Saturday, November 17, 2018
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A Lifetime in a Couple Months with Ace Frehley

The stage was set, the wall of black, logoless amplifiers had glowing lights. A roadie would wander out periodically to adjust a mic stand or open a couple bottles of water on the drum riser, then stroll off again. A huge smoke machine was belching fog over the stage and theater; ZZ Top was playing over the PA. The crowd was chanting, “Ace, Ace, Ace!” and it seemed to take forever. Finally the lights dimmed, and it was on.

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Missoula’s Holiday Party Hangover

I have a hangover from holiday cheer. I’m exhausted mentally and physically, not just from too much egg nog, but from chatting, traveling, eating, and smiling--usually done all at once. Between invitations from neighbors, friends, co-workers, family, extended family, and the extended family of all of my neighbors and friends, I estimate that I attended at least 25 parties in the past month. And I bet you all attended plenty, too. In fact, we were probably at many of the same luncheons, happy hours, or non-profit fundriasers in Missoula--but I wouldn’t remember, due to the plethora of holiday wine. All of December feels a bit like a dream, and now that I’ve woken up, I can’t quite grasp all the details. My brain feels like a fruitcake, full of alcohol-induced holes, and my body feels like a sponge cake, full of canape-induced lethargy. Note: Read on for the details of the "Making It" contest the sisters are running!

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