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Commenters Object to Bitterroot Resort Proposal

A majority of citizens who submitted comments to the Forest Service regarding the potential for skiing atop Lolo Peak are opposed to the idea, according to an analysis conducted by the Sierra Club.

The results indicate that about 80 percent of the comments were in opposition to the proposed Bitterroot Resort, and of those, 43 percent cited wilderness, roadless and primitive values as the main reason. Twenty percent spoke out in favor of development.

The Forest Service, in response to its revision of the Lolo and Bitterroot National Forest management plans, received nearly 2,000 total letters, 1,014 of which were specific to the future management of the public lands around Lolo Peak.

“It’s very telling,” said Bob Clark of the Sierra Club, “that between these two forests, the future of just 12,000 acres garnered more than half of the comments. It shows the level of interest and concern.”

As Perry Backus of the Missoulian reports, Bitterroot Resort Chief Executive Officer Jim McGill said he wasn’t surprised by the comments. “We’ve found that it’s usually the people who are opposed to a project who voice their opinions,” Gill told the Missoulian.

Forest Service officials are now reviewing the comments as they develop final management plans, which will be released in the spring and followed by a 30-day comment period.

“The results of the comment analysis are what they are, ” said Clark. “There isn’t any bias.”

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  1. I’d love to see this thing go to a public vote. We’d all get a better idea as to what percentage of people want to see this thing go forward.
    I think that people who would support this project probably have jobs, oh I mean better things to do than write letters to the Forest Service.

  2. “I think that people who would support this project probably have jobs, oh I mean better things to do than write letters to the Forest Service.”

    If they have “better things to do” than participate in the democratic process of their government, then they have no business whining.

  3. “People who would support this project probably have jobs”? What a crock. Who do you think is gonna be skiing on machine-made snow on Lolo on weekday afternoons? Save Lolo Peak !

  4. Californiamontanacan

    I don’t have strong feelings either way, but people should imagine a Missoula Valley with NO local skiing, because that is the way the weather is heading. That may still not be reason enough to develop Lolo Pk., but I think alot of “anti’s” have their heads in the sand about the future of skiing at Snowbowl. But then again, lift served skiing is an incredibly energy intensive endeavour anyway you cut it.


  5. Wow, you guys need to settle down. Ive been up to Bitteroot resort and seen averything that they are panning on doing, and let me tell you that it is not nearly as bad as all you “over the top” environmentalists make it seem. Bitterroot resort would mostly change the missoula valley for the better. and i am sure of that. Check both sides of the arguments before taking a stance.

  6. Trying to cast aspersions and doubt by name-calling (over-the-top environmentalists) is a cheesy ploy, Chris, and we all can see through it. The only thing that’s over-the-top here are the plans to grab public land for profiteering by developers.