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The Pharcyde at The Boulder Theater

Hands down The Pharcyde’s song Passin Me By is my favorite rap song on all time. Yeah I said it and I stand by my story. I was in high school and I had just got dumped by my first love. Remember when Brenda got dumped by Dylan on 90210 and all she did was listen to REM’s “Losing My Religion” all the time? I did the same thing with Passin Me By. I knew what Brenda was going through and I felt her pain.

Later that year I got to see The Pharcyde at Lollapalooza in Los Angeles. Out of all the bands that played that day, The Pharcyde’s performance was just as good as the Beastie Boys, Nick Cave and Cyprus Hill. During the song “Pass the Pipe” the cloud of smoke rising from the crowd was insane. What was this strange smell? Doesn’t smell like cigarettes…. Huh Before I incriminate myself, I’ll move it along. Let’s just say that all the members of The Pharcyde couldn’t open their eyes for the rest of the show. High school was a magical time.

The Pharcyde got their start in the early ’90s in South Central Los Angeles. One thing that makes them different than other South Central groups at the time is their sense of humor. Their first album, “Bizarre Ride II,” is full of laughs from beginning to end. The song “Your Mama” is literally just a bunch of “your mama” jokes that I quote at least once a week. The group was made up of four members SlimKid3, Fatlip, Imani and Bootie Brown. After “Bizarre Ride II,” they came out with “Labcabincalifornia” and it didn’t receive the same cheers as the first album. I gave it a listen recently and decided that I like it a lot more now then when I was younger. After this album, the band fell off the map. Fatlip and SlimKid3 left the band due to drugs and solo careers.

So here we are in 2007 and the remaining members are taking off on tour and putting out a new album. They might not have the hype they did ten years ago but they are still the same performers that they were back in the day. You can check out The Pharcyde live at The Boulder Theater on February 10th.

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