Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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The Associated Press reports today in the Santa Fe New Mexican that a plan to build a high-speed commuter rail system along the Front Range from Wyoming to New Mexico is picking up speed. The "Ranger Express" would travel at 110 mph, stopping in Cheyenne, Wyo., Denver, and Albuquerque, and points in between. The Front Range Commuter Rail group said three members of Colorado's congressional delegation have said they support the idea. Congressional support will definitely be needed as costs for remodeling existing train routes along the 602-mile line as estimated to run between $3- and $4-million per mile, and the cost of moving freight routes is estimated to run about $1 billion. Former Colorado Rep. Bob Briggs, president of the Front Range Commuter Rail group, said he hopes to get voter approval of the project in 2008. The rail line would ultimately offer a trip every hour, 18 hours a day, and carry millions of passengers a year. Briggs said ideally the Ranger Express would debut at the same time Denver's FasTracks transit system goes online in 11 years.

Front Range Rail Line Proposal Rolls Along

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