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Last year, Pitkin County commissioners capped house sizes at 15,000 square feet in the Colorado county, and now some folks in Boulder County are suggesting the county commission there impose a similar restriction. The Boulder Daily Camera reports today that the average size of homes in the Colorado county nearly doubled between 2002 and 2006. In 2002, the average home was 3,627 square feet, and by last year the average size of a home was up to 6,290 square feet. Those statistics show the Colorado county is slightly ahead of the national trend, where home sizes were an average of 2,095 square feet in 1995 , and are now 2,459 square feet. The White Hawk Ranch, a large subdivision where lots often sell for a million dollars, has about 50 mega-sized homes, and that development is the one that has Boulder County officials starting to discuss capping the size of homes. Michele Krezek, manager of special projects for the Boulder County Land Use Department, said limiting the size of homes should take a back seat to other planning concepts, such as building new homes out of environmentally friendly materials or building sustainable homes that use little energy. And there is some indication that folks are stepping away from larger homes in favor of homes built with top-notch materials. Apparently. Tim Blixseth, who is building a the much-touted “world’s largest spec home" – which is both large (53,000-square-feet) and built with top-notch materials, at Montana’s Yellowstone Club, has decided to embrace both the "bigger" and "better" trends.

Some say Colorado County Should Limit House Size

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