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Where in the World Are the Organic Farms?

On Saturday, May 2, The New York Times published a map showing the density of organic farms in the United States. The map reveals that most organic farms are clustered into a few geographic centers. The largest organic markets by far are for vegetables, fruit and dairy products, according to Catherine Greene, an economist at the Agriculture Department. Organic vegetables now account for 5% of all vegetable sales; organic dairies, which are the fastest-growing sector, now produce 1 percent of the nation's milk.

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The Buck Stays Here

It may seem as though we are saving money when we go to chain stores, but think about what we save when we go to local stores. During these tough, recessionary times, we take more care about the dollars we spend. So it makes sense that we take a moment to think about where we spend those dollars—just as we think about what we spend them on. It’s true that Wal-Mart and other discount chains SEEM to have low-low prices, but that’s not always the case; they often raise prices when there is no direct competition, drop prices and rely on corporate funds to run local stores out of business and Wal-Mart particularly has begun drastic changes to its inventory. But, I’m not here to bash Wal-Mart, fun though that may be. I’m here to talk about the positive story of what your dollars do when you spend them at local stores, including local groceries.

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Montola Dries Up

Some depressing news for those in northeastern Montana—and for all of us who support our growers and local food system. Montola, which made sunflower, safflower and canola oil from locally grown seeds, has closed up shop; the US Department of Agriculture has stepped in to sell the remaining stock of seeds. Montola built its seed-crushing facility in 1956, and so had been a fixture in the Culbertson area. It employed up to 28 people, but beyond that, it had contracted with area farmers and was committed to them:

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Top 10 Reasons To Eat Local Food

One fascinating part of the “new” local food movement is that I have yet to run across a reason NOT to eat food produced which is produced close to home. Sure, there are the usual knuckleheads rushing to declaim local food (see the article in Mother Jones) but there are always vociferous and usually shrill (not to mention loud) voices that rise whenever any change to their lives is even mentioned. If only their creativity and imagination were given so much free rein.

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