Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Salt Lake City and Boise Top Forbes List For Young Professionals

Downtown Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UT and Boise, ID have nabbed the top spots, respectively, in Forbes’ “America’s 25 Best Cities For Young Professionals In 2017” list.

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New West Daily Roundup for Jan. 11, 2016

Credit: Larry Johnson, "Denver Skyline at Sunset," December 17, 2009

Today in New West news: shareholders sue Chipotle, Idaho 2020’s mission for the Gem State, an update on former MT Lt. Gov. Angela McLean, and Utah’s coyote bounty system under fire.

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State Board Approves Community College Petition

Southwest Idaho is getting schooled. At least they might. Someday. On Monday, the Idaho State Board of Education unanimously approved a petition to create a new community college district in southwest Idaho. The approval isn’t for a college, but it is a step in the right direction for community college advocates. It means that it is now possible to have an election to create a new taxing district, specifically designated to form and fund a new community college.

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Of College Saving, College Spending and Oregon’s Wannabe Govs

When it comes time to write the checks for the monthly bill-paying, we hit an intersection of generations in my household: We (the missus and me) send money to repay college student loans, and we sock a little away for our little one’s future education. An education that is not many moons away. Barely out of (graduate) school ourselves on one end, and already preparing for (elementary) school on the other, the questions and uncertainties of the Oregon system nag at us. Can our daughter get a thorough, challenging and humane education? Can we pay for her later years of schooling? More immediately, can we as a state build a system that works? It’s a vital question — particularly in this year, when we’ll elect a governor. Curiously, today’s newspapers brought the issue into sharp relief...

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Upcoming Concerts: Bullets and Octane, Natalie MacMaster, Virgin College Mega Tour, Soular

Bullets and Octane, DaMone, Valient Thorr Bullets and Octane singer Gene Louis had an unlikely musical upbringing for a punk rocker, growing up sitting in on his father’s drum kit in jazz gigs. Moving to SoCal with friend Brent Clawson changing his musical orientation, however, and when the lead singer quit shortly after they founded B&O in 1999, Louis stepped behind the mike. After touring with Avenged Sevenfold in 2004, they moved up to a major label with this year’s In the Mouth of the Young on RCA. There are far worse ways to start a punk band than naming it after a character from Fast Times at Ridgement High, as Boston band Damone did shortly after the turn of the millennium. They are more of the long hair/black spandex wearing wing than the leatherclad Mohawk tribe, mixing skatepunk sensibilities with heavy metal crunch. They had a contract with RCA, from which they were released, to hook up with Island/Def Jam for this year’s Out Here All Night, not in stores for another month but available on I Tunes. With the "Ultimate Shredder" contest on their website, you know I get tired of these bands that are just too political. Let loose and just have some fun, Damone dammit! Valient Thorr is a cartoon metal band from, they claim, Venus, just here to play some tunes and go on ‘tourr.’ April 20, Avalon Theatre

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Montana Tuitions Double, State Support Drops

You thought it was just the textbooks that cost a bundle. Not so, according to today’s AP story in the Helena newspaper. Montana college students are paying twice as much towards tuition as they did a decade ago; at the same time, state support for universities in Montana has also fallen off dramatically. Montana is now one of the lowest investors in the region towards its own higher education system.

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