Saturday, September 23, 2017
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New West Roundup for Apr. 27, 2017

Today in New West news: tug-of-war in Blackfoot-Clearwater Stewardship Act debate, Texas gas co. shuts down thousands of wells after fatal Colorado explosion, and Wyoming wolves.

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New West Daily Roundup for Aug. 5, 2016


Today in New West news: developing Bozeman’s skyline, Utah senators propose mountain bikes in the wilderness, and wild horses in Wyoming.

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Reflections on Wilderness and Mountain Biking

I’ve had debates with mountain bike supporters over the question of whether bikes and, by extension, other wheeled vehicles, should be permitted in designated wilderness. The mountain bike crowd feels their activity should be allowed in wilderness areas. Many mountain bikers oppose any wilderness that does not permit biking and/or at least if designation closes a trail that mountain bikers have come to use. Since by definition of the Wilderness Act, mechanical access is prohibited, any lands designated under the 1964 Wilderness Act is automatically off limits to mountain biking. There are many reasons to exclude mountain bikes from wilderness--not the least is that recreation is not the prime reason for wilderness designation.

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