Monday, December 17, 2018
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KettleHouse Amphitheater Highlights Western Montana

Missoula, Montana has a new outdoor hotspot that some residents hope will become the “Red Rocks” of western Montana: the KettleHouse Amphitheater.

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New West Daily Roundup for May 13, 2016

MSU, Montana State University

Today in New West news: Montana State University receives $8 million pledge from Greg and Susan Gianforte, Pleasant Revolution bike/music tour planned for Pacific Northwest/California, and Denver-area housing development sells final unit after 58 years.

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Brian Jonestown Massacre Inches, Strangely, Into Boise

There’s nothing about my notes in an attempt to review the Brian Jonestown Massacre concert in Boise Tuesday night that isn't pure rubbish. There are only two clear lyrics I picked up on, jotted down, and can be read clearly on my notepad. They are as follows: “but it’s fucking your girlfriend, and it’s flying in space, and it’s putting you to shame as it spits in your face;” along with, “and it’s eating the planets and it’s playing guitar… in fact it’s playing right now.” It was a loud, thumping concert, as least as far as the instruments are concerned. Four electric guitars, including BJM’s most notorious character, Anton Newcombe. An electric bass, drums, keyboards and (Joel Gion) mixing in tambourine/maracas. If you’ve never heard any BJM, click here. And if you have, click there anyhow.

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Tom Catmull and the Clerics – Glamour Puss

The new record is not so much a departure for Tom and his band, but a big step up and forward. Catmull’s songwriting has always been top notch, it is just better this time around. The sound of the recording is improved (it was recorded at Club Schmed Studios in Missoula, and mixed in Seattle at the Imperial Room); hell, the band just sounds better, period. Not surprising, as this is a combo that plays a pile of shows and obviously has a great time making music together.

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Independent Music — Totally

Missoula hosts the premier independent music festival in the Northwest. I’m talking, or course, about Total Fest, which just saw its 7th incarnation go off as a resounding success this past weekend. This is a huge event to wrangle; lots of bands from all over (all of whom needed places to stay, things to eat, gear to protect, etc.) to manage, three nights in a row of rock, and all the promotion and hustling to make it a success. From what I saw Saturday night, it all seemed to go off with less fuss and confusion than most single night shows I’ve had to suffer through with only 3 or 4 bands involved! Just a fantastic effort all around.

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River City Roots Festival Lineup Set

The Emmitt-Nershi Band and The Clumsy Lovers will headline this summer's River City Roots Festival in Missoula, its organizers and sponsors announced Tuesday. The free downtown festival, in its third year, will take place Saturday and Sunday, August 23-24, the weekend before fall classes begin at the University of Montana. Linda McCarthy, director of the Missoula Downtown Association, called the festival "Missoula's signature event."

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A Lifetime in a Couple Months with Ace Frehley

The stage was set, the wall of black, logoless amplifiers had glowing lights. A roadie would wander out periodically to adjust a mic stand or open a couple bottles of water on the drum riser, then stroll off again. A huge smoke machine was belching fog over the stage and theater; ZZ Top was playing over the PA. The crowd was chanting, “Ace, Ace, Ace!” and it seemed to take forever. Finally the lights dimmed, and it was on.

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Bob Wire’s Sentimental Breakdown

The eternal struggle for bands who thrive when stumbling around on stage is to capture the energy and vibe of the live show on tape, package it up and deliver it. I don’t know whether or not Bob Wire made an effort to do that, but intentionally or not he pulled it off. Sentimental Breakdown, Wire’s second release since going solo, is everything a kick-up-your-heels-and-yee-haw country roadhouse show is all about, minus the bad breath and beer stains.

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A New Magazine: The New West

The best way to check out The New West magazine is to subscribe. We want to know who's interested in The New West, so we have made the magazine available free to qualified subscribers who answer a short questionnaire.

In the Spring Issue and online here:

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Avalaunch Launches in Salt Lake City This Week

Sam Porter is on to something; if you want a skier’s attention, talk about snow. Porter (Porterhouse Productions) is about to take this attention-grabber to a whole new level. Avalaunch – Porter’s latest “medium for change” through the arts and environment– begins this week at the Salt Lake City Outdoor Retailer Show at The Depot, January 24, 25 and 26. The hybrid event is the launching pad for what Porter hopes will be a nation-wide tour through 21 major North American ski communities bringing entertainment, education and sustainability together in an effort to save lives and snow. “There are 200 million skiers all over the world,” Porter says. “I know skiers that almost love snow more than their kids. Snow reaches a demographic of this planet that is incredibly passionate about this world because they love it.” The focus of Avalaunch is two-fold: raising avalanche awareness and reducing global warming contributions from the many, many people who rely on snow for fun and survival.

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