Thursday, December 13, 2018
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More Steelhead Released into Boise River

Last Thursday, Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials released about 330 steelhead into the Boise River. That brings the total steelhead released into the Boise to 670 in the past eight days. Anglers are already out catching what they can. The fish were released from the Idaho Power Co. Oxbow Fish Hatchery, and even though they were raised on an electric farm, they are supposedly safe. (Just don’t put them in the microwave. Ha!) If you are an angler, you can also go after some of the 500 steelhead in the Hells Canyon Reservoir that were released at the request of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. My friend Uncle Pickle did, and his catch was delicious. The hatchery release program will end later this month and officials are predicting about 2,000 excess steelhead will be released for area anglers – though permits allow a three-fish per day limit and 20 for the season.

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Windsurfers’ Bane or Gorge Jewel?

Guest Opinion by Temira Wagonfeld Sixty acres of bustling resort across the street from the Hatchery? A community for vacationing wealthy outdoor enthusiasts, where the average home is expected to sell for $392,000? I’m semi-professional sailor living at the poverty line. When the news of a huge new Gorge resort reached me, my first reaction was utter disgust. The Gorge, the Hatchery, these are temples. This land isn’t a tourist trap – it’s a place to pay homage to Mother Nature. My gut instinct tells me that we should fight this proposal with every weapon we can muster. However, we are probably fighting a losing battle. Outdoor enthusiasts may not like the Broughton Landing Master Plan, but it is not going to go away. It may even be a good idea. Abandoned buildings and swathes of concrete already blemish the site. This refuse is no more part of the National Scenic Area than is a discreet recreational resort. If development near the Hatchery can’t be stopped, the best course of action is to work with the developer...

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