Saturday, November 17, 2018
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A Lifetime in a Couple Months with Ace Frehley

The stage was set, the wall of black, logoless amplifiers had glowing lights. A roadie would wander out periodically to adjust a mic stand or open a couple bottles of water on the drum riser, then stroll off again. A huge smoke machine was belching fog over the stage and theater; ZZ Top was playing over the PA. The crowd was chanting, “Ace, Ace, Ace!” and it seemed to take forever. Finally the lights dimmed, and it was on.

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Night Driving with Dick Dorworth

How do you kill time on an airplane planted on the tarmac, snow blowing and swirling outside, in the wee hours of the morning? The most amusing event was when some older fellow walked up into first class, looked around with his hands on his hips for a couple moments, and then turned to return to the back of the plane without saying a word. He did not pass quietly: clearing the third row, which is where I just happened to be seated, he unleashed a fuselage-rattling fart that did not go unnoticed by any of us in the vicinity. "I think he just fired a shot across our bow," I remarked, and the giddiness of the hour made it a lot funnier than it may have otherwise been.

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So Is Peace Really The Word?

According to CNN, 60% of Americans want to end the war; if not immediately, then soon. Less than half of us believe the war can be won, regardless of how long we stay. I'm not up on Missoula's latest population number, but let's say there are 60,000 of us in range of Caras Park. If we are in line with those poll numbers (Missoula being as liberal as it is, my guess is the percentage is probably higher), then that would tell us maybe 36,000 or so want us out. Even if a paltry 5% could be bothered to turn off the TV or steer their gas guzzler off Reserve Street for an hour or two, that is still somewhere in the neighborhood of 1800 people. The 200 bodies at Sunday's rally (my estimate of the body count, including dogs) isn't even 10% of that!

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