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Salt Lake City and Boise Top Forbes List For Young Professionals

Downtown Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UT and Boise, ID have nabbed the top spots, respectively, in Forbes’ “America’s 25 Best Cities For Young Professionals In 2017” list.

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New West Daily Roundup for July 6, 2016

Today in New West news: Chinese tourism in eastern Idaho, cutthroat trout restoration in northern Montana, Boulder–based 10-4 raises $13.9M, and an update on GlobeImmune.

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The Birth Dearth Folly And The 300 Millionth American

Dave Foreman is nothing, if not a real deal enigma. Today, there are many preconceived portrayals of the man floating around, often perpetuated by people who have never met him but who base their own authority of opinion on the ether of myths and legends, of which the American West is chock full. Some of these characterizations of Foreman—as a renegade, Leftist, anarchist, neo-Luddite, wimpy-minded, let's-revert-society-back-to-the-Stone Age madman—are inaccurate. But it's true that Foreman is radically progressive and pushy when it comes to challenging the status quo. On New Year's Day, 2007, Foreman published his second "Around the Campfire" column distributed through his organization, The Rewilding Institute. The piece which follows is titled "Birth Dearth Folly and the 300 Millionth American" and is inspired by writings from a current book in progress. The issue of human population, which Foreman writes about, is one that has caused a schizophrenic reaction within the environmental movement because it involves not only American-style resource consumption and depletion but the delicate matters of immigration, the real effects of globalization in populous nations like China and India, and the inability of greens sometimes to have meaningful conversations with people whose skin color is not white.

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Upcoming Concerts: And 1 Mix Tape Tour, Jerry Joseph, Mike Andrews, Biirdie, Tesla, Gregory Isaacs

Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons Local son turned Portland music scenester (that could describe a lot of people, no?) Jerry Joseph returns with his crowd-pleasing jam band-influenced singer/songwritering. Aside from a captivating live show, Joseph has been no slouch in the studio either, with last year’s Into the Lovely (Cosmo Sex School) the last in a long line of releases. One odd thing about the group: bassist Jr. Ruppell founded Salt Lake punk magazine SLUG in the late 80’s, so he’s seemingly the least likely musician to join a band anywhere near jam territory. San Francisco jam band Zero has added Joseph to their lineup again for their tour. June 15-16, Ego’s Also appearing: June 14: Denver, CO (Quixote’s True Blue) June 18: Victor, ID (Knotty Pine) June 19: Boise, ID (Neurolux)

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Utah Group Calls for Faster Rail Plan, Lighter Wallets

A Utah group is pushing for more funding to bump up the completion date of the light-rail system planned for the Salt Lake area. The Salt Lake Tribunereports today that Utah Transit Authority officials were delightedly surprised when members of the Salt Lake Chamber approached them about a proposal to raise $900 million to speed up the completion of four light-rail spurs that are currently scheduled for completion by 2030. The 2015 Transportation Alliance, a business-led coalition, says the extension of the light-rail system is imperative to the economic survival of the Salt Lake area. Lane Beattie, the CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber and a driving force in the 2015 Transportation Alliance, said Denver and Phoenix, two of Salt Lake’s main competitors for businesses and conventions, have already approved tax increases to complete their light rail systems, and are already using their 2016 completion date as a marketing tool.

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