Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Backcountry Death Reported; Avalanche Experts Convene in Colorado

The buzz in the Colorado Rockies is all about the early season snowpack, ski area openings and October backcountry turns better than any in recent memory, according to locals like Scott Toepfer, a skier and avalanche forecaster with decades of experience in the mountains around Summit County. Already, several dozen slides have been reported or informally spotted, with more than 10 releases along the east side of the Tenmile Range, between Breckenridge and Frisco, Toepfer said. He added that warmer temperatures during the week helped settle the snow. Also in the Snowblog Grok today: The first backcountry fatality of the season occured this week; the annual Colorado Snow and Avalanche Workshop at Copper; and more early-season snowfall on the way. Click here for the full Grok.

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Road Trip Resource Review: Carschooling

Two adults. Two kids. Two dogs. Two cats. Need I say more? Our family road trips have walked (or ridden) the line of strange and beautiful chaos that results when you put eight restless, living things in a < 100 square-foot, rolling space for many thousands of miles. Forget the grating “are we there yet” syndrome... by the time you're done with that trip it's you who can't stop asking. But in the circle of desperate and traveling parents, brilliance abounds. Homeschooling guru Diane Flynn Keith offers up a little relief with her indispensable book and website devoted to turning travel into opportunities for learning on the road.

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Hit the Road for Mystery, History, Trails and Bails this Spring

Thermometers are creeping up all over the Rockies, and with the rising mercury will soon come droves of road warriors crawling out of their garages – on bikes, in cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, station wagons and RVs. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have the road to myself. So we don't wait for summer around here: as soon the scarves are packed away for another year, we throw the backpacks in the truck and make tracks for the road. And rather than tour the old standbys (where there's often so many tourists that's all we often end up doing... standing by), we'll be heading off in search of out-of-the-way places this year. If you're so inclined, too, try these lesser-traveled jewels of the Rockies.

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