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Taos has a reputation for leaning unabashedly to the left every now and then, so an event titled “Take Back America”? in the midst of a Republican administration at a local gallery is hardly out of the ordinary. But some of the conclusions drawn by a feature film shown were much harder to swallow for anyone who plays even the slightest step to the right of far left field.

9/11 Conspiracy Documentary Fails To Convince

Taos has a reputation for leaning unabashedly to the left every now and then, so an event titled “Take Back America”? in the midst of a Republican administration at a local gallery is hardly out of the ordinary. But some of the conclusions drawn by a feature film shown were much harder to swallow for anyone who plays even the slightest step to the right of far left field.

The main event of the evening was a documentary entitled “Loose Change” by young filmmaker Dylan Avery. Through more than an hour of rehashed news reports, articles, eyewitness accounts and slowed-down video clips, the film postulates that the events of September 11, 2001 were actually conceived and carried out by clandestine operatives acting on behalf of the U.S. government.
The film is clearly not an overnight project and much of the evidence presented is compelling, particularly a section that deals with the attack on the Pentagon. Avery points out that the hole left in the building is nowhere near the size or shape of the jet airliner that allegedly crashed into it, and photos of the site seem to show no wreckage from a jet. The film conjectures that it was more likely a cruise missile that hit the building, pointing to eyewitness accounts of two “planes”? approaching the Pentagon, one small and fast-moving, the other similar to a large military aircraft like a C-130. Add to the mix the surveillance tapes from nearby businesses that were confiscated by the FBI and an eerie satellite photo taken before the attack that appears to show the path of the impact marked out in chalk across the Pentagon lawn and you have more than enough reason to get Oliver Stone on the phone.

What about the World Trade Center you ask? Avery gives us accounts that the first plane had military markings and looked “like no jet I’ve ever seen”? according to one eyewitness. He adds the fact that no modern skyscrapers have ever collapsed from fire, in fact his evidence seems to indicate that a deliberate implosion took place. How? Well, slow down the video of the collapse and there does appear to be a serious of charges going off in the buildings as they fall. And there was that strange power outage a few weeks before that took all the security cameras off-line in the trade center to make it convenient for explosives to be installed without being detected. Creepy yes, but not quite a slam dunk.

But wait, what happened to the black boxes? An exhaustive look at the specs for the boxes seems to reveal there is no way seven out of eight of them should have been damaged in the collapse as the government claims, (The FBI has not released the contents of the eighth.) particularly since the paper passport of one of the alleged hijackers was found intact.

Speaking of those pesky hijackers, where are they now? Avery claims that almost half of them are in fact still alive and well and piloting commercial planes halfway around the world.

This is where things begin to fall apart for the theory and the film’s credibility in my mind, because if this is the case, it is certainly a veritable smoking gun. However, Avery presents absolutely nothing to substantiate the claim or even a terse explanation of how he came across the information. And if Avery is able to locate living hijackers, what then is his answer for the hundreds of people whose families are quite convinced they died aboard hijacked flights that were actually a military dummy plane or a cruise missile according to the film? If no jetliner crashed into the Pentagon, where are the passengers that were allegedly on that flight? That’s an awfully large number of co-conspirators.

Avery does present a wealth of important and overlooked reporting from that day. The evidence of some sort of cover-up is undeniable – something that can be expected from an administration possibly seeking to hide some of the more embarrassing aspects of the country’s worst catastrophe – but to assume that such efforts must certainly amount to an admission of involvement or ultimate responsibility is just too much of a leap, I hope.

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  1. “, Avery presents absolutely nothing to substantiate the claim or even a terse explanation of how he came across the information. ”

    Did you even watch the film? BBC and MSNBC not good enough for you?

    And which is it???

    “Fails To Convince” or “some sort of cover-up is undeniable” ?

  2. Also, does everyone who questions the government lie regarding 9/11 lean “unabashedly to the left”?

  3. Roxdog,

    Do you know where I could find links to those BBC and MSNBC stories?

  4. Thomas Holbrook II

    Also, here’s a webpage that references numerous mainstream articles indicating that several of the named hijackers were still alive*:

    *Note: some of the links are dead as those pages may have been removed by the mainstream network that initially provided the article. However, you should be able to copy the link location, go to, and paste the link location into the search bar. The Wayback Machine should be able to show you what that article containted (click the last updated version of it though). Please keep in mind that some news sources put web bots on their sites that blocks from archiving their web pages.

  5. “just too much of a leap, I hope.” You need a dose of science to cure your denial.

    I’m convinced as is Louis Freeh, the previous FBI director, along with Congressman Weldon that the 9/11 investigation was a joke.

    Philip Zelikoff, who managed what got investigated, referred to dismissing alternative theories as “whacking moles.”

    There is so much wrong with the 9/11 investigation that I’m convinced something is being covered up.

    But then, our government wouldn’t kill people and lie to us to forward their own agenda and enrich themselves.

  6. I think people should concentrate on the miraculous perfect collapse of wtc7 and how the official 9/11 report makes no mention of it.

    The plane that hit the pentagon and then vaporized is another miraculous anomoly.

    Where is the plane that hit the pentagon?
    Why did WTC7 fall when it was hit by nothing?

  7. Here’s an article that I find even more hard to swallow, but I share it to illustrate the point that many different conclusions can be drawn from the evidence available.

  8. Thanks to everyone for the comments and info. I’ve been pretty surprised by the volume of the response.

    Last night I watched Loose Change again and spent hours looking at most of the websites that everyone has suggested.

    I still think there are numerous problems with the film and Avery’s version of events. However, as I wrote in the review, Avery and all of you bring up a lot of very important and disturbing information that needs much more attention.

    I have no idea what the hell happened that day and I’m not sure we ever will, but I plan to continue reporting on the fact that this information is out there.

  9. I Beleive Every word that came from Dylan Avery’s Film With technology today and how currupt America is its easy to see the truth. Now until recently I was a huge fan of George Dubya I thought a good @$$ kicking was what “terrorist” needed, which is true but in order to do so we need to find out who the real terrorist are. In March of 1962 a Top secret memorandum (which now has been unclassified) for the secratary of defense stated that the joint cheifs of staff had considered the memorandum which subject was “Justification for US military intervention (TS)” Stating many things that seem earily close to the events on september 11th.
    Qoute “(1) start rumors (many) clandestine radio.
    (2) land friendly Cubans in uniform “over-the-fence” to stage an attack on base.(guantanamo)
    (3) Capture Cuban (friendly) saboteure inside the base
    (4) Start riots near the base main gate (friendly Cubans)
    (5) Blow up ammunition inside the base; start fires
    (6) Burn aircraft on air base (sabotage).
    (7) Lob mortar shells from outside of base into base, some damage to installations.
    (8) Capture assualt teams approaching from the sea or vicinity of guantanamo City.
    (9) capture militia group which storms the base.
    (10) Sabotage ship in harbor; large fires –napthalene.
    (11) Sink ship near harbor entrance. Conuct funerals for mock-victims (may be lieu of (10)).”

    Then it goes on to say that a Mock TERROR campaign would be formed and attack cuban refugees enroute to florida “(real or simulated)”

    this in my mind proves without a shadow of a doubt that the Government would and could stage a attack the magnitude of sept. 11th and would have no remorse

  10. Among you liberals there is such a raging loathing for Bush that even sensible people are now drinking serious conspiracy Kool-aid. Cheers!

  11. I don’t have a problem with people making money by selling DVD’s. I think this would make an excellent sequel to Syrianna.

  12. I guess if it were your family that got murdered, you’d appreciate someone making a profit off their massacre,right?

    Thats the American Dream now?

    Then we wonder why everyone on the planet hates americans now…

    I like how dylan avery sends out death threats but then like a little girl has to dragg other people into it to show how much of a P#ssy he is.

    God dammit, you know where I live come through and see what you get,stupid.

    By you incriminating yourself on interstate weapons distribution and bragging about testing explosives Homeland Security is now onto you. now you want to go get your gun and come after me?

    You are stupid.

    Have a nice Day

    Paul Isaac Jr
    FDNY Auxiliary Fire Corps (NYCD)
    Former NYPD Auxiliary Police Officer#12017 Reg#438136
    FEMA Emergency Program Management FWD SIGINT

  13. I’m not really sure what your ranting is about. I agree with you that the ‘wingtv-crew’s credibility is low. Recently the only thing they seem to be doing is attacking other researchers.

    You said you have some evidence. Maybe compile it on a website, together with your story about the article you are referring to?

    Would be much more productive than throwing out insults on an anonymous message board like this…

  14. Insults are definately in order because of how these people came to ground zero and conducted themselves. One idiot had the galls to grabb his genitals to tell people to blow him while they were still reading the names.

    This act in itself is grounds for a beatdown. I can say this as I’m not with any city agency. Take it from a New Yorker, You will respect ground zero or you will get your asses kicked.

    This goes out to those who know who they are.

    There are alot of people upset about this incident.

    If you want proof google in “the Village Voice Auxiliary Fireman” and see for yourself how these people prey on the greivence of the unsuspecting public. This is the real danger for the movement.

    These people are creating the resentment.

    Lisa Guliani is a narc, Google in “Lisa Guliani calls the FBI on revere radio network” to see the crap thats infiltrating the movement. Then there are those who claim poverty but go for the game. Where do the profits go?

    Then we get the death wishes and threats, Let me tell you homie this is the land of killer cops and cop killers GOD bles Det Dillan Stewart recentley lost in the warzone of Bklyn, You’ll not be forgotten and the Sgt from the NY fighting 69th who was shot recentley heroically breaking up a gang fight, he didn’t know he was shot in the neck and was rushed to kings county hospital, he is recovering.

    So if your coming here be sure you know the consequences of scewing around on streets you don’t know homie.

    Get your mind right cause the streets are definately on smash and they’re calling for you.

    No more games.

    You want evidence?

    God bless the mess

    Paul Isaac Jr (My E-mail)

  15. Lisas’ contact is FBI agent steve collins.

    It was funny when she tried to scare me by trying to incite Tim White with his litter “lets get ted gunderson or the former football guy to try and scare me” That was funny. I’m not scared of if any man or woamn on the planet just GOD almighty and if thats not enough on my word I’ll gladly send out my service record to any credible media source so you can see how I get down, “DIG”?

    If you google in my “name WTC 911” you’ll see dylans latest antics “I’m recieving threats to my life” Like a little girl. Then to influence others on the bourd to take action against me. You’ll notice he has no balls to do it himself meaning stand alone facing an adversary not bringing a mobb of people to do it for him.

    All the talk about going against the government yet scared to face one man alone.

    Really funny guy.

    On my word, you try and put me or my family in danger rest asured I’ll smoke your f%cking ass, as GOD is my witness.

    Hey and for those military guys: the biggest question should be…..HGAF?

    Time to clean house.

    Have a nice day

    Paul Isaac Jr

  16. Don’t get me wrong please. I am fully aware about ‘wingtv’ and several others who cause more harm than good. *I* also have enough evidence to fill a library with and I’m doing my best to bring out the message.
    My point is that if you really want to expose, for example wingtv, the key is to compile the information you have, maybe even put it on tape, for others to use and spread. This way you would reach much more people.

  17. I just wanted to add that I beleve that the 911 conspiracy is only a minor part of a world wide conspiracy.

    If you are convinced about 911 beeng a fake, dont fall into the trap of buying the official resolution to this problem. That can be a UN takeover/controll of american govermant/military.

    The UN is probably involved in this to, as is all media international and all secret services around the world.


    Check around. Hard to find anything.

  19. I was watching a different documentary, and one thing that struck me was the cockpit of an airplane.

    Can you imagine grabbing the controls of a commercial plane, while thousands of feet in the air? You’re above clouds, and you can’t even really look down in a cockpit. I don’t think regular pilots themselves could have aimed the planes at the targets without help from traffic control. And the hijackers weren’t even good pilots. Did the hijackers use a compass and a map to find their targets?

  20. the real truth is in the documentary Loose Change. I sat down for the 1 hour 20 minutes and 50 seconds and watched the entire thing. Flight 93 landed in Cleveland Airport as well as Delta-1989. Flight 93 contained 200 passengers and the entire plane was evvacuated within a half hour. Delta-1989 had 60 or so passengers and took almost 2 and a half hours to evacuate the plane. Why so long for so little passengers… but so little time for so many passengers?

  21. loose change has clearly rattled the cage of the american government and the us in general, it is however a great shame that the american public are too short sited and brainwashed that they cannot accept the truth about 9/11. I do not pretent to be totally conviced by this film only to accept parts of it as suspisions, and authentic in its origin. It is clear that the us government lied about the happening of 9/11, but why? this is one of many illegal DVD’s published, and it is clear that none of them reveal the complete truth, but as an impartial judge it is clear o me now, after viewing loose change and rich white men that the us government have lied, and done so very unconvinsingly, it is ther for my with, and hope that the american public realise this and that each one does his and hers very best to throw out the Bush administration.

  22. It’s good to look at every angle of 911, but the collapses WERE controlled demolition. Demo-experts, american and not have stated this.
    Some of the things in the documentary are undoubtedly not correct, but when playing the 911 coverup game, you play percentages. I say that loose change is at least 90% truth.
    The Pentagon, Pennsylvania and the Twins are all crashes were a lot of things happened for the first time.
    PS- Bush’ granpappy was Hitlers financial advisor. Clear enough for ya? Add one mustache and a uniform (mission accomplished) and you got yourself a Hitler wannabe.