Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Windsurfers’ Bane or Gorge Jewel?

Guest Opinion by Temira Wagonfeld Sixty acres of bustling resort across the street from the Hatchery? A community for vacationing wealthy outdoor enthusiasts, where the average home is expected to sell for $392,000? I’m semi-professional sailor living at the poverty line. When the news of a huge new Gorge resort reached me, my first reaction was utter disgust. The Gorge, the Hatchery, these are temples. This land isn’t a tourist trap – it’s a place to pay homage to Mother Nature. My gut instinct tells me that we should fight this proposal with every weapon we can muster. However, we are probably fighting a losing battle. Outdoor enthusiasts may not like the Broughton Landing Master Plan, but it is not going to go away. It may even be a good idea. Abandoned buildings and swathes of concrete already blemish the site. This refuse is no more part of the National Scenic Area than is a discreet recreational resort. If development near the Hatchery can’t be stopped, the best course of action is to work with the developer...

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