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New West Daily Roundup for Apr. 22, 2016

Today in New West news: DIA train up and running, Mary Lynne Billy-Old Coyote, Eastwind Networks debuts new services, and testing begins for Boulder weather satellite.

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Winter Triumphs

I wrote an article in November about my efforts to prepare for winter. Now my preparations have run up against the juggernaut of winter weather reality.

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Snow in Boulder

Everyone thinks the Front Range is constantly covered in snow. Most of my work is done over the phone, and nearly every time I speak with someone from somewhere other than the Rockies, the conversation goes almost exactly like this: Them: Where are you located? Me: I live in Boulder, CO. Them: Wow! There's a snowy place! Me: Actually, most of the snow is in the mountains. Even when we do get snow, it rarely sticks around. Them: Really? What a surprise! Me: Yeah. Winter's really mild here. Snow's usually gone the next day, it's sunny, 50 degrees, and everyone's back to their Tevas and climbing shorts. These last few weeks, I've been at a loss.

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Weather Forecast Gets ‘Suessed’

Bleak, gloomy, depressing—look outside and pick an adjective (or expletive) and brace yourself for another year of Northwest weather. In the desperate hope that maybe, just maybe, it was snowing rather than raining on the mountain, I checked the USDA Forest Service Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center. Well, the weather forecast was predictably dismal. Wet, warm air is turning the ski slopes to that notorious “Portland Cement.” However, the forecast included the following ‘meteorological sonnet’ which I have posted in full below. Thank you, NWAC, for keeping us informed and entertained. “So the New Year’s arrived, And the rains have begun— Going out right now, Shouldn’t be much fun. Best to wait for a bit, And let temperatures cool— It’s better for safety, As a general rule.

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Café Correspondent Reports–Topic: “Inversion”

Reporting from a downtown Hood River coffee shop, Temira Wagonfeld, wades through fact and fancy, leaving no innocent bystander un-harassed in her search for answers (and opinions) about the ‘Gorge Inversion.’ “If I give you a quote, can you make it go away? It’s so depressing,” whined Meredith Meskin when I asked her what she thought of Hood River’s winter weather phenomenon, the inversion layer. Meskin owns a hydroponic greenhouse in The Dalles. “Nothing grows under the inversion layer,” she complained. The inversion may be purely a weather phenomenon, but that doesn’t stop local residents from having their own theories. “It’s those damn cows in Boardman,” asserted a Hood River resident. “We didn’t have this inversion before they opened that 50,000 head ranch out there. All that methane causes this smog.” “It’s the dams,” said another...

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Clouds Wringing Themselves Out Over Oregon

Heavy autumn rains are swelling rivers and closing roads around Oregon this election evening. And it’s not just the coast and the Willamette Valley getting hammered — highway officials have closed Oregon Highway 35 south of Hood River at White River due to boulders and debris on the the road. (This is as of Tuesday evening.) The Hood River itself Tuesday rose as high as the railroad bridge. (Photos courtesy of Dave Waag, of Hood River. Thanks, Dave!) For more, and larger, photos, click to the jump.

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