Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Interior Secretary Zinke Hails Effort to Fight Invasive Mussels

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has announced a new initiative to combat the spread of invasive mussels across the American West, in particular in Montana, his home state.

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What Are The Tipping Points For US-China Climate And Coal Policy?

If, as writer Malcolm Gladwell suggests in his book The Tipping Point, that it's often the intervention of certain people at critical moments in history that make a difference in changing public consciousnesses, small deeds can add up to a cascade of unexpected consequences. With the United Nations recently concluding its global summit on climate change in Nairobi, most governments on Earth--bolstered in their conclusions by the mountain of scientific evidence documenting human-caused changes in the atmosphere, oceans, and land from the Arctic North to the Amazon Basin--are moving toward action: Action that is more sophisticated, cooperative, and pragmatic than that layed out in the Kyoto Protocol more than a decade ago. Will the United States, China, and Australia join the rest of the world, engaging in a meaningful policy strategy not because Al Gore says so, but because it can no longer be ignored with even major industry conceding that changes must be made? Word on the street these days in Washington is that the Bush Administration is about to dramatically reverse course from its obstinate position on climate change and soon will unveil a strategy to address U.S. carbon dioxide emissions into Earth's atmosphere. Suddenly, the talk of clean coal technology in Wyoming and Montana has, thanks in part to a group of local diplomats, become recognized on the international stage.

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