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Senate candidate Larry LaRocco (D-ID) served two terms in the House

New Poll: Majority of Reddest-State Idahoans Disapprove of Bush

New West has some preliminary numbers from an Idaho Democratic Senate campaign poll. Full results of the poll will be released Tuesday.

The Larry LaRocco for Senate poll surveyed 500 likely Idaho voters and was conducted from May 20 to May 25 by Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners.

Idaho has the most Republican-dominated state legislature of all the 50 states, and the GOP holds all the top-level statewide offices. So it’s more than surprising that 54% of those polled said they disapproved of the job President Bush is doing – it could be telling.

The closest Idaho poll readily available for comparison is a Survey USA poll done in August 2007 which had a 49% disapproval rating for Bush. So LaRocco’s poll could signal a five percent jump in disapproval for Bush, and the first time a majority of likely-voting Idahoans disapprove of the president.

LaRocco campaign manager Bob Stout told New West, “As Larry LaRocco has traveled the state, Idahoans have been upset about the $3 trillion cost of the War in Iraq and the ballooning national debt, which stands at $9.3 trillion. “

“The economy is in the tank—the gas tank. Gas prices jumped from just over $1 when Bush took office to just over $4 today. People blame the president.”

Lake’s poll also showed 54% had a favorable opinion of McCain while 50 percent viewed Obama favorably.

New West will publish the full results and analysis tomorrow.

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  1. I guess McSame’s plan to wrap himself in every major Bush policy from endless war to tax-cuts for the rich to destroying Social Security is probably a winning plan.

  2. That means 46% approve of the job he’s doing! Wow. My neighbors look normal and thoughtful ….

  3. Bush’s numbers are down across the nation. And surprise, they’re down in Idaho too! And your point? This isn’t really a huge deal. Bush isn’t up for reelection. If McCain’s numbers are looking bad, then say that instead.

  4. I love your comment, scootermom. You DO have to wonder!

    But as Tim, says, Bush isn’t on the ballot. I hope this poll also takes a look at Obama-McCain numbers, since we haven’t seen any Idaho polling on the presidential matchup since March.

  5. tim and Julie, In the last section of the article is this: “Lake’s poll also showed 54% had a favorable opinion of McCain while 50 percent viewed Obama favorably.” That’s not a head-to-head matchup, of course.

    tim, the point of the article is that Idaho is the most Republican state where Bush’s approval rating has been either highest or second-highest (to Utah) for years. That it has shifted to a majority – and a fairly impressive one – in this state – is news.

  6. Jill, you mentioned you will publish the full results tomorrow. That is great! I am puzzled as to why LaRocco would release a complete poll that would by all reason include him head-to-head with Risch. If he is within 15% of Risch i will eat my hat.

  7. Julie in Boise

    Thanks for the clarification, Jill. That’s what I get for “skimming.”