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Gary Anderson as Clarence Darrow

Guys Needed for Idaho Public TV Film

Idaho Public Television needs male extras – next week! – to play courtroom reporters and spectators in their film about Idaho’s 1907 “trial of the century.”

It’s another way to mark the centennial of the trial that caught the attention of the world and involved such luminaries as attorneys William Borah and Clarence Darrow.

Local historian and former Supreme Court Justice Byron Johnson says the trial shaped the future of American law. The eyes of the nation were on Boise when “Big Bill” Haywood was tried for the murder of former Gov. Frank Steunenberg. Steunenberg was killed by a bomb just outside his Caldwell home in December 1905, purportedly at the direction of the Western Federation of Miners.

Every Idaho schoolchild learns about the landmark trial in their history lessons.

Bruce Reichert of IPTV is asking for men to put in some time on the courtroom benches on the set of “Assassination: Idaho’s Trial of the Century.” Scenes will be shot in the court room at the Borah building across from the Idaho Statehouse Capitol… Tuesday, May 15th through Friday, May 18th. Your time commitment will depend on your availability and the shoot schedule….it’s a bit complicated, but if you follow instructions, below, all will be made clear.

The bad news is there aren’t any lines. The good news is that you’re still pretty much guaranteed to make it into the show, since they need shots of reporters in the court room.

If you fit the bill, you’re invited to click here to {encode=”jyost4@msn.com” title=”contact Joan Yost,”} who is handling costumes. The period is Edwardian, which was right after the Victorian age, so costumes were somewhat similar.

My favorite Idaho actors are involved, including Matt Clark as Harry Orchard, Dan Peterson as James Hawley, Richard Klautsch as William Borah, Doug Copsey as Edmund Richardson. Clarence Darrow will be played by Gary Anderson, an actor known for his impressive portrayals of Darrow.

I’m going to be a reporter-extra, and so will some other Idaho writers. Working on movie sets was something I did Back in the Day, and I’m anxious to see all the new technology since then, and find out if the cast and crew talk like thugs the way they did in Hollywood.

If you need more information, contact Reichert at (208) 373-7362 or {encode=”bruce.reichert@idahoptv.org ” title=”email him”}.

But if you’re ready to commit and don’t need more information, {encode=”jyost4@msn.com” title=”email Joan Yost”}.

Here’s some more information about the film.

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