Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Writers’ Guidelines

In a time of dynamic change, New West aims to serve as a nexus of dialogue, a bridge between communities that may be distant in geography or occupation, but share common interests and hopes for the region as it inevitably continues to grow. New West is a smart guide to the issues, trends and events that impact the fabric of the region and it stands for forward thinking about the big picture.

The main topics we cover and discuss on New West are broadly: Culture, politics, growth, demographics, energy, environmental issues, new economy (tech, biotech, venture capital, etc.), tourism and travel, lifestyle, outdoors, wildlife, Western literature, film and food. At this time we are not seeking outside contributions to the site.

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Idaho Chambers Announce Support for Transit Funding

Two Idaho chamber of commerce organizations have indicated that they plan to put more pressure on legislators to support a local options tax that could help pay for public transportation. “We need to do a better job on communicating business support to the Legislature,” Ray Stark, senior vice president for the Boise Metro Chamber said last Friday. “That will start happening this coming week.”

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  1. Hi Courtney:
    I hope i am wrong about this but I work for a non profit here in missoula and clients who are indigent with pets to feed have told me that animeals won’t give them food to feed their pets.
    they direct people to animal shelters and the manager of the missoula county animal shelter has told me that animeals doesn’t help them either. where does the food go? seems strange. I am no reporter so hoping someone could take a look. many poor people are being turned away by animeals and the manager at the shelter wonders what animeals is doing also. she seemed quite angry with animeals when i talked to her last week- thanks.
    and thanks for doing a great job for us in the mountain west.