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New West Roundup for April 6, 2017


Today in New West news: Interior scraps Obama-era coal royalty rule as it questions how Wyoming spends mine reclamation funds, Montana counties face challenges organizing special election, Bozeman delays Black-Olive vote, and Utah Supreme Court upholds Tesla decision.

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New West Daily Roundup for Sept. 23, 2016

Today in New West news: estimating the economic loss from closing the Yellowstone River, Wyoming votes against wind tax increase, and Ute Tribe breaks with Representative Bishop over potential “land grab.”

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New West Daily Roundup for Aug. 19, 2016

Today in New West news: Montana FWP close parts of Yellowstone River over whitefish, Colorado company seeks to retrain workers for solar industry, and drones in Park County, Wyoming.

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A County Near Yellowstone Falls Apart Over Planning

Park County exists in a high-profile neighborhood. With its county seat being Livingston, the Sangri-la for anglers and literati set hard against the banks of the Yellowtone River and its southern reaches stretching into Yellowstone National Park, Park County, Montana derives enormous pride from the fact that its geographic heart is a dell known as Paradise Valley. But no paradise in the modern world -- certainly none in the West -- has remained intact without human efforts to protect it. In this county, many observers claim, there remains a gaping intellectual disconnect between planning and stewardship with the definitive wedge being a largely laissez-faire approach to real estate development. Park County could be considered a model for how planning efforts across the West have crumbled into hostility and lawsuits. In the comprehensive and insightful story that follows, David Nolt, senior editor for the Livingston Weekly, examines how the topics of growth and land subdivision have caused fracture lines to emerge, leading its residents to engage in some long-overdue soul searching. -- Todd Wilkinson

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Montana Newspaper Editor Calls Bozeman ‘Butt Ugly’

Bozeman, Montana has always assumed an air of superiority when referencing Livingston— that smaller neighboring, bare-knuckled, blue-collar, railroad and river town on the eastern side of Bozeman Pass along Interstate 90. Back and forth across the Pass, the friendly civic jeering has gone on for years, like crowds at a high school football game heckling one another from opposite sides of the field. Now, in another act of attempted one upsmanship, a fresh barb has been cast at Bozeman in the form of an editorial hand grenade lobbed by Stephen Matlow, managing editor of the Livingston Enterprise. "Once a beautiful town in an ideal setting," Matlow wrote, "it has now turned into something butt-ugly where any Californian would feel comfortable."

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