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New West Daily Roundup for Feb. 15, 2016


Today in New West news: Peabody Energy posts $2 billion loss, Idaho Department of Fish and Game kills 20 wolves, and one Boulder restaurateur squares off with culinary legend Wolfgang Puck.

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New West Daily Roundup for Feb. 2, 2016

Today in New West news: Arapahoe librarian named National Librarian of the Year, CDC declares Chipotle E. coli outbreak over, and wildlife-migration routes in Wyoming.

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New West Daily Roundup for Jan. 22, 2016

Today in New West news: WY Gov. Matt Mead calls for cybersecurity funding, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game plans to monitor “mistakenly” collared wolves, Southwestern Energy Co. plans big layoffs, and Denver’s great hotel year.

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New West Daily Roundup for Jan. 15, 2016

Downtown Denver

Today in New West news: Chipotle to close all stores February 8 for E. coli meetings, tensions mount over expanding Yellowstone bison territory, and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game mistakenly collars wolves during an elk-collaring project.

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Wolf Delisting Premature: Wuerthner

Recently the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced it would strip protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) for gray wolves in the lower 48 states. As a result management for wolves will now largely be a state agency responsibility. The one exception is the Mexican wolf, a subspecies found in Arizona and New Mexico that will remain listed.

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Rex Rammell, Controversial Elk Rancher, Will Run For U.S. Senate

When I wrote Please Do Not Sit on the Elk, Dr. Rammell last September, the idea of Rex Rammell wanting to change his seat to one in the U.S. Senate didn’t rear its….sorry. The word “elk” draws readers by the thousands to New West, and clearly I wasn’t taking things seriously enough. I thought a guy who let 160 elk escape from his canned-hunt elk ranch and didn’t seem concerned was, well, six antlers short of a full rack. After all, Rammell was arrested, but acquitted, of pestering and aggravating state wildlife officers after then-Gov. Jim Risch ordered Fish and Game to kill the escaped elk lest they spread disease. But according to Rammell and a substantial number of New West readers, that’s nonsense.

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Two Elk Poached in Goose Creek

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game wants to know who shot two mature bull elk and left them to rot in the Goose Creek drainage south of Oakley. The incident probably happened mid-March. About three years earlier, two other bulls were found shot and wasted in the same drainage, about two miles north of the Utah border. Anyone with information about this crime is encouraged to contact the Fish and Game office in Jerome at 208-324-4359, or the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 1-800-632-5999. Callers to the Citizens Against Poaching hotline may remain anonymous, and may be eligible for cash rewards if the information leads to a citation or a warrant. A conviction is not necessary.

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Otter Gets Involved in Elk Quagmire

An update on the domestic elk, moose and deer trapped at Rulon Jones' Blackfoot Mountain ranch has been posted at Wild Idaho News. On Thursday, Idaho Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter entered the fray, asking state game wardens to stand down and offer alternatives to killing the wildlife that has been behind Jones' fences all winter. Check the link for more details.

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Wild and stock elk face winter threats behind fences

A story I just finished for the Wild Idaho News (WIN) shows that wild ungulates, as well their domestic cousins caught behind high fences during the winter months face the threat of starvation. East Idaho elk rancher Rulon Jones is wintering at least five domestic bull elk on his ranch, Idaho Department of Fish and Game's Southeast Regional Supervisor Mark Gamblin said, though he appears to be feeding them. Idaho State Department of Agriculture checked on Jones's domestic elk and determined that they are getting enough feed, said John Chatburn, deputy administrator of animal industries at ISDA. “If a domestic animal is starved to death that would be a violation of the animal cruelty law,” Chatburn said. Domestic elk have been left on game farms over winter and not survived, however. ISDA records examined by WIN show that Sen. Jeff Siddoway, a sheep and elk rancher from Terreton, has lost at least five elk from 2004 to 2006 from starvation over the winter. In March 2004, ISDA death records show, 4- and 9-year old males starved on Siddoway’s ranch. And in January and February 2006, three more elk starved, including one with pneumonia. Siddoway said he tried to get the animals out before winter, but could not locate them. “We couldn’t find them,” he said. “The place is too big and we couldn’t get ‘em in for the winter.” He said they put out hay, but the animals died anyway. “The way we found ‘em was the coyotes had got to them. They made tracks to them just like water forms a river,” Siddoway said. At a cost of $1,000 to $6,000 for each animal, it is in a ranchers best interest to protect his stock, Siddoway added. Chatburn was not aware of the starved elk on Siddoway’s ranch. Keep reading for more on the wildlife stuck on Jones's ranch.

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Idaho Senate: License Elk Hunt Operations

“We’ve been waiting for this one – this is the industry bill.” With that, Idaho Senator Tim Corder, R-Mountain Home began his successful bid to herd S1074 through the full Senate. And in a prepared statement, Sen. Kate Kelly, D-Boise wrote, “Senate Bill 1074 passed by the Senate today was written by the elk industry for the elk industry. It represents bare standards designed to give only the minimal protection.”

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