Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Country Music Votes for President

So this morning, as I'm getting ready to head to the polls, I get curious about country music and the presidential election right here and right now on Election Day. The perception is still pretty strong that the Republicans have the lion's share of the country music support, but what's the reality? Now, between voting and getting to work on time, I didn't have a whole heck of a lot of time to put into this, so I turned to the poor man's Gallup poll, my old friend Mr. Google. I punched in a few different variations of search words and let the old Boolean algorithm go to work.

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LaRocco Says Craig Part of “Delusional Policies” in Iraq

In a public forum called “live blogging” on NewWest/Boise last week, Democratic candidate for Congress Larry LaRocco said his likely opponent, incumbent Senator Larry Craig, was “asleep at the switch” when the Bush administration was making policy about the war in Iraq. In response to a question from “Julin” of Boise, LaRocco wrote: “Larry Craig has been a rubber stamp for the administration. He has never asked a tough question about the direction or implementation of our policy in Iraq. This is very unhealthy for our state and nation. A member of Congress should make certain that the executive branch is accountable to the taxpayers of the nation. Larry Craig has really been asleep at the switch and has contributed to the delusional policies in Iraq.” Asked to respond to the live blog session with LaRocco, Senator Craig wrote, “My first vote as a U.S. Senator was to send our troops into Iraq in 1991. It was the toughest vote I have ever cast, and the decision to send troops into harms way never gets easier. It really hits home when I call the parents of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice."

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Congress: Time for a Reboot

It’s Election Day at last, which means several things: An end to the phone calls reminding me to vote. An end to the juvenile, insulting, utterly predictable cycle of political ads. (“You’re a liar.” “No, YOU’RE a liar!” “Am not!” “Are TOO!” “You suck!” “No, YOU suck!”) An end to the huge, glossy postcards exhorting me to vote for this smiling candidate or that. Hey! That one caught a trout! I’m gonna vote for him. An end to canvassers showing up on my doorstep, handing me pamphlets and shaking my hand. Kind of makes me long for the Jehovah’s Witnesses and their comparatively entertaining ‘Watchtower’ leaflets.

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House Race Gets National Attention – Do Idaho Democrats Dare to Dream?

In the reddest state in the union, the midterm elections are drawing “holy cats!” reactions from national media like never before. Journalists like Tom Kenworthy of USA Today are writing about once-safe GOP seats. The McClatchy newspapers, which include the Idaho Statesman, ran this today: “Polls Show Democrats Leading Competitive Races.” News of the battle for control of the U.S. House of Representatives, and now even the Senate, dominates this land from California to the New York islands.

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Worry About Polygamy, Not TV

While much of Utah is busy getting its panties in a wad over HBO’s new polygamy-drama, Big Love and how it’s supposedly giving Utah a bad name, the real problem of polygamy remains. Why are so many Utahns harping about a fictional television show depicting a polygamous marriage between consenting adults while their real-life tax dollars are being used to support polygamous compounds known for rampant physical, emotional and sexual abuse?

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