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Boo! America....Halloween got me think'n about the "Old West" ghostly Mansion in Springer, New Mexico. A once Wealthy Tycoon Melvin Mills lived in.

The Ghostly Mills Mansion

I write this story from my coming booklet series called the “Rattler Mission Series”!!

The “Wild West” held many untold secrets of fortunes made and fortunes lost.
One such story that comes to mind this Holiday is of the famious Mills Mansion.
Attorney Melvin Mills arrived into the West from back east to sell railroad tools and equipment.
With the railroad pushing forward he made quite the wealth from this.
He built a mansion in Springer called the Mills Mansion. This is where he entertained
all kinds of wealthy and politically influencial people.
But hid real fortune came when He built an Empire on
the Canadian River of trees, vegatables and fruits with blood for the unfortunant
souls that he judged lesser then himself.
In 1904 the Floods came, and wiped out all that Melvin Mills had. He became even homeless.
selling the mansion to Thomas Catron his partner.
He asked to be allowed to livein the Mansion until his death.
That he did, but the ghostly cries still remain
and those he persecuted would not help him.
Melvin Mills died in that Mansion…it told when you go through it that
a cold chill goes right through you!! The walking dead?
Maybe Melvin got stuck in time!!!

Where is this mystery lady from Kansas
that is suppose to now own the Mills Mansion?
Did she find the matching heart rocks that Melvin Mills
left for the lady he so loved after she left him?
I been in this mansion
and yes the hairs seem to craw during the sunset hours..

Happy Halloween!! The Colonel Rocks!! 😉

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  1. Randell Van Alst; Author...


    I spent 6 months in that mansion, write a book about it, and there’s no place as haunted in New Mexico than the M.W. Mills Mansion.

  2. I have never been in the Springer Mansion.
    I have spent a lot of time in the canyon at Mills
    New Mexico. Plan to spend more time there.
    It is a very intriguing place, from the old steam
    boiler and pumps that must have irrigated his
    crops to what is left of the old hotel.
    I can find very little history and no pictures of
    Mills the hotel. Only history dates to the Maxwell
    grants and Cimarron.