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Guest Column: We Ought Not Grow Cows In Dry West

In a notoriously dry region like the American West, guest columnist George Wuerthner minces no words when it comes to the suitability of turning domestic livestock loose on the public range: Cattle and sheep, he says, do not belong. Portraying beef cows as a yoke hanging around the necks of wild ecosystems and fragile natural resources, he says livestock production is "by far the worse environmental catastrophe to befall the West." It's especially bad, he claims, because of the natural aridity. In an age of global warming when hotter temperatures are expected to cook the deserts even more, and where even wetter places will endure rises in heat that last longer and suck the moisture out of the ground faster, he believes it's time for society to truly assess if the mythical land of cowboys is really a good place to produce red meat. -Todd Wilkinson

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America Is Paying A Steep Price For Cheap Food

George Wuerthner has been called a brilliant provocateur who knows how to get under the skin of Western ranchers. With this essay, one that is certain to incite a strong reaction from readers, he examines the costs of America's cheap food policy on both the U.S. Treasury and the environment. Wuerthner writes: "Agriculture is the most destructive land use in America." As an activist, trained biologist, photographer and environmental writer, he has become a prominent figure in the campaign to eliminate livestock from public lands. The author of several dozen books, Wuerthner also has written prolifically about forest ecology, wildfire, the impacts of ATVs and, of course, the effects of non-native cattle and sheep on native species. His coffee-table picture book,Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West, set off a firestorm of debate over the impacts of livestock and the multiple ways that beef production is subsidized by U.S. taxpayers. His most recent book is Wild Fire: A Century of Failed Forest Policy. With this first piece, NewWest.Net is debuting a regular column from Mr. Wuerthner that will run twice a month on all things nature-related and anything that suits his fancy.

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Rodeo Drive Meets Cattle Drive

Have you noticed how reality is starting to look more and more like reality television? The stampede of reality television shows get you thinking this way, especially those staples about a fish out of water, like Paris Hilton pitching hay and generally wallowing in manure in a rural setting. But I have never seen anything quite like “Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive,”? a show that features poor rich kids thrust onto the saddle at Saddleback Ranch outside Steamboat Springs.

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