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The best way to check out The New West magazine is to subscribe. We want to know who's interested in The New West, so we have made the magazine available free to qualified subscribers who answer a short questionnaire.

In the Spring Issue and online here:

A New Magazine: The New West

It’s a time of dramatic change in the Mountain West. And I’m excited to say that we at NewWest.Net are now launching a quarterly print magazine to help us tell the big story of growth and change in the region. We’ve been covering this story online for almost three years, and we hope you’ll find the print magazine to be a useful and entertaining complement to those efforts.

We’re based in Missoula, but our story is much bigger than one town. Our coverage will extend across Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and eastern Oregon and Washington.

The best way to check out our magazine is to subscribe. We want to know who’s interested in The New West, so we have made the magazine available free to qualified subscribers who answer a short questionnaire.

We’d love to hear your input and feedback on our new venture. Comments? Criticism? Story ideas? I’d love to hear them. You can email me at

Here’s the full announcement:

For Immediate Release
February 1, 2008
Contact: Jonathan Weber, 406-829-1725

New Magazine Covers Growth and Development in the Mountain West
The New West Targets Real Estate Professionals, Policy-Makers and Engaged Consumers

Missoula, Mont. – New West Publishing LLC, producer of the award-winning online magazine NewWest.Net, is delighted to announce the launch of its first print publication, The New West.

The quarterly magazine, which carriers the tagline “Design. Development. Community,” is the first publication to focus on the big story of growth and change in the mountain landscapes and high plains of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Washington and Oregon.

Features in the preview edition of The New West include “From Rubble to Riches,” an in-depth look at how Western communities are turning old industrial sites into vibrant neighborhoods, and “The LEED Shade of Green,” which examines the mounting controversy over sustainable building standards. Regular departments of the publication include Project Watch, which spotlights notable new developments; Design Showcase, which features innovative design solutions; and Metrics, a fascinating compendium of development-related data.

“Ever since we launched NewWest.Net back in 2005, our community has been asking us for a print magazine,” said Jonathan Weber, founder and CEO of New West Publishing. “The New West, with its tight focus on the big story of growth and development in the region, is a logical complement to both NewWest.Net and our growing conference series.”

New West produces the annual Real Estate and Development in the Northern Rockies conference, which takes places in the fall in Missoula. The company recently announced its second major conference, Designing the New West, which is scheduled for April 25 in Bozeman, MT.

NewWest.Net, a local and regional online publication, covers the culture, economy, politics and lifestyle of the Rocky Mountain West. With a wide range of writers from around the region and an active community of commenters and contributors, NewWest.Net was the winner of the 2006 Online News Association award for general excellence. “Wild Bill” Schneider, NewWest.Net‘s outdoors columnist, was honored with the 2007 Online Journalism Award for best commentary.

The New West in print will initially be a quarterly publication, and will be available by subscription for $9.95 a year and at select newsstands. In addition, qualified professionals can apply for a free subscription, visit for more information. The Premiere Edition of The New West will be published in April.

“The Mountain West is changing dramatically, with farms giving way to subdivisions, ranches turning into hunting and fishing retreats, and cities and towns becoming far more vibrant and cosmopolitan. We’re all grappling with the changes,” said Courtney Lowery, editor in chief of New West Publishing. “The New West will cover that story from every angle.”

The editor of The New West is Robert Struckman, an award-winning reporter and editor with more than a decade of experience covering Western issues for national and local media. Marshall Hibbard is the Design Director. Contributors for the Preview Edition include well-known Western journalists such as Richard Martin, Dan Whipple, and Bill Vaughn, and photographers Anne Medley and Chris Lombardi.

Advertisers in the Preview Edition of The New West include CTA Architects and Engineers,, Morrison Maierle, On Site Management, Tamarack Resort, O’Berry Cavanaugh, Sun West Ranch, Lodge Logs, Motherlode Holdings, the Clark Fork Coalition, Sweet Onion Creations, and Treadlight flooring.

New West Publishing was founded in 2005 by Jonathan Weber, who was the co-founder and editor in chief of The Industry Standard, and before that a reporter and editor at the Los Angeles Times. Courtney Lowery, a former writer and editor with the Associated Press and Lee Newspapers, co-founded the company. New West Publishing is backed by a prestigious group of angel investors, including Boulder-based venture capitalist Brad Feld, former Microsoft CFO John Connors, and television personality Maury Povich.

About Robert Struckman

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  1. Gee Bill. How on earth would you know? It always amazes me when people feel so smug about judging something they haven’t even seen. Give us all a break and offer something informative if you’re going to comment here.

  2. Jonathan, two things: Create an ability to send gift subscriptions. Second, is there any way to see the first issue without subscribing to help someone decide if the publication is for them?

  3. Wow Bill, pretty cynical…. I DO love that NewWest has been a paper-free press until now, but this seems like a normal progression. Please don’t prove Bill right and fill half of each mag with pretty real estate commercials. NewWest has provided an excellent alternative voice and intelligent exchanging of ideas. I hope ya’ll maintain your focus. Good Luck NewWest and congrats!

  4. I agree with Bill…I would bet that this will indeed be another Real Estate Rag. Look at the cover of the first issue…”10 Delexe Developments” Sweet…sounds super interesting.

  5. Anyone who feels compelled to make judgments on other people’s work without even seeing it, feel free. But I ask once again, please don’t it here. Ignorant and mean-spirited commentary like that is of no use to anyone.

    Craig, good idea re gift subscription. If you subscribe and don’t like it we’ll refund the subscription, and it’s only 10 bucks…

    And Chaka, thanks for the kind words. We do make a living from advertising, but I think you will find The New West to be very, very different from anything that’s out there.

  6. Why not post the first issue as a PDF? It will avoid the guessing by those that question what’s in it and it may excite others to buy it. When possible always fish with a little meat on the hook.

  7. Uh,…..Jeff and Bill seem to have ignored the article above. It seems that the initial issue and cover will focus on community economic and environmental revitalization and the controversy of “green washing” of construction (i.e. LEED certification). This seem like the antithesis of a “Real Estate Rag”. Linking Environmental and Economic indicators is a pretty successful way of arguing for sustainable growth (See: Institute of Southern Studies, EPA, harvardscience). Isn’t this the focus of the NewWest print issue and the crux of debate in hamlets across the West (Missoula, for example)? Excellent topic to open your print with NewWest ! Thanks for spurring debate !!

  8. Craig,
    Stay tuned, we’ll have the full magazine available online upon the mag’s official release.

    Thanks chaka for the kind words and as for Bill, Scott and Jeff, we’ll again offer this — if you have some concrete feedback we could actually use, I’m always up to listening. Email me directly or contact me here and we can go out for coffee. I would love to hear your story ideas and have a real conversation.

  9. Courtney and Jon, Please, spare us your sanctimonious bleating, etc. And besides, Cody, Wyo. is too far to come for coffee, as is Missoula for me. I will say that I look at the website daily and mostly like it, though conservative commentary doesn’t exist there, purposely or not. So it is valuable (like “High Country News” and “Headwaters”) as a source of information from the far corners of the West. That’s it. So in the end, best of luck with your new venture, the Real Estate, Apres Ski, food and wine guide for a million expatriate Californians. Cheers, Bill.

  10. Bill, I don’t think you are quite the careful reader you may otherwise claim to be. My commentary, that you say doesn’t exsit, often stirs up quite a fuss. And there are others who do so regularly as well. Just put my name in the search feature and see what comes up. Check into the commentaries involving wolves, bison, energy, climate change, and the like.

    What I don’t understand is why you would turn down an offer for coffee and conversation with Courtney. Just call her up and pour yourself a cup. By the way, your judgement of the magazine before you have actually read it seems like something an ideological foaming at the mouth lefty would do. You know the type don’t ya?

  11. Craig, Of course! Scroll up. Best, Bill.

  12. Gee, mean-spirited, close-minded, hateful language seems much less attractive that even “ideological foaming at the mouth”. And I agree that how can you judge this publication without seeing it. I mean, if you have paid attention to up to now, then I think you would assume that “10 Deluxe Developments” story will most likely be an investigation to how crappy places like the Yellowstone Club are changing (mostly for the worse) the West.
    Also, I have read TONS of different views on this site, but it is kind of easy to spot people who are not really contributing to the dialogue, but seem to have nasty grudge about something and just troll comments so that they can insert their mean-spirit. -Not productive.

  13. Bill, I already read your posts.

  14. Chaka, What ever happened to your show business career? Best, Bill.

  15. Great news, best of luck!

  16. Ah, the beauty and insightfulness of interactive comments never fails to stir me..

    Best of luck with the new magazine, folks. You guys do a heck of a job with the online version and with your conference, and I’m looking forward to the printed mag. Thanks for your work.

  17. Bill, I am aware that you are quite a writer. Instead of the verbal foreplay and coquettishness, how about you write a regular column here at New West for all to enjoy? It should lead to some rather sporty debate.

  18. Craig, I’ve heard this before. But “sporty debate” doesn’t pay the rent. Websites (like New West) get most of their content from folks of some talent who, nonetheless, don’t get paid. There’s a million places to do “citizen journalism”. I have a full time job, hence little time to write. I think the message is –for anybody–put up or shut up. And I’m not sure if you speak for New West anyway. Best, Bill.

  19. Bill, I speak for no one but myself.

    My request stems from your comment, “I will say that I look at the website daily and mostly like it, though conservative commentary doesn’t exist there, purposely or not.”

    Now you write, “I think the message is –for anybody–put up or shut up.” Bill, I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I asked you to “put up.” You could be one of the voices.

  20. Lori Parr Campbell

    “Normal progression”????Wake up man. This is a digression to the dark ages. It would be one thing if they could claim their new rag was going to be responsibly published on 100% post consumer paper or better yet something tree-free, but to not do so because it too costly is a perfect excuse to keep the damn thing internet read only. Honestly, how can we afford not to be responsible in this day and age? I for one am disgusted with the move. Shame on New West. Lori Parr Campbell

  21. This thread reminds me of junior high.
    I too, view this move as somewhat retrograde. But I guess it’s what you gotta do for street cred, eh?

  22. Those pictures are relaly good. Each one has it’s own little story. I think my fave is the last one of the road. We don’t have any roads that straight and long in the UK.