Monday, November 19, 2018
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Last fall I taught a class at the University of Montana Journalism School entitled "How to Start a Magazine in Print or Online." Each student was required to develop an actual publishing project over the course of the semester, and one of the most promising publications was the brainchild of a student named Hank Green. Hank wasn't even in the journalism school - he was pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies - but he was very tech-savvy, and very serious about his idea. I was thus delighted to see yesterday the official launch of EcoGeek, a site devoted to "exploring the symbiosis between nature and technology." Hank and his collaborators have done some great things with the site, especially in the realm of Web 2.0-style features, and it paid off with a first-day hit on Digg. Congrats Hank!

EcoGeek Makes a Splash in Debut

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