Monday, December 17, 2018
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Craig Story Leaves Idaho’s Political Future Up for Grabs

When news broke Monday of Idaho Sen. Larry Craig's arrest and subsequent guilty plea to disorderly conduct for an incident in a men's bathroom at the Minneapolis airport, it became one of the biggest stories in the history of Idaho politics. But it's not as if anyone, especially those in the political media here, could be shocked. Surprised, perhaps, but overall, Monday's news came with a certain sense of relief: Finally, there was something concrete to the story that had been well-known, but unsubstantiated, for decades. Despite Craig's adamant denials about the Minneapolis incident and others in the past, there is permanent damage done, as even the top Senate Republicans call for an ethics investigation into Craig. Ultimately, if and when Craig falls, it will end a long political career which has been the touchstone of Republican power - which is almost complete – in Idaho. With that touchstone gone, there could be a shift in Idaho politics which has opportunities for both the right and the left. The fallout of the story, including the damage it may or may not do to the Republican stronghold here or in the West, is just in its infancy.

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