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New West Daily Roundup for Mar. 16, 2017

Today in New West news: chasing thunderbird art in Wyoming, Idaho wildlife plan approved, and Secretary Zinke finalizes controversial Utah coal lease.

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New West Daily Roundup for Oct. 6, 2015

Today in New West news: Bozeman Fiber is putting in 23 miles of fiber infrastructure, an Idaho timecard software company receives a huge investment, an Albuquerque-based IT firm is expected to double revenue next year, and the Denver Office of Economic Development compiles a funding guide for entrepreneurs.

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An Emergency Room for West Ada County

Saint Alphonsus has announced that it is opening a full-service emergency department in Eagle in the fall of 2007, which will be staffed by board-certified emergency physicians and will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Emergency Department will be located in the Saint Alphonsus Eagle Health Plaza at 323 E. Riverside Drive, near the corner of Eagle Road and State Hwy 44 in the Eagle River Development. Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center has a main campus in central Boise which is a 365-licensed bed regional medical center serving people throughout the Northwest.

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Boise News Grok: Saturday June 10

Grok, which means “to understand intuitively” is a word you either know or you don’t, depending on when you graduated high school. Just as you suspect, it’s a made-up word. “Stranger in a Strange Land”, the 1961 cult book by Robert Heinlein, brought the word to popular culture. In the ‘60s and ‘70s, we now-elderly said, “Do you grok this?” to earnestly inquire whether our listener deeply, profoundly, spiritually and DEEPLY “got it.” We were dead serious. We were also probably listening to The Dead at the time. In a room with Indian bedspreads on the wall and friends passing around….you grok what I’m saying? I didn’t grok this week in Boise very well, as we teetered between…

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Concerning The Utah Commemorative Quarter

Have you voted for the new Utah Commemorative Quarter? It's the usual lameness. Winter sports (recreation), beehive (industry), golden spike (uh...unity? Thoroughfare? Phallus?). Do these things really sum up our state? The winter sports coin depicts what appears to be trapper (or a hippie with a coonskin cap--although it could be a mullet. WVC represent!) on a snowboard getting grand air over the Rocky Mountains. It says "The World Is Welcome." Even the gays and the liberals, provided they bring their tourist ducats. Ostensibly the message is that the "world" should join Davey Mullet for extreme good times* in Utah. (*Extreme good times may be against our religion). Oh, the Beehive. Symbol of industry? Sure. Utah and Utahns are industrious. The beehive, however, is also unavoidably redolent of analogies to single-minded collectives--the Morg. Golden Spike. You know how many porn sites come up with you search "golden spike?" None. The Golden Spike, in case you forgot your Utah history (hey Mr. Willard, remember that time I hit you in the ass with a rubber band? Pow!), is the symbolic, final, not-quite pure gold nail that completed the world's first transcontinental railroad (incidentally, it was also called the First Transcontinental Railroad) at Promontory, Utah on May 10, 1869. Two weeks from tomorrow, that'll be 137 years ago. Old news, man. Seriously, though: juxtaposing a symbol of unity with Utah doesn't work when we're still bitterly divided between Mormons and non-Mormons and, on a national political level, severely out of skew with the nation. But in that division there is a brilliant, interesting, fun duality.

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