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Liberal cities, conservative bloggers, and Oregon disarms in the fight against Big Tobacco

There’s a bunch of good readin’ out there, if you know where to look for that news that seems to slip between the cracks of consciousness. You know, the news that doesn’t involve Paris Hilton or President Bush. Or both. Check out these: Left Coast capitol Here’s something to wager on at the next holiday party: What’s Oregon’s most liberal city? Portland? Nope, not according to the online site ePodunk, which gathers community information on its pages, like a sort of Census-by-slideshow. So, Eugene? Salem? Hood River. No, no and no. The infogeeks at ePodunk gathered demographic criteria, calculating in factors such as election returns, gay households, local government resolutions opposing combat in Iraq, and individual contributions to PACs. (No word on whether they considerd the proportion of Subaru owners and “Free Leonard Peltier”? bumper stickers.) And their results says that Oregon’s most liberal city is...

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Bipartisan wilderness meeting set for Hood River

On Saturday, Dec. 3, you could help decide the fate of Mount Hood. Congressmen Greg Walden (R-Oregon) and Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) will host Mt. Hood wilderness summits in Portland and Hood River to get the public's comments on the proposed expansion of federally designated wilderness areas around Mt. Hood and in the nearby Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. The summits follow-up a blueprint offered by the two Congressmen on Tuesday the third and most modest proposal for adding to the mountain's wilderness areas in the past year. The Hood River summit will be at the Best Western Hood River Inn, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 1108 E. Marina Way, Hood River, Oregon. From I-84 take exit 64. The Congressmen will accept written comments as well at either of their web sites. Residents are encouraged to offer their thoughts and opinions on the wilderness proposal. Oral statements are limited to two minutes, and speaker should bring two written copies for the record. The Walden-Blumenauer plan would increase the wilderness area around Mt. Hood by roughly 40 percent, by adding 75,000 new acres permanently off limits to development. But theirs is far less ambitious than an earlier proposal from Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), which called for 177,000 acres. That plan failed in the GOP-controlled Congress last year, but the Walden-Blumenauer compromise has as one of its proponents longtime Republican Walden, of Hood River.

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Alpenglow on Mount Adams.

©Darryl Lloyd/

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Measure 37 Ruling Brings Out Passions — and Glimmers of Moderation

There's nothing like defeat to bring out the graciousness, moderation and thoughtfulness in a person. Or, you know, the opposite. Like Oregon's Constitution Party, which is trying to throw out a Marion County judge who struck down the state's Measure 37 in a ruling Oct. 13. As a Constitution Party press release recently encouraged people, "Come to Salem and spend some time gathering signatures. With your help, this can be a success in the effort to restrain power-intoxicated government bureaucrats and force the recognition of our God-given right to own private property."

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How the Gorge is Becoming the Garbage King, and Other Interesting Observations

Where does Paradise send its trash? To the Columbia Gorge, natch. More specifically, to the Rabanco landfill above Roosevelt, in Klickitat County, a few miles east of the Gorge. (For those of you hanging out in Hood River coffee shops all day, Klickitat County is the strip of land across the river.) Blogmeister Rogue Pundit has the scoop: Folks may soon see some of Hawaii's garbage in the Columbia Basin. Most of the island's trash is burned for power, but the incinerater isn't large enough to burn all the trash that Honolulu and its island-mates generate. Oahu needs a newer, more modern landfill or suitable alternative for the remainder, and NIMBY problems are driving them to look this way. Two companies are bidding on accepting some of Oahu's trash...after some preparation. Oahu would have to bundle and shrink-wrap its trash, then set it aside for awhile so composting could hopefully eliminate the bugs and microbes. This is to address legitimate concerns that the trash could export various types of pests that might trouble us here in the mainland. ... Read the rest of this story, and others from the mediasphere.

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Cascade Locks Casino Raises Questions of Money, Jobs — and Soul

If your town were economically struggling while you watched wealth flow past to your neighboring communities, you might be ready for anything, too. Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to funnel some of that wealth, some of that growth, some of those jobs your way? Wouldn't you do it, even if it cost your town its livability, depressed as it is? Those are exactly the questions Cascade Locks faces.

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