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I saw a familiar local face in an unexpected place: Jenn Lyon, 34, a former schoolmate from The Dalles, wrote an essay for Willamette Week’s outdoors special section last week. Lyon, you’ll recall, was a contestant on Survivor: Palau. (She took fourth place.) Lyon generated a lot of publicity with her girl-next-door blondishness and her struggle with cancer as an uninsured single woman. So what did she wax eloquent about for Willy Week? Her panties. "Where in the hell is my underwear?" she writes. Due to a packing malfunction, Lyon ended up with just one pair — a thong — for her monthlong stint on the nationally televised gameshow. The moral of the story? “So, if your mother ever says to you, "Don't leave the house without a good pair of underwear," just remember the fable of the girl who went into the wild without a "proper" pair. You never know when you might get dropped off on some island in Micronesia with just the clothes on your back.”

Don’t Forget Underwear, Says Jenn Lyon

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