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Image shamelessly stolen from Burque Babble which received it from Duke City Fix.

Blog-in at Albuquerque City Council: Minimum Wage Increase Passes

Last night, a number of Albuquerque’s bloggers showed up at City Council chambers, or alternately, watched the meeting on channel six. The topic of the meeting was the living wage ordinance, a compromise to which had already been decided by the time the City Council meeting was held. On January 1, the minimum wage will increase to $6.75 an hour.

Despite the futility of the meeting, and the usual whackiness of local civics in action (complete with Geraldine Amato, and rambling man with an issue completely unrelated to minimum wage) the internal dialogues of the bloggers isn’t a bad read: check out, Duke City Fix, Burque Babble, The M-Pyre Girls, Democracy for New Mexico, Alblogquerque and New MexiKen. Sorry if I missed anybody.

Not in attendance: Me. I did not go, although I was invited. I, like Cocoposts, watched and listened to about two hours of the meeting, TV turned to channel six, while I did the dishes, brushed the dog, worked on a freelance story. For one thing, yesterday was irrigation day at the farm, and for another, I’ve spent the past 20 years sitting in various City Council chambers in various cities, and I know that most of the time, the issue is decided in each councilor’s mind long before the tedious public comment period.

(A little side note about Geraldine Amato (who, for the uninitiated, speaks multiple times at every city council meeting. Last year the councilors tried to pass an ordinance limiting her speaking time. The City Attorney found it unconstitutional). For some reason, she shows up at the New Mexico Dressage Association horse shows held at the fairgrounds. She pulls out a folding chair and sits (not with the spectators in the bleachers) right next to the in-gate, so that every horse that enters and exits the arena must pass her (and spook). She usually brings a clip board and papers, probably her city council speaking materials, and writes and rustles paper while the horse show is taking place.)

Despite my cynicism, I applaud Chantal et al, who actually went and blogged live. What a cool thing.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the story, Emily! It was a geeky good time last night down at City Hall.