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So Long, England Dan

One of the latest losses suffered by classic country music is the death of Dan Seals. Yes, before you even start in on me, I do know that he started out on the soft rock/pop side of the fence as England Dan of England Dan and John Ford Coley. Whatever successes he had in ‘70s with that music, though, isn’t what I’m concerned with. It’s the ‘80s and early ‘90s that I’m talkin’ about, when he had more than 20 singles on the country charts, with 11 of them hitting No. 1.

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America Is Paying A Steep Price For Cheap Food

George Wuerthner has been called a brilliant provocateur who knows how to get under the skin of Western ranchers. With this essay, one that is certain to incite a strong reaction from readers, he examines the costs of America's cheap food policy on both the U.S. Treasury and the environment. Wuerthner writes: "Agriculture is the most destructive land use in America." As an activist, trained biologist, photographer and environmental writer, he has become a prominent figure in the campaign to eliminate livestock from public lands. The author of several dozen books, Wuerthner also has written prolifically about forest ecology, wildfire, the impacts of ATVs and, of course, the effects of non-native cattle and sheep on native species. His coffee-table picture book,Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West, set off a firestorm of debate over the impacts of livestock and the multiple ways that beef production is subsidized by U.S. taxpayers. His most recent book is Wild Fire: A Century of Failed Forest Policy. With this first piece, NewWest.Net is debuting a regular column from Mr. Wuerthner that will run twice a month on all things nature-related and anything that suits his fancy.

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Blind Dates and False Bravery

August in Missoula sometimes feels a little desperate. It seems like everyone's trying to squeeze as much as possible into the dwindling summer days—getting drunk, getting married, grilling burgers, gathering at rodeos, concerts, patios, and street corners—before the long gray settles over the valley. What this leads to in my little slice of life is an exhausting whirlwind of weddings, barbeques, beers, demolition derbies, and, occasionally, a few dates.

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PETA Wants Hog Wrestling Outlawed At County Fairs; Streaking Already Banned

At the Teton County Fair in ritzy Jackson Hole, those who engage in streaking were facing charges this year of child endangerment, up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Now, in yet another blow against family entertainment in the Western provinces, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, too, has gone on the offensive. Having already riled fur trappers, rodeo performers, hunters and anglers, PETA has touched another raw nerve among rural Americans—this time by targeting one of the oldest standards at county fairs across the country—hog wrestling. Despite calls to outlaw the event at the 2006 Teton County Fair, the show still went on. Are PETA and 4-H headed for a nasty rumble?

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Look out! It’s the Snake River Stampede Rodeo

Git yer cowboy hats on and wrangle up them little doggies; the Snake River Stampede is coming through. Each year, the Idaho Center in Nampa plays host to one of the country's largest pro rodeos – the twelfth largest, in fact – and this week it kicked off its 91st year. It opens today for spectators and runs through Saturday. The rodeo began long ago as just a bucking contest; now it’s a regular rodeo, complete with all the events we know and love: mutton busting, barrel racing, bull riding, etc. And this year fans can expect to see all the favorites plus a lot more pink. No, not guts from the bull ramming into the rodeo clown; the color Barbie made famous.

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Summer Living in Boise, Idaho

We Boiseans are very busy. Busy, busy Boiseans. But we’re not New-York-City-busy, with a stock market ticker streaming across our feverish little foreheads, or our Blackberrys hooked up intravenously. Except for maybe those maniacs at Micron, who are trying to compete with Korea, where people sleep at the office. We, and I say this with Boise pride, are busy living.

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