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Merle Haggard on Hillary: ‘Let’s Put a Woman in Charge’

About half-way through his set at Spokane’s INB Performing Arts Center Monday night almost 70-year-old country star, Merle Haggard played a song he told the audience he’d just finished up that morning.

It had a one-word title, he said, and was likely to “piss off” at least half of the audience. A few might even walk out, he said. But, an assistant brought out a music stand and Merle started crooning about a woman named “Hillary.”

“The country needs to be honest,” he sang. “Change needs to be large.”

“Let’s put a woman in charge.”

A few in the crowd, (including our neighbors who complained all throughout Haggard’s opening act, Neko Case, because they “didn’t buy tickets to see Jewel”) scoffed at Merle’s tribute while others wondered if he was serious. “How did you take it?” we overheard one cowboy asking another as we left the show.

Haggard had, afterall, brought the crowd to their feet just a few songs earlier with “The Fightin’ Side of Me,” his pro-America Vietnam-based tune from 1970.

But if the country legend’s take on current politics — especially in regard to the current war — he’s serious. Haggard got some flack in 2003 with his song “That’s the News,” which criticized coverage of the Iraq war and he later came to the aid of the Dixie Chicks when they came under fire for their comments about President George Bush at a concert.

On Monday, when he finished “Hillary” (which I’m assuming is the song’s one-word title), Haggard lamented that, “a song like that will never get played.”

Then he moved right into a rousing rendition of, “I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink,” and any grumbling about “Hillary” began to fade.

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  1. Well, of COURSE I’m on board with any musician, any genre, any age, who has the gumption to stand up for his or her beliefs, and not cowtow to a record label, narrow-minded fans, or demographic-driven radio. Merle has always been a hero of mine (big surprise), and I agree that it’s high time we put a woman in charge. Hilary, Nancy Pelosi, even Condoleeza (although I don’t agree with her politics) are kicking down some man-sized doors and I hope the door to the Oval Office is the next to fall.

  2. William C. Stewart

    After living thru the nightmare and horror of Viet Nam, I didn’t think I would live to see congress give another chicken hawk president a blank check to start another war–but dammed if they didn’t do it again. The Iraq war is nothing but an attempt by western oil companies to seize the oil reserves of Iraq. The adminstration in power doesn’t give a dam about the citizens of Iraq—they don’t give a dam about the citizens of the USA of they would’t sacrifice them by the thousands for such a lost cause. Their game in Iraq is not going to work–that is obvious to anyone with two working brain cells. GET THE TROOPS OUT NOW BEFORE ANOTHER LIVE IS WASTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I hate to pop your bubble and don’t know whether you have any personal firsthand experience with Mr. Haggard; but, don’t get too excited about his political endorsements. Merle was never a intensively educated fellow. He is a fine fellow, entitled to his opinions, and has a bit of fundamental wisdom; but, he is and always was an entertainer, no more and no less. I don’t bring up these facts because I disagree with the idea of Hillary or perhaps certain other women as President, but merely to keep us grounded.

    On a more serious note, I am, however, afraid of a woman candidate at this time. An incredible amount of damage has been done to America, by the current administration, over the past six years. The thought of a continuation of this kind of ideologically twisted and functionally incompetent GOP rule is just horrrific. Another four years of this kind of mess will put us in a world of hurt.

    With that said, I believe that the Democratic Party must be realistic about the flaws, prejudices, and immaturities of many in the electorate, as amply demonstrated by the various postings to this website, and select their best shot for success in ’08. I also watched GOP money being funneled into the Green Party in 2000 and 2004; I am well aware of the lengths to which the GOP will go to spread confusion and miscues. I do not want to see the Democratic Party picking our candidate on the advice of someone as unreliable as a formerly rednecked entertainer.

  4. Rednecked entertainer??? I did not know that about Jeff Foxworthy that he was a Hillary supporter. How would he put it?…”You might be a redneck if you support Hillary because [fill in here].” That sort of mangles the imagination.

  5. We are already in a world of hurt.This president is as dumb as the average american citizen apparently. He braggs about our great economy when our production jobs are fast leaving this country by the 100s of thousands and the debt–both public and private-
    is setting new records every day. Does anyone honestly believe that we can continue borrowing billions upon billions of dollars every month forever???? Try that on a personal level and see where you wind up. And this stupid “War on Terror” is a joke. All it has accomplished is a president that has virtully used the Constitution as toilet paper and massive amounts of money squandered. Bill Clinton got a blow job and lied about it and they tried to hang him–but no one died from his lie. George Bush lied to get us into this unnecessary war and ten’s of thousands of humans have died–but this is o.k.– he fighting terror. George W.
    terrrifies me. I’m seventy years old and I’ve never observed such
    insanity by an adminstration. This is by any measure the worst bunch of liars, crooks, thieves and general misfits that ever held office in this nation–and I doubt that the democrats are any better. The democrats had better produce some sane and reasonable policies to reverse the insanity we have had for the past 6 years or they or this nation will not survive. I have great
    respect for “The Office of the President of the United States of America” I wish George W. Bush had a little respect for it.

  6. I wouldn’t say George Bush or at least his political handlers anyway are stupid. They’ve been able to manipulate the electorate with an artistic hand when it matters most (election time). They know that a good portion of the people out there make decisions like voting based primarily on emotions that come from nationalistic or fundamentalist ideals. It’s easy to influence those people by inflaming their misguided patriotism or by feeding their fear and hate of people they don’t understand.

    That may be why you see progressive ideas labeled as socialist or liberal so much. These are labels that they don’t understand. Few of todays Republicans could give a real definition of Socialism and I’m convinced that no conservative that uses the label Liberalism knows that it means an ideology that holds liberty as the primary political value. Many Republicans preach socialist and liberal values and don’t know it.

  7. WCS, take a look around you for the true picture of the economy, what was one of the hottest sellers for Christmas and even after? HDTVs, costing close to a thousand dollars and up, to say nothing of the increased cost of getting HD via cable or Dish. That is honest on the ground ordinary people being able to afford them.
    Look at the stock market with it’s steady climb, many, many of us have our IRAs in the stock market.
    Despite the best efforts of the left, insisting around the world that our leader is dumb, nontheless they learned from the first time that is is dumb like a fox and terrirsts have not been able to hit us again.
    It would be nice if we could talk the terrorists around the world into being nice, but since we can’t they need to be afraid to try again or thwarted if they do. They can and will if possible destroy our country, at least the poeple in it.
    I too am 70 and I have never seen the country and the free world having to deal with terrorism on the scale it has become over the last 20 years. One grandson has done 2 tours in Iraq, and another is finishing training and will probably end up there. I pray for them every night, but they feel this country is worth saving, and so do I.

  8. Yes Marion, there were a lot of HDTVs sold along with many other gadgets. But I’ll bet you that not 1 in 20 was paid for at purchase. The plastic money is great–until pay day. This government is operating the same way. As to the stock market, the market has never CREATED the first new dollar in all it’s history. All it does is take money earned from an outside source and transfer it to another account. It is the greatest con game ever devised in the history of civilization. I know thousands of people have taken a lot of money out of the market but every dollar came out of some other investors pocket. I hope your IRA does well, but we are poised for a huge correction. Remember the tech stock bubble?? Nothing in our economy truly supports the present bull market but hype. And don’t judge our economic
    situation by the stock market–the market is Alice in Wonderland.
    Get out in the real world and observe the pressure the middle class is under trying to survive and live the “American dream”.
    You will find that things are not so rosey—and and don’t buy the
    bull—t that inflation is in check. Every thing I purchase in my business has increased in price substantially–and has for many months. This is the greatest country in the worlld and I want it to remain that way but I’m worried about what we are leaving for our
    children and grandchildren. WCS

  9. WCS, have you ever heard of the ‘multiplier effect’ in the economy? The stock market faciltates the capital formation that creates the money machine called the ‘multiplier effect’ as it works its way through the economy. The stock market doesn’t make snowballs. It just allows them to grow faster and roll quicker down the hill we call commerce.

  10. Craig: The founding purpose of the stock market to allow investers to pool their resources and capitalize business endevors
    was s great advancement for mandkind. But what we have now is a sham–a con game by which stock is sold and obscene amounts of the proposed investment capital is taken by countless CEO’s and Vice presidents–in many cases hundreds of millions of dollars annually for individuals–when we all know that no human on this planet is worth this amount of renumeration. Investors seldom consider “dividens”–they want a “growth stock”which is a stock that increases in value many times in value with little but hype to support the supposed value. The founders of the market never
    envisoned a situation like we now have. And now we have “globalization” which translates to this: send our production jobs to some arm-pit on the planet where big business can work people for low wages with little or no environmental or human rights, then bring the products in the USA with little or no import dutys—(free trade)—It is destroying the middle class USA.

  11. WCS, none of us like to see other folks get salaries we think is excessive. I have a problem with grown men getting obscene salaries for playing kids ball games, same for entertainers getting such idiotic salaries, but no one has ever asked my permission. I personally would prefer paying a multi million dollar salary to someone who was able to manage the business I have my money invested in, to make a profit that I share in rather than a hundred thousand to someone who either lost or remained stagnant.
    Jobs change and evolve all of the time, and always have, there are still lots of jobs in this country.
    I have to disagree with you that the middle class is disappearing, I think it is growing. What gives you the idea that it is disappearing?

  12. Here’s another man who is working on a song about another side of Hillary, and his Dixie Chicks dissin’ ditty that doubles as a Merle Haggard tribute tune is climbing the charts.

    A song by Dr Bruce L. Thiessen, aka, Dr. BLT of Bakersfield, California, paying tribute to Merle Haggard’s fighting side is climbing this chart, jumping over 1200 notches in one week to land at number 243 this week:

    The Dr. BLT song that proceeded it, Neil Young (Have you Forgotten), hit #1 on this chart back in July of 2006 and now rests at #155. It was also named the # 8 Best Record of 2006 by Blogcritics magazine writer, Al Barger here:

    The Merle Haggard tribute song can be heard and downloaded for free at the site of the chart or here.

    Merle Hasn’t Lost His Fightin’ Side
    Dr BLT
    words and music by Dr Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT (c) 2007

    “Sonically, Dr. BLT offers up a mix of country, folk and rockabilly, while vocally he tends to come off as a Dylan with clear diction. No, scratch that. I liked the line so much I had to include it, but Dr. B’s voice is smoother and clearer than that. Especially on what I think is the best cut, “Merle Hasn’t Lost His Fighting Side.” I hear slight hints toward country legend John Anderson in that one.” (Junkyard Blog)
    Bryan Preston, National Review Writer

  13. Merle was my hero as a teenager, but no longer. He’s not clean-cut anymore. Hillary is pure evil in a female package. I’m disgusted, and I’m disgusted at the rants against the President.

  14. This is the worst bunch of liars, crooks and thieves? Who was it that STOLE TOP SECRET documents and destroyed them? That was one of Clinton’s boys-Sandy Berger. Who was it that could not produce Rose Law firm documents during an investigation, then suddenly appeared months after the investigation was over Hillary Clinton. Who was it that had no less than 10 slam-dunk chances to bury Bin-Laden but decided not to because he didn’t want to accept the responsibility-Bill Clinton. Who was it that erected barriers between intelligence agencies making it a crime to share intel-information-Bill Clinton. Who was it that cut numerous DIVISIONS OUT OF ALL BRANCHES OF OUR MILITARY-Bll Clinton-remember the “peace dividend”. Who was it that destroyed numerous computers and office equipment when they left the WH-Cinton’s boys. Who was it that pardoned DRUG DEALING KINGPINS at the last hour-Bill Clinton. Clinton and his team of backroom CRIMINALS are responsible for ALL of the deaths associated with this war as well as 9/11. Were it not for their STUPID politics and foreign policies none of it would have happened. I once was a huge Haggard fan, not any more. I am destroying all of my Haggard CD’s today. I think his wife has turned him into a wimpy-mind numbed liberal.

  15. Haggards lost his fighting side, he’s been dropped from my list of best country singers. Bush is doing a great job over Iraq of course yall liberal morons don’t know that cause yall are to spoiled from growing up in the good ole USA. Im proud of the boys over there fighing for our freedom and other lives too. If you had to spend one day over there you would love Bush for coming to your rescue. The only reason we look like were losing is because of CNN and all these stupid media crapholes. WWll wasn’t broadcasted everyday like Iraq is but that was back when people supported and loved there country. God bless the USA and for merle I think he needs to with the dixie chicks move out this country if they can’t appreciate a good president and take that lesbo Hillary with them.

  16. This is mostly in response to Tim’s rant. I don’t support Hillary because she’s just too divisive. I don’t know who wouldn’t be divisive at this point, though.

    And by the eay, Liberals are not wimps any more than the Conservatives are. Conservatives just like to talk tough. It’s all a bunch of crap. Grow up, for Pete’s sake. I mean, REALLY.

    I don’t know or care whether the things you claim about Clinton are true. George W. Bush has shown himself to be at least as crooked. It’s a shame that the truth is so hard to sort out from all the b.s.

  17. The Iacocca new book, Where Have All the Leaders Gone? has some of the answers, and everyone should read it.

    It there are any sharp shooters left in America, they will be treated to some straight shooting as well in the easy read.

    From a person in a position to known the worst of how American government works, and how business works, it’s clear that a woman can do the man-sized job that is required to run the nation, and Hillary is the only viable candidate with experience to do it.
    That she did not sit on the sidelines while her husband ran it has turned out to be the extra asset that makes her the best man, not the best woman for the job. That’s probably what she would like to say, but doesn’t except to the astute intuitive.

    If Iacocca is right, and America tears walls down rather than builds them, the Presidency is one wall that should come down for women, and Iacocca apparently agrees.

  18. Laya, if you don’t know about the truth-worthiness of all that I have spelled out concerning Clinton and company-and you don’t care-how on earth can you “sort out the truth from the BS”. Every bit is certifiably true-can be confirmed by anyone who cares enough to find out. Doesn’t take much to find out either. Gender doesn’t matter-character and ideology does. Hillary is to the left of Mao. That’s why I so despise what Merele has come to espouse in his later years-not at all what he used to stand for. You have exposed to us all why a voters test should be administered and passed before anyone is allowed to vote.

  19. Merle’s right. As a Canadian who was in the US Military and has family there, it pains me to see how Bush , although I don’t believe he had the intelligence. Probably his handlers Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. have started the fall of the mighty US Empire. You have sold yourselves to the Chinese in your debts, run up in a stupid war. Just look at your deficit in trade with Chinese, you cannot stop the Yellow Tide from sweeping you up. You have lost the respect of most countries in the world, hence problems with Iran, North Korea Etc., as they know you do not have the resources(Militarily to take them on). So you need someone like Hillary to try diplomaticly to get you out of this mess. She will have a good ambassador in Bill to help get things going if those right wing nuts don’t get too much power in the next government.
    Military strength no longer works in these situations, you need diplomacy.

  20. Bill, I cannot remember a time when we had the respect of most of the countries in the world despite our overwhelming generosity, certainly never N korea, Iran etc., not even when the Kings of “diplomacy” (Clinton-Carter) were in office. In fact, it was thier posture of diplomacy that enabled the worldwide jihad to expand to the point that allowed 9-11 to happen. They laugh at our “diplomacy” while they plot and gather resources to respond to our “diplomacy” with another 9-11. The “good ambassador” B-J Clinton was an enormous help for the terrorists, I’m sure they would love to see a return to his “diplomatic” efforts of the 90’s. Can you say BOOOM, say it with me BOOOM! BOOOOOM! Oh that’s right-your from Canada, BOOOM BOOOM!, aye.

  21. Tim,

    You know, the attacks of 911 happened on Bush’s watch. In the end, he has profited wildly from it. In starting the war with Iraq, which he had planned before he even took office, he created this false oil crisis, which has caused every American who doesn’t happen to own oil stock great hardship.

    I was really just trying to be polite before, but that is obviously passe’. Don’t talk to me about voter tests. You are obviously underqualified for the position to which you have appointed yourself: judge. The fact is, there is plenty of bs on both sides. The difference is that the conservatives are gigantic hyprocrites and cowards. Yes, we all know that Bush dodged the draft by having Daddy pull strings for him to keep him out of hazardous duty. And we all know that he was AWOL during his time in the Air Nat’l Guard. It seems to me that being AWOL during wartime is a pretty serious offense, but he got away with it.

    I’m no big fan of Bill Clinton. I think NAFTA, for example, was big mistake. But nobody can deny that he was as much a self-made man as anyone. And no one can say the same about Bush.

  22. Layla, Wow, you actually believe that Bush planned a war before he even took office-then started a war and created a false oil crisis so he could rake in millions. You just reinforced my opinion from 9-5-07 above, however let’s review some facts. Bush was not AWOL-he was serving in another State in a status that is afforded to all members of the NG regardless of social staus or rank-Equivalent/Split training. It is an arrangement between Commanders to accomodate the soldier (without compromising the mission) who may be out of state (like students-doctors-lawyers-and a host of others) It is a very common practice-used all the time. Clinton was not a “self made man” he made every penny from taxpayers-had the best education money can by thanks to his rich stepdad. 9-11 happened on Bush’s watch-Clinton had 8 years, Bush had 7 whole months. So, a security guard (Bill) on 24 hour duty-watches TV and does a few other things (meanwhile terrorists slip in and rig the place with bombs) the new guard (George) takes over 24 hours later-he’s on duty for 1.7 hours, the bombs go off and by your logic, it’s George’s fault because it happened on his watch. I truly hope you realize how rediculous you sound. Please wake up and tune Dan Rather and Michael Moore out, they lie to you.

  23. Tim
    I believe the war was planned before Bush took office. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfawitz, etc went looking for Georgie to get him elected so the could get a war going with Saddam cause he tried to have George Sr assassinated. Do you really believe Iraq had anything to do with terrorism. It was perpetrated by Bush and cronies to revenge Daddies mistake. Also it has made tons of money for Haliburton(Cheneys retirement fund) and others. No way oil doesn’t factor in to the whole equation. Meanwhile the head terrorist is still running around doing business and mocking you, while you are mired up to you ass in a war you can’t win. Mean while the Chinese own you, and you stick up for Isreal who are no better than the other terrorists. So how can you ever gain any prestige by the rest of the world. I will admit you are generous, but you tend to blow your own horn too much as you just did. You must have you head in the sand.

  24. Bill, according to you, prior to 9-11 terrorists were everywhere in the world (including the US) but not in Iraq, how strange. Clinton hired Halliburton in the 90’s (when Cheney was actually the CEO) and that was ok, but Cheney and friends started a war to correct Daddy’s “mistake” (what ever that was) and prop up profits for Halliburton when Cheney was not a part of Halliburton, how strange. Israel (a tiny island of non-muslims in a vast sea of muslims) is terrorists, how strange. The Chinese (long time communists) are almost as capitalist as the west and you say they own us, how strange-and you say I have my head in the sand-how strange indeed.

  25. There were no terrorists to speak of in Iraq except in the mind of George and company. Daddies mistake is that he never finished the job in the first place(Gulf War). The Chinese are buying up your trillions of debt(why do you let them flood your market with cheap goods and only wimper about it). Isreal provoked the war in 67, captured Arab lands and kept them. They took Palestine from Palestinians in the first place with help of US, Britan, and a few others in UN. They sit there in there pools controlling everything while the Palestinian people have nothing in their own land to fight with. They cannot stand up to Isreal weaponry so they do suicide bombing in desperation. What would you people have done if they had taken Texas for a country, and threw the Texans out. They keep talking peace while they build more settlements. You talk of a sea of Muslims, are you excusing the Christians of their world plunderings through the years, or even in later years the Irish Catholics blowing up people and places in the name of the IRS(funded alot by the Catholics in USA and probably Canada, Mexico etc). Your governments foreign policies and interference in other countries has let you to this point in time, but you seem to be sticking up for what will no doubt be the worst President in your history by far. You must be a fan of Fox and that wingnut Ann Coulter, but I would suggest that you maybe should spend a few hrs. reading and watching some bipartison news and shows (CNN) for awhile. Do some computer research also on Birth of Isreal.

  26. There were no terrorists in the US to speak of in Sep 2001, but they managed to fly planes into the Towers huh Bill. “Daddies” mistake, as you call it, was because he signed onto the “global test” that is the hallmark of diplomacy that J Kerry and the Clinton’s love to use, bowing to the UN and the rest of the worlds cowards. Since he agreed to the UN’s terms he was obligated to abide by them-thats called keeping your word-something the Arab world knows NOTHING about. Israel, established as a soverign nation 14 may 1948. Just 24 hours later Armys from 5 Arab nations attacked and invaded. In 1949 the UN brokered a deal that was accepted by all parties except Iraq (armistace agreements), yet terrorists from various parts of the Arab world (lead chiefly by Arafat-good ridence) conducted terrorist raids that continue today-not only there-but all over the world. The ANCIENT violence by Christians you speak of as well as those in recent Ireland, act on there own doctrine-not biblical doctrine and I excuse NONE of it, I denounce and detest it. The terrorist muslims act on doctrine right out of the Koran (“smite the necks of the infidels”) and most muslims not only excuse it-they agree with it. Yes, I am a fan of Fox News and talk radio-that is where bipartisan news and shows BEGAN.

  27. This “debate” is going nowhere, Tim. In fact, I think I’ve figured out what’s going on here. The only way anyone could spout the nonsense you spout is if he were one of the perpetrators. You’re not “Tim,” at all, are you? You’re CHENEY. Nice try, DICK, but we’re onto you now.

  28. Now you have discovered the truth Laya, don’t accept any hunting trips.

  29. Laya, thanks for the compliment-to be mistaken for such an honorable and wise man is truly an honor, but I think he has more important things to deal with then a couple of bozos on the internet. Bill, it’s interesting how you disavow religion in general, then bash “born agains” and “priests” for their scandles with no mention whatsoever of the millions of muslim terrorsists who are trained and equiped through Islamic clerics and congragations. You are wrong about a woman president-I would vote for any woman with the mentality and maturity of Reagan-but I will never vote for a woman with the mentality of Marx and the tactics and temper of Lenin (Hillary). However, If she is elected-I will accept it and move on, unlike the whining-lying-crybaby liberals who tried to overturn the election in 2000. If that happens; Iraq-Iran-Turkey-and Russia will be the Democrats problem, but we will ALL suffer for their ignorance and incompetnce as we did with all of the terrorist attacks prior to and on 9-11. You can bet China will be on our side though-they contribute heavily to Hillary’s campaign and she will owe them bigtime. Nothing like having a communist dictatorship to pay back-huh guys.

  30. Bill, some words of advice-better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Ever heard of Barney Frank-gay Democrat Mass., how about Jim Mcgreevy, gay Democrat NJ. Frank had a gay bordelo going on in his place. Guess CNN-that bi-partisan news station-missed those two. You’re halfway right though-the Democrat females like females, ever heard of Barbara Jordan or Barbara Mikulski, how bout that Democrat from Calif who looks like a dried up prune with spectacles (don’t remember her name), my how the list does go on, how about Hillary (she goes both ways-but prefers beaver). The political graveyard site lists all known gay politicians ever known. Bill-its 21 Dem-5 Rep (see my opening remark) As for the muslims-guess you never heard of what goes on in the prisons (remember the movie called Midnight Express, where the male guards routinly raped the men in a Turkish prison to get thier jollys. Homosexuality is alive and well in the muslim world Bill, unless you actually believe the madman from Iran. You probably do-huh Bill-I think you actually do.

  31. My God you are knowledgable about these things, you must be one too, are you in the closer you bad boy or just a wannabe. Obviously you do not have a life off your computer or TV. I guess there are more queers in the USA than I thought. Oh well but as a Canadian I’m with Hillary, cause us Canadians love beavers to. So I guess she’ll get our vote too,even if we really don’t have one. But beavers are good hard workers and smart, good engineer and can dam up anything so I guess Hillary will be able to stop the bleeding away of the American Empire that George really got going with all his stupid mistakes.

  32. That’s right-I forgot you are a canucklehead. That’s why you are obviously a socialist-a liberal socialist who has not the ability to back his opinion with fact. Liberal numbskulls always resort to name calling, like a child on the playground. I am straighter than an arrow-never did understand how men could get off on other men-the Clintons do though. That’s why they appointed the guardian of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) Attorney General-Janet Reno. NAMBLA has the support of the majority of Democrats (on the basis of-get this-free speech) and organizations who support Dems, ever heard of the ACLU. You got one thing right-Dems will make sure “EVERY VOTE COUNTS”, the dead votes and the illegal votes, all except the military members-they LOATHE the military and thier vote. Oh-I do understand why canucks like you “love beavers”-that’s because they ARE BEAVERS (aka PUSSY’S) especially the frogs.

  33. Oh I guess I struck a nerve Eh! Timmy, you must be gay. Don’t be mean to us Canucks because you will not only need our oil, but our water also. You have destroyed all your resources, killed all your animals, got some more wolves off us, and I see you are killing them off also. Right wing shootem up conservative cattlemen. But I guess you will just come kill us off and take our land, although you tried 3 times before and failed, along with us burning the white house. You killed your own brothers and relatives so what can we expect from your violent war mongering politicians when those commodities run out in the south especially.

  34. “Don’t be mean us”, and you think I’m gay, get your panties out of your twat-what a PUSSY!

  35. Goodbye and goodluck under Hillary, she will defend your rights as a gay. I see I have driven you to the point of becoming abusive and I think it would be better to back off before you go out and shoot up the neighborhood, with your AK-47 hunting rifle, with a 50 shot clip. I think you are losing control.

  36. Spoken like a true Canadian pussy. Hide your own homo preference by accusing someone else. That’s ok though-it’s obviuous who the real homo is-tell the truth Bill-that’s why you like Hillary so much isn’t it, you San Francisco treat.

  37. Brokeback Bill-only homo’s, pussies, and socialists are anti-gun nuts who support Hillary. That qualifies about 90% of Canadians. No pussies are in Afghanistan. They are part of the 10% who are not pussies, but they could be socialists and homo’s-after all, they are Canadian. The biggest American blunder was BJ Clinton-were it not for his admin. there would be no 9-11, and no war.