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Photo by Lido Vizzutti/Flathead Beacon

Biden Criticizes Palin and McCain, Says Montana is Possible For Obama

Senator and Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden campaigned in Montana Sunday at Kalispell’s Flathead High School, taking the opportunity to lay out he and Sen. Barack Obama’s platform and also to criticize what he said was a lack substance — policy wise — in Sen. John McCain’s and Gov. Sarah Palin’s speeches at the Republican National Convention last week.

“I thought Gov. Palin gave one heck of a political speech,” Biden said. “But her silence on the issues was deafening.”

As Daniel Testa at the Flathead Beacon reports, Biden set aside a few moments to speak directly to Montanans, acknowledging that the state, and the Flathead in particular, is a Republican stronghold. From the story:

But Biden noted Obama has paid five visits to Montana so far, and held up the recent success of Democrats like Gov. Brian Schweitzer and U.S. Sen. Jon Tester as proof of changing political winds in Montana, while saving his deepest praise for legendary Senate leader Mike Mansfield, who he called, “the best guy I ever served with.”

Check out the Beacon for more from the speech and to read reaction from Montanans, including this quote from Montana GOP Chairman Erik Iverson:

“The Obama-Biden team is probably the most anti-gun ticket ever to run for the presidency,” Iverson said. “Montana Republicans and, I think, Montanans in general are going to embrace the McCain-Palin ticket as one that’s good for Montana and good for the West.”

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  1. Palin’s husband was a member of a Freemen-type party for a long time. Perhaps most importantly, this secessionist party encourages its members to go undercover and “infiltrate” the other parties.
    I could see the Palin-McSame ticket at least getting a couple votes from the America-hating secessionists like the Montana based Freemen. People voting on the poor economy, the need for health care reform, or wanting a middle class tax cut will likely vote Obama.

  2. McCain Plain may talk a good game. But you have to decide whether you want to pay taxes on your helath insurance premiums & whether you really want government messing in your private life & leaving the corporations to do what they want.

  3. Can Eric Iverson and the state Republicans come up with anything besides: “the most anti-gun ticket ever to run for president”? The MOST…EVER, really Mr. Iverson, come on, this might be the silliest scare tactic EVER because you have nothing else to go on. So basically, the Repulican party of Montana is advising people to vote their fear, on one single fringe issue that is then never brought up agian until the next election cycle.

    What voters should know is that Barack Obama is a constitutional law professor. He understands the Constitution, respects it and certainly will uphold it. Unlike the party and adminstration currently ruling our country.

    Iverson’s fear mongering and pandering to voters on this issue is old and tired. Yes, lots of Montana’s own guns, I am one of them, and it is insulting to preach to me who to vote for on the completely assinine notion that any president of any party would or could – even if they wanted to – take my deer rifle or shotgun. It is ridiculous. A President can’t just do that; don’t forget the checks and balances of Congress and Supreme Court.

    What i think Montanas care about, along with their right to own and carry guns if they so feel, are their civil and inaliable rights to privacy afforded in the Bill of Rights: you remember the ones that do not allow the government to spy on its citizens, the ones that the Bush/Cheney/Ashcroft/Gonzales swept under the desk and OKed tapping of phones, reading emails, looking at the books you’ve checked out at your local library. See political parties don’t really matter at that point, Montanans don’t take to kindly to that kind illegal, blatent and arrogant abuse of power. The government has no business in our personal business.

  4. Out of work Montanans have been voting for trickle down economics since 1890.
    Extraction economy has everybody in the state by the balls; and all they need to do is offer everybody short term work in extraction of natural resources to continue.
    What else is it that even the Baucus-Schweitzer-Tester-Democrats are promising..?

  5. Republicans always say the other side is the most anti-gun ever. That’s what you say if you can’t think of anything good to say about your party or its record.

    Think of this:

    Obama said, while he was in Montana, that he had no desire to take our guns away.

    The Supreme Court’s latest 2nd Amendment ruling virtually guarantees that our guns won’t be taken away.

    The Democratic Party has been in control of Congress and the presidency off and on over the past 75 years, but no one has taken our guns away.

    Even if he wanted to, a president couldn’t take your guns away.

    Of course, if I had a fully automatic assault rifle capable of taking out an elementary school, the feds might someday take that away from me, but I’ll take my chances. My Browning 7mm feels safe enough.

    At least if the Dems are in charge I won’t be tortured, locked away without a trial or forced to go to church.

  6. Jeremiah, Trickle down economics was Reagans plan to start making the wealthy more wealthy and some how that wealth would trickle down to the lower classes. It’s quite obvious that it didn’t work then and is definately not working during this administration. I mean yes, the rich are getting richer, and I mean MUCH richer, but the benefits of the tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest 1% are not in any way shape or form “trickling down” to benefit anyone else. The open door do anything you want corporate policies of this administration have only benefitted the wealthy they have not trickled down, and there has been real little creation of jobs. I don’t understand why anyone out of work would vote for trickle down economics.

  7. Do you really think the trickle down notion began with Reagan, Jill..?

  8. $2.00 gas in 2006 and a decent economy until the change was made and now we have a democratic congress, $4.00 gas and a failing economy. Boy howdy a democratic president is just what I want! I do not believe for a minute that most Montanans want higher taxes and more government but that is what Obama promises. To each their own, our god given freedoms or more social programs. You choose!

  9. I have usually voted Republican, but Palin really makes me doubt McCain’s judgement. Did he think any woman off the shelf would get women to vote for him? How insulting to women McCain is.

  10. Laura,
    What has McSame ever done that wasn’t insulting to women?

    McSame supporter: How do we beat the b*tch?
    McSame: That is an excellent question…

    McSame: Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father.

    McSame: [to wife] At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c*nt.****-trollop

  11. never voted for a democrat for president before. But this year, I am. If there are others like me, I do suppose Montana is in play.

    As far as why, Biden says it best. There is no significant difference between Bush and McCain on the economy, foreign policy, or taxes.

  12. I’ve never voted for a Republican President but you can bet your built in bomb shelter I WILL this year. I don’t want some wet behind the ear politician running things. The Dems have a Presidential Candidate that has to count on his VP to understand any foreign affairs. Being a ‘community organizer’ is no experience running anything but running from maybe. So all you liberals suck up all the same old garbage all politicians dish out and vote for your ‘Allah’ Obama. I would rather have someone that actually knows a few things at the helm. With a heck of a running mate.

  13. Wow Ann, did you watch the RNC? It was all about how McCain was a War God. Talk about Allah.

  14. So you have never voted for a Republican for President but this year you are, Ann?

    If you are seriously worrying about a “wet behind the ears” president, you also have to be serious about your concern that Palin will be a vice president that is closer to the oval office than any other vice president in our lives. Please do not tell me about her “executive experience” and Obama’s lack of. John McCain has never had executive experience either.

    Yes, she has been a governor for 20 months in “the largest state in the union” (with the smallest population). Barack Obama served on the Illinois state senate for six years (the 5th largest state in the country) and currently on the US Senate for the same amount of time as Palin has been governor. Please do not blow her “experience” out of proportion. She has zero foreign policy experience. Mayor of 5,000 doesn’t count in my book. Not by a long shot.

    What is wrong with having to trusting Biden as VP for his advice on a foreign policy when he is highly experienced and knowledgable on the subject? I wonder what you think the VP’s role should be, Ann, if it is not for substance?

  15. Palin as President still would be better than Obama. Voting ‘present’ does NOT make for good decision making. He can’t talk one on one with out stuttering and bobbling his chin. How would he stand up to other world leaders?
    Spew all you want about McCain and Palin won’t change my vote. Dems want MORE Gvt. Look at Fannie Mae. And all the Sanctuary cities. November 5 will tell the tale.
    Have a safe life.

  16. Ann, you really are misinformed. Do you honestly think the Freddie Mac and Fannie mess was because of the Democrats?! Those corporations as well as Bear Sterns and now Lehman Brothers (and probably more big name banks in the future) failed because of laissez faire economic policies under the Bush administration which paved the way for the mortgage meltdown crisis we’re seeing now.

    Really Ann, do some serious reflection on the last 8 years:

    -aggression against a sovereign nation based on a lie which has resulted in 4,000 American deaths, 20,000 Americans injured, 50,000 or more innocent Iraqis killed (this is basically an international war crime and thanks to the media, for most of the country it’s been out of sight out of mind.)

    -the gutting of the American middle class while the wealthiest Americans enjoy the largest tax breaks (income disparity hasn’t been this glaring since the robber baron days.)

    -state sponsored torture (does it make you proud that your country publicly admits to and sponsors torture?)

    -state sponsored spying on private citizens (doesn’t it bother you that the govt. can look into your’s or your neighbor’s private business? Now that’s what I consider big government.)

    -a belligerent neo-con foreign policy which has turned the US into one of the most despised nations in the world (so much for safety and security)

    -an oil industry written energy policy which has effectively left us on the brink of a major crisis with no sound alternatives (and drill, drill, drilling ain’t gonna result in lower prices at the pump)

    All of these things have been brought to us by the current incarnation of the Republican party. Ann, is that really what you want for your country? Four more years of the same? I wish I could believe John “the Maverick” McCain when he says he’s going to change things, but all indication is he will not. His choice of a Ms. Palin as his running mate only proves one thing. He’s desperate and will do anything to win.

  17. Ann , FWIW Fannie Mae et al were actually de-regulated and privatized under the Bush admin. Ultimately the de-reg led to the collapse as loans were essentially made to anyone whom could fog a mirror to say the least without any official oversight. The Bush Administration is now having to intervene and bail them out as well as the Lehman investment firms and many others.