exercising his right to free speech (that’s a Constitutional Amendment too ya know). I may have misspoken when I said they dropped Cooper Firearms. Rather, I believe they and other dealers initially said they would drop his firearms, forcing Dan to sell his company and step down. If I am wrong, and Sportsman’s Warehouse never threatened to pull Cooper Firearms I am sorry for boycotting their store. Regardless of their statements and policies regarding Cooper Firearms, I am sorry for the employees and families of Sportsman’s Warehouse that have lost their jobs.

  12. I was in the Salem, OR store yesterday. Less than ten handguns hanging on the pegboard. NO, ZERO, 9mm ammo. No .223. Hardly any ammo at all, little powder and no primers. The shotgun case still looked full, and there were rifles. None of the “assault” type. So this observation begs the question: why would I go back?

    And GI Joe’s in Oregon got their name changed by new owners to Joe’s (marketing genius at work) and are now in receivership. I didn’t even bother to go through their door.

    Fishing, hunting, skiing, all are discretionary spending and when you are losing jobs in your state by the thousands each week, there is little money being spent on sporting goods, cars, boats, and happy times stuff. The new vacation is a trip to Burritto King and a movie. All the while the legislatures are finding ways to raise license and fee costs, tax everything that a human might need or use, and bring on some new entitlement programs to kill any hope for economic recovery.

    It looks to me, in reading how the Canadian co-op is stating things, the stores that are left are going to be more farm supply than sporting goods. They get the buildings, the locations, and all they have to do is sell horse dope, buckaroo Bob clothing, and dog food along with some fishing rods and guns, and that will be the new look. They can buy in bulk and beat the local outlets. Price is king today.

    I hope they have a Victory garden center, and I can buy some chickens so mother and I can sell eggs to the neighbors. I will use my single shot .22 with bird shot to fend off the raptors wanting my birds…and snattlerakes…the nest raiding ‘coons. That is the new urban deal, you know. People in town don’t want pit bulls, but they do want to be able to have 4 laying hens….”they’re laying eggs now, just like they use-ter, ever since that rooster, came into our yard…..”

    But the lack of guns and bullets on the shelves is something. Anywhere you go. Did the Bubbas do an Obammer Horde? Is this the anti-Pelosi phenom? It appears the shoot ’em up crowd got theirs, and the rest of us dummies will have to wait for the ammo makers to produce some more….and meanwhile, the likes of Sportsman’s Warehouse, the old boys toys, is gone in many places…not having bullets and ammo to sell can do that to you…

  13. UFA announced yesterday that they will be taking the 15 stores and that things should stay the same for a little bit of time. They said to us employees that they just want to watch how we do buisness. Then slowly start paying off our big debts that sportsmans warehouse created and never intended to pay. And hopefully we will start seeing ammo and new black guns start rolling in.

    But when a corporation decides not to pay there bills. Then what do you expect. I have worked for sportsmans warhouse for over a year and a half. And I have never seen a buisness try to work so hard to build a big buisness just to try to sell it at the brink of Bankruptcy. I really wish that Stu would have ran the buisness just a little more conservative. because of his buisness stratagy 23 stores worth of employees will lose there jobs and that really sucks. Tell me about it. I would be one of those people if it wasn’t for UFA.

    So for UFA to come in and help. I appreciate it a lot. I could see things getting worse before they get better. But that is what happens when a new owner takes over. I will just for now sit back and take a big sigh of relief over the situation.

  14. John,
    Your pragressuv citay boy sophistimification is enbritunin us feer mongerin country folk and our gun lobbee.


    P.S. Pull your head out.

  15. backwater, I’m a 4th generation Montanan, pull you’re own head out of your ass, 3 points on a guy named Hussein, not exactly a show of strength.

  16. My wife mentioned over breakfast that Sportsman Warehouse gift cards are no longer valid. Unless, of course, you could sell one on ebay for it collectible status. She read it in the morning paper.

  17. The guy at Sportsman Warehouse is Stu Utgaard. Not Upgaard.

    Come on, google the name and you’ll find out what is the correct spelling.


  18. Just a note to bearbait – I don’t want to get into you guys fighting but I want to tell you that the stores owned by UFA are going to do their best to honor the gift cards by phone orders to other Sportsman’s Warehouses and have the stuff delivered to the customer’s home address. They are doing what they can with their hands tied behind their backs.

  19. I work at the Lacey WA store and we were told today that we are no longer affiliated with Sportsman’s Warehouse. So that means no more coupons or Gift cards for Sportsman’s Warehouse. We were even told that we might not even get our PTO from Sportsman’s Warehouse, that’s bull crap. But anyway UFA came into our store yesterday and advised us that they will not be changing anything except for our name and logo. There going to pay our bills and instead of getting freight from one location we will be receiving freight from direct manufactures. They also said they will not be changing product and vendors they will be the same and actually we might be adding new vendors as well.

  20. The Missoula MT store is not honoring SW Gift Cards. All they said was the holder would not lose his money, but it would have to be used at a SW store. HUH? What other store? Except for the possibility of Billings staying open, just about all the other SH stores in this area are now owned by UFA. No offer was made to “to do their best to get the product from another outlet”. Pretty much a “don’t let the door hit you on the way out” type of response. Granted the employees have no power in this situation. But this is definitely a reflection on the integrity of SH corporate. By the way, the card was purchased in the Missoula store to begin with.

  21. Concerning the numerous comments concerning gift cards, I received this official position statement from UFA concerning this issue. It will soon be posted at the stores….Bill Schneider

    In terms of the gift cards, we do have an official position that I’ve been communicating since about noon. I also understand it is to be posted in the 15 stores we now own. The statement is:

    We appreciate the fact that you purchased Sportsman’s Warehouse gift cards from the owners of the original company. UFA has purchased 15 of their locations, but does not have any affiliation with Sportsman’s Warehouse.

    At this time, we are not able to redeem Sportsman’s Warehouse gift cards at the 15 locations UFA purchased yesterday.

    Please note that Sportsman’s Warehouse gift cards can still be redeemed at stores owned by the original company and online. Please go to for those locations.
    As you can appreciate, Sportsman’s Warehouse is facing challenging times and is closing 23 stores; UFA bought 15 locations, though if we had not, some of those stores may have closed as well.

    UFA has a long tradition of serving customers and members and we will work very hard to deliver excellence for the customers of our newly acquired outdoor adventure stores in the US Northwest.

    The locations UFA now owns are:
    Bend, OR
    Bozeman, MT
    Burlington, WA
    Coeur d’Alene, ID
    Fargo, ND
    Federal Way, WA
    Helena, MT
    Kennewick, WA

  22. Oops…Here’s teh rest of the list….Bill

    Lacey, WA
    Missoula, MT
    Portland, OR
    Salem, OR
    Silverdale, WA
    Spokane, WA
    Vancouver, WA

  23. My husband worked in the Sioux Falls store and we were moved to Michigan when they opened a store in Allen Park Mi. We moved back to South Dakota 6 months after moving out there do to many reasons. Within a couple of months they closed the Mi store without notice. It was a good company to work but opened too many stores too fast. I feel for all the employees that are left high and dry. We would have been two of them had we not moved back home when we did.

  24. It’s nice to know UFA appreciates the fact gift cards were purchased from SW. I’m sure they especially appreciate not having to redeem them.

    The fact they are “unable” to redeem the cards is disingenuous. If they really cared, they would have been “willing” to make an arrangement with SW to get reimbursed for any card transactions at UFA owned stores. This is just a copout.

    Regarding UFA’s appeal for us to “appreciate” the difficult times SW is facing, I can only hope SW appreciates the cash they now have from all those folks who purchased cards in good faith.

    The ultimate irony, or insult, is the statement about redeeming the cards online or at another store. If you go to SW website, the online shopping link informs you they do not have an online catalog, but hey, you can order more gift cards on the page. You’d think a company on the verge of bankruptcy would be finding ways to keep what few customers they still have, instead of blaming banks for their mismanagement. I guess folks can all drive to Billings, since just about every other former SW store in the region is a UFA store now.

    For me, both these organizations have lost my future business.

  25. Mulbay must not be associated with the employees who are left. UFA isn’t able to make ANY arrangements with SW. The minute UFA signed the deal, SW wrote them off and cut them off completely. Please don’t speak of what you may not know…

    The truth is that the cards are still redeemable at any of the SW stores AND redeemable online which is where 75% of the people know how to shop anyway. It might be slightly less convenient but at least they can still redeem the cards. Better than what I got at Subway the other day when I went to redeem my rewards card only to find out that they had done away with it and I was just OUT three free foot longs. I think we need to give credit where credit is due. UFA IS getting the short end of the deal in a lot of this thanks to SW.
    The other thing a customer can do is call the SW store that is still open and I bet they could do a phone order. The people who have the gift card aren’t out the money, it is the people who purchased it for them. Regardless, not UFA’s fault.
    I guess if people want to try to hurt the community they live in by not shopping there, they have that right. Me for one, I know and care about alot of the employees who work at the local stores and will do my best to support their employment.

  26. You can not shop on line at sportsman’s warehouse. You can maybe do phone orders but they have nothing to order online except gift cards.

  27. Sounds like Sportsman’s Warehouse should probably get up to date on their web site. That doesn’t have anything to do with UFA and I still don’t believe UFA should be blamed for something that is out of their control. They can’t do give-aways just to make people happy. I hope people will shop at UFA because their friends, neighbors and family WORK there, not because they think so highly of the owners and/or Sportsmans.

  28. I understand your complaint and am thinking you are probably one of the gift card holders. Sorry about that. However, it isn’t UFA’s responsibility to dig out ALL of SW’s problems. I think they are taking on enough of them as it is in trying to make a good situation out of a real crisis for a whole bunch of people. I guess you and I will never agree so I will just agree to disagree.

  29. UFA is buying a business, an inventory, and a building. Nobody buys bad business, or takes on debt for stuff bought but not delivered.

    We should all remember 25 years or more ago, when the farmer in Missouri put his wheat crop in the elevator for storage, and the elevator went bankrupt. The bankruptcy judge declared that the wheat was collateral in the bankruptcy. The elevator had been paid to store it. The elevator had no interest but a storage lien. And the judge told the farmer that the wheat would stay there until the bankruptcy had wound its way through the court, and the wheat could be sold to pay bills to claims against the elevator. Well, that was one of those deals where the farmer did not have his crop for the year, and no money. He was going to lose his farm, his equipment, with the money to pay it being confiscated by the bankruptcy judge. So, he rallied his fellow farmers, went to the elevator, with half the trucks in the county, and they hauled his wheat away. Cut the Federal lock to do it. The farmer was arrested, and went to jail. Saved his farm. Sold his wheat. Did some time. He made thousands of dollars for every day he spent in jail.

    We have no idea where the SW assets are at this time. Who owns what and owes how much. But the co-op can’t take on bad business. They have to pay their own bills, purchase their own inventory. And the SW store in Salem, Oregon is lacking in inventory, and stuff has been moved around to cover the bare spots. And UFA can’t suffer surprises in today’s confused business economy. I am thankful they exist and are keeping the old boy’s toy store running. We need one out here that is about the fish and game we have in this area…Walmart has never got that right.

  30. I agree. I hope that UFA makes a run or it with the old SW stores and people realize that they are trying to benefit themselves and US at the same time. Whatever it takes is what I say. Of course, I mean morally and ethically but if it takes Canadian money invested in the U.S.A. to keep us afloat until we can paddle on our own, so be it. I like to fish and hope to purchase my first fishing rod this year. Guess where I am going to go: SW(now UFA) in Burlington, WA!!! Go Burlington!!

  31. Thanks Kathy. Go Lacey, wa.

  32. When times are tough, and I can’t say that they have ever been tougher for us financially, we as Americans, born in the USA have to stick together. We either are going to get out of this together, or we are going to lose everything together. But people with attitudes who can’t see the big picture don’t even belong in the USA. Remember 911!!??!! Let’s get off our high horses, thinking we are so much better and so much smarter than others, and see what we can do for our neighbors who are hurting. Go USA!!!!

  33. Really!

    Thanks all for setting me straight. I’m packing my unpatriotic a.. up and heading out – or at least from this comment string.

  34. There closeting there store here in Visalia also. It has only been open for a few months now and this was opened when they closed down a store a few miles down the road from this location and it to be only opened for a few months. Sad part for us here is I now have to drive at lest 140 miles to find most of my supplies at a bass pro shop. I can order on line but the hazmat charges make the drive better. the sad part in all of this is the economy is killing the stores and that in the end will only hurt every one as fewer jobs and less money to spend less tax dollars ect. I am not a Obama supporter and what he is doing I do not see it as doing any thing to help only hurt in the long run and to be fare he is only adding to what Bush started the movement of the US to a social government and that can not be done with a strong economy so that had to be destroyed first with all that it gave us so that we would beg for any thing better then what we would and are now left with. in the end we will be come the EU of the USA with no gun owner ship as we will be now ruled by the UN and not Washington DC they will be only figure heads for the UN. The end of times is a coming folks!

  35. The fact of the matter for me is that I have $300 of Sportsman Warehouse gift cards. The store where I purchased them will not honor them. There was NO advance notice on this. There are 3 other large locally owned sporting goods stores in town. I will be taking my business there.

    The new owners UFA have done nothing to get my business. I am not sure how Sportman has tied their hands in this. It is up to UFA as to what they do from now on out. I am not sure where Kathy comes up with the idea that they are trying to benefit themselves and US at the same time. Show me a decision where they are doing something to benefit US.

    I do not see it.


  36. The old SW now UFA DID honor the gift cards last weekend. They are trying. You don’t think by taking on 15 stores and ALL of the near bankruptcy debt that they own AND STILL keeping it open isn’t going to benefit us? You guys aren’t even trying. You are stubborn and I am done. I have family who works at the store in Burlington so I DO KNOW what I am talking about. I will support the store the best of my ability because I want my family to work as long as they can. For you guys to not do that, you answer to a higher power than me….

  37. Not sure how I need to support UFA to be american. Taking my money to the local sporting goods store is not going to work for you.

    UFA is taking on 15 stores because they think they will make money. They are not doing it out of the goodness of their heart. They are trying to make money.

    When you purchase a business, you are purchasing the assets, debt, and the customer base. The customers are not obligated to do business with the new owner.

    If I understand you, you want me to take the $300 hit on the gift cards that were purchased at the Missoula location, and feel patriotic that UFA is keeping the doors open.

    Exactly what am I not trying at. I have not curbed my sporting goods purchases. I am not taking my money out of the economy.

    On another forum I read a thread by Mark from UFA. He said that as of yesterday, they are trying to work something out with SW to accept the gift cards. If they do, I will continue to do business with them.

    In the last three years my family and I have purchased over $15,000 of stuff from the SW store here in Missoula. Just last christmas, my father purchase 3 sets of Swarovski Binoculars for gifts. That purchase alone was $4000. I enjoy shopping in the store, but everything they have can be had at the other 3 locally owned stores. Not being able to redeem the gift cards puts a very bad taste in my mouth.

    If the gift cards are such a big deal, you would think that the issue would have been addressed prior to the deal to purchase the stores and the customers would not have been blindsided by this.

    I understand that you want your family to work as long as they can, but if it were me, i would be putting in applications elsewhere

  38. I just recieved this response from UFA. It seems that they are working on it and may get something taken care of.

    “Thank you for your patronage of the Missoula store.

    This gift card situation has changed a bit over the past couple of days. We are working very hard to negotiate a resolution with Sportsman’s Warehouse corporate in Utah and hopefully will have something done by early this week.

    Customers are very important to our businesses in Canada and we feel the same way about the customers of our newly acquired outdoor adventure stores in the US Northwest.

    If you can be patient with us for a couple of more days, we hope to have a resolution for you.

    If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to email me.

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience and upset this issue has caused.

  39. What’s going to happen to the Rocklin, CA store? There’s a shorage of everything there.

  40. I was just told today by someone who works at the new UFA store that UFA is accepting SW gift cards until the end of the month at all 15 newly acquired stores. I was also told that SW is NOT going to honor them but UFA wants to be good business owners and so is going to “absorb” the millions of dollars to make good friendships with the USA. Tell me again why we shouldn’t shop somewhere that helps its customers out, to their own expense of MILLIONS of dollars. Go UFA…

  41. Local news (KNDO/KNDU) reported tonight that UFA will honor gift cards to Sportsmans until March 31. The Mgr of the Kennewick, WA store was interiewed and verified this. WHew I have $150 saved up for new pontoon boat. I am sure there will be a run on the store tomorrow.

  42. Our family chose Sportsman’s Warehouse for fishing (non-bass), hiking, camping, backpacking, canoeing, hunting, and all outdoor clothing needs- beenies to boots. This includes our family (4) and scout troop needs since the Lacey store opened. It was our choice over Cabela’s, GI Joes, and REI- hands down. This makes me sad. I don’t want to be a walking billboard for Cabela’s, haven’t been to a Joes since they went off-road stylishly dressed, and REI is just too expensive. Maybe I’ll make the trek to Bob’s in Longview.

  43. No were still in Lacey, were just under another name. The product, the prices, and the staff will stay the same. I worked there for two years and I am still going strong matter of fact were actually receiving freight finally. Were doing so much better.

  44. Now if we can just get our freaking Receiving Managers back!! I can’t believe after all this time, they still have not put the managers back. Yes I have a vested interest because I have family getting stabbed in the back….but what is right is right and I am sick and tired of waiting….The store manager needs to get off their back side and be honorable. Come on R..!!!

  45. Well it would appear that the store is attempting to right its wrongs in the receiving manager department. They HAVE implemented the new managers but they are NOT truly managers and did not receive the pay salary that they had before. So really what they got was a slap in the face…keep trying though. Pretty soon you will either get it right or your “managers” will get tired of being ripped off and find jobs elsewhere. You would be fools to let these managers go…they have been loyal through it all and deserve better.


  47. I miss the Pgh,Pa store. No store with such great inventorie that is close. We have 3 Gander Mtns but they dont have the selection that SW had. Please bnring it back at a better location and I believe things will be better. Thanks John

  48. Well still a desert here in Fresno ca. for sporting goods of the fishing and hunting wants. For now for any real supplies we have to travel over 100 miles north or south to a mom and pop store in Bakersfield or north to a bass pro shop. The sportsman’s wear house that was close to us closed down two times once to move because of a bad location and then they opened up a new store again in what I thought was a bad location and one that was not the easiest to neither find nor on a well traveled rout. I do wish some one that cared about the fishing and hunting people would come and open a store down here being we sit at the edge of three national parks and also tons of BLM land and a gate way to the eastern sierras Nevada mountain range to boot. Then with in a few hours drive you have a bunch of lakes or forest land for hunting and fishing of any kind add to that a short drive and you also have ocean fishing and all it brings. yes we have a lot here just no one to supply us any more now that SW is gone would be nice if they came back and this time at lest picked a good easy to be seen by the traffic flow spot and if not even a cabalas of Gander Mt. would be nice as right now the best bet is Wal-mart or an over priced small selection local store and if you want more then that a long drive is what your faced with to get your supplies the only saving grace now days is we do have on line ordering and I use it but that dose not give you the touch and feel or the smell. I want a want a kick the tire kind of shopping place so I can handle what I am looking at to help decide what is best for my usage some one please comes here!

  49. My comment is about sportsman’s Warehouse. Last Sept. I bought a H20 Fanny from the Medford, Or. store. the first time out one of the drawstrings pulled out! When I took it back for an exchange, I was told they would have to check it over to see if I had intensionly damaged the item so I could bring it back? To me this is like calling me a lier and a cheat. I was irrate and told them if they needed the money that bad they could keek the item and may money. The reply was: “Well OK if you want us to do that”. In the end they did say they would give me my money back if I really wanted it! With this kind of customer relations I can see why Sportsman’s Warehouse is closing so many stores. By the way, When I called to lodge a complaint, I was told they would follow up and find out what happened. It’s been over a 30 days with out a response one way or another. I would have at least expect a sorry. Southern Oregon as well as many of the stores that are closing are in smaller cities and word of mouth is much better than any advertising. I know I have expressed my concerns about the lack of coustomer relations and I will never buy from Sportsman’s Warehouse again even if it means paying more and traveling further.

  50. I couldn’t agree more with Ted’s comment. Sportsman’s Warehouse, and any retail outlet for that matter, will find themselves in bankruptcy real fast if they treat customers poorly like they have treated me and my father who worked for them. Their attitude seems to be “every customer is trying to take advantage of us, so let’s not to serve the customers but watch them closely so we can falsely accuse them and do everything in our power not to trust what they’re telling us.” That is a heavy-handed top-heavy administrative model that, quite frankly, people will not tolerate. I have shopped at 7 locations and found all of them to be the same…you wander around the store for hours without anyone asking if they can assist you. Then if you dare pick something up to check it out, they act like you’re trying to shoplift and you get more help than you ever wanted. My father worked at one location and quit because he was censored for trying to be helpful to customers. Sportsman’s Warehouse is reaping what they’ve sown for years from the CEO on down to the store managers. Good riddance!

  51. Hoping SW reopens the stores here. Bass Pro Shop here is a joke with their prices.
    Reading back to proir post, I laugh now seeing those supposedly enlightened types that supported Obama and his leftist thuggish Chicago politics. Wonder if By or is it Bi-John has buyers remorse or is he the typical demowhacky and stands by his Hope & Change…lol. The second amendment is the right of the people to bear arms that would protect us from a tyrannical government. Any limitation on that right is unconstitutional but as the left would have us believe, some compromise is justifiable. Good luck with sell that to those of us who know better. I’d be more inclined to stand next to a militia than just about any politician… on either side of the aisle.

  52. I stumbled on this story after trying to figure out where all of the Sportsmans Warehouse in Washington state have gone in the past year. So after following all of the posts – what I have determined is that the Laceys, WA is closed. One might blame the fact on a Cabela’s going in 1/2 mile away or one might blame the fact that the stores have terrible service. The Kennewick, WA store is now a Kings Ranch or something like that – so it closed, I was fooled by the trademark outer decor and found a farm store instead (someone mentioned this was a plan of the UFA above). There also used to be a Burlington store but now when I search for that one it seems the only Washington state Sportsmans Warehouse is in Puyallup according their website. We had only ever visited the Burlington store and found good service and a better selection than any store in the Greater Seattle area since GI Joes went under. Now we have to shop at Sports Authority with runners and skiers instead of a real hunting store. I am looking forward to the new Cabela’s in Tulalip tha tis opening in April – but their prices can be high. Maybe if SW had taken better care of their customers and actually put a store in the greater Seattle area where hunter bemoan the lack of gear and long gun stores they would still be in business. Now we are dedicated to Sportco, Outdoor Emporium and Cabela’s. Oh and ordering from the internet so we don’t have to drive an hour to pick up a $9 turkey call…