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Don’t Fear the Blight: Fear Montana State Laws

The topic of eminent domain has been all over the local Bozeman papers (Daily Chronicle and the Tributary) in the last two months because people are concerned how it might be used in two new Urban Renewal Districts. Local concern with the “blight”? designation in our Northeast Neighborhood, in particular, dovetailed with a visit to Bozeman by Chip Mellor, president and counsel of the Institute of Justice, which represented the homeowners in Kelo v. New London before the Supreme Court. Mellor and the homeowners may have lost the landmark decision (ref NW article), but he has rebounded with what appears to be a crusade to educate the public about the use and misuse of eminent domain, and to warn us about the dangers of blight. What he should have also warned us about was Montana State Law, which currently does not provide a whole lot of protection for private property owners.

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ArtSplot Taps Students’ Creative Abilities

It seems that subjects like art get shoved to the background in today’s education world of No Child Left Behind and concerns about keeping up with standardized test scores. The ArtSplot is one business that works to change that momentum. For ten years Chelsea Smith has taken art education to area students, performing 50 residencies in the past eight years. Whether it’s during her visits to schools to help students discover their hidden artistic talents, or during afternoon weekday programs at the ArtSplot studio, Ms. Smith makes sure students enjoy what they’re doing.

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They Call My Town the Bozone

Bozeman isn't what it used to be, but that doesn't make it a bad thing. As I begin serving as a regular correspondent from the New West's inaugural “Bozeman Bureau,”? I have a confession to make. Once upon a time, as a scrivener who writes national magazine and newspaper stories for a living, I committed one of the most atrocious of sins: More than a decade ago, before Bozeman's and the greater Gallatin Valley's boom time really started to take off, I wrote a shameless article promoting the quality of life here. For months afterward, I endured the scorn of some friends who believed I had betrayed a sacred trust by blowing Bozeman's cover and revealing it as a pearl in The Last Best Place.

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Johnny Depp: The Spirit of Bozeman

If you didn’t make it to HatcH this year, don’t worry, you didn’t miss your chance to see Johnny Depp in the flesh. Bozeman seems to have a love-affair with this actor—which is both understandable (he is as talented as he is gorgeous) and puzzling (he is not particularly “of the West”?). Upon arrival here several months ago I heard rumors that Depp was looking at purchasing a ranch near-by...

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