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New West Roundup for April 17, 2017

bears ears

Today in New West news: House Dems share documents about Bears Ears designation, Gallatin County fields mail ballot questions, Bozeman’s Zoot plans Billings expansion, and a Wyoming carbon tax?

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Jesus Needs Respect, Starbucks Gives Comfort, Montana Mobile Users Get No Love

In holiday news, Opus Dei, the conservative Catholic group made infamous by Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ is asking Sony to show Jesus a little love. Sony will release a Tom Hanks-headlining movie next month based on the best-selling book. ‘The Da Vinci Code’ has enraged some conservative religious groups, especially Opus Dei, due to the book’s ‘this might not just be fiction’ story based around a Jesus + Mary Magdalene = kids cover up. And since we can’t possibly hear enough about big box store and Starbucks invasions these days, historian Bryant Simon is here to tell us about the ‘comfort culture’ sold by the cup each day by the gigantic coffee chain.

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What’s Smart Got To Do With It?: Growth vs. Grit In Southern Colorado

I'm a big picture person. When I was a kid and accidentally stepped on an ant, I mourned a few seconds for the ant, but wondered what would happen to the colony. Did I just upset an entire micro-ecological economy of scale? Was his role so important to the colony's survival that, by not watching where I was going, I've inadvertently killed off an entire ant community? Clearly I thought too much as a kid. Unfortunately, not much has changed.

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Big-Box Tax Battling Windmills

Up for debate in the Montana Senate is a tax that aims to make big-box stores pay for the employees they quite possibly put on public assistance. But does it do what supporters of the tax think it will do?

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