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New West Daily Roundup for Feb. 27, 2017

MSU, Montana State University

Today in New West news: 406 Labs at Montana State University fosters startups; audio of Herbert, OIA call released; and UC Boulder researchers debut metamaterial providing “paper-thin air-conditioning.”

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New West Daily Roundup for Feb. 13, 2017

Today in New West news: 480-acre solar farm planned for outside Billings, Montana; Denver’s SendGrid, and new report outlines Utah’s big tax and revenue yields thanks to tourism.

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Interview: Mick Hollison, CMO For

Provo-based business software company is off to a good start in 2016, taking home several prestigious Utahan business awards.

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New West Daily Roundup for Jan. 14, 2016

Today in New West news: the story of commonFont and Bozeman, Montana; Boulder, Colorado’s Center of the American West to host “Fracture” Book Release, and Old Town Creative + Interactive unveils Wandering App.

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Hagadone Digital Chief Operating Officer: “Montana Is Becoming A Tech Hub”

Kalispell, Montana

When you think of Kalispell, Montana, the phrase “high-tech” may not come to mind. Maybe you picture Silicon Valley instead.

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Are Trends In Jackson Hole Applicable To Other Western Towns?

Jackson Hole has been largely insulated from many of the economic hiccups swirling in the outside world around it. The Tetons, though, also have served as a bellwether for assessing how ultra-wealthy communities relate to the landscape and neighboring towns, creating their own ripple effect. In this piece, ace economic commentator Jonathan Schechter looks into his crystal ball for the coming year and makes some predictions about what might lay ahead for his home valley. Will the bursting national real estate bubble have an impact on Jackson Hole and what might the popping portend for other similar outdoor-oriented economies in the Rockies? Realtors, take note. Something else: Jackson Hole's economy is going green.

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The Karma of Creativity, Diversity and Youth in Your Community

I returned a couple of days ago from a technology conference in San Jose, California. The 'silicon' element of Silicon Valley is now pretty much obsolete, but the area’s been through a boom, a bust and at least four or five economic and technological rejuvenations and reinventions that have kept it more than alive and kicking. Silicon Valley houses software and technology companies galore, along with its Bioscience Incubator and Innovation Center that will undoubtedly be a driver of future prosperity. Cisco, eBay, Adobe and Hitachi are just a few of the companies that call Silicon Valley home, but the big names and dollar signs pale in comparison to the creativity and innovation that built those companies.

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Are Brokeback Economies Part Of West’s Tradition and Destiny?

When it was revealed recently that Wyoming folks were in an emotional uproar over "Brokeback Mountain" -- the film which insinuates that there may actually be gay rednecks living in the Cowboy State -- AND, that they wanted to make sure the movie was never shown in their community -- I immediately thought of Richard Florida. Mr. Florida, as one of the country's most-respected New Economy analysts and prophet of socio-economic truths, has been credited with identifying trends years before they take hold. A few years ago, Florida ignited a Brokeback-esque debate with his premise, backed by empirical data, that run-down communities and urban neighborhoods, when discovered and adopted by gay entrepreneurs, often flourish again with renewed economic vigor. Florida wasn't promoting an infusion of what some call "the gay lifestyle". And he certainly didn't have fellows like Jack and Ennis in mind. It did have something to do, however, with homophobia, of the kind that like, in the movie, would get Jack Twist killed or, to put a real face on it, the late Matthew Shepard in Laramie. What Florida pointed out, using demographic info, including info about sexual preferences, was that successful communities need people who are not afraid to think out of the box, sometimes with flamboyance and bravado that may, or may not, conform to tradition, whether it involves reading the Bible the same way we do; or thinking about acceptable careers along the lines of gender as practiced by Ward and June Cleaver; or who one decides to come home to at night.

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