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New West Daily Roundup for Aug. 10, 2016

Today in New West news: Bozeman bookstore wins international festival scholarship, portable treehouses, and Colorado biofuels co. runs into delays building Minnesota facility.

Earlier this year, Europa Editions announced it would sponsor visits by U.S. booksellers to this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, one of the most prestigious publishing events in the world. To keep the selection fair, Europa announced it would select its bookseller via raffle. In order to participate, all U.S. booksellers had to do was host a book release event for Elena Ferrante’s latest books: The Beach at Night (coming out October 31) and Frantumaglia: An Author’s Journey (coming out November 1). Details of the giveaway/book release blitz is below, courtesy of Europa Editions:

• Europa Editions will send you an event kit with event ideas, discussion questions, and A4 #FerranteNightFever posters that you can use in your store to advertise the event
• Europa Editions will send you 50 Ferrante Fever buttons and Frantumaglia bookmarks to give away to customers before, during, or after your event.
• Europa Editions will add your event to the #FerranteNightFever interactive map, which will be a major component of our media blitz for the events beginning in October.
• One participating bookstore will win a scholarship for one bookseller to the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 19-23, 2016). The scholarship winner will attend bookseller-focused panels, meet authors from around the world, attend swanky publishing parties, meet Ferrante’s 40+ international publishers & translators, and hang out with Europa at the biggest and best publishing fair in the world.

Yesterday, Europa Editions published the results of their scholarship drawing in a Facebook video. The winner? Country Bookshelf in Bozeman, Montana. Per the video’s hosts, one bookseller will be sent to Frankfurt to “engage with the international bookselling community.” You can see the full video below.

Down in Utah, one outdoor company is turning heads with its “portable tree houses.” According to Utah Business, Tentsile is giving campers the option of building tents in the air, tethering them to trees. Although founded in the U.K., the company has a sizeable U.S. presence—including a headquarters in Ogden, Utah—and hopes to worm their way into the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts nationwide. From Utah Business:

The Tentsile line is meant to combine “the comfort of a hammock and the security of a tent,” allowing outdoor enthusiasts to pitch a comfortable dwelling without worrying about challenges like hard, uneven ground. All that’s needed is three anchor points and the tent can stay aloft. Because the line was created by an ecologically-conscious architect and designer, the line also offers a tree-protective strap to keep people from harming the trees that they use to keep the tents up.

“You have to make sure you’ve got a healthy tree. You don’t want a dead tree and you don’t want a young tree. You want to give it plenty of space to grow first,” said Grego. “We also offer tree protective straps. So, if you’ve got a tree with particularly weak bark, you can put tree protective straps around it.”

Tentsile currently has six tents in its line, and is debuting its new tent, the Flite Plus, in the near future, along with an insulation mat that fits to all their tents. They also opened the doors to their first brick and mortar in Ogden this past March. Being twice-a-year guests at Outdoor Retailer turned the brand on to the idea of having a permanent home in Utah, especially as the brand does between 70-80 percent of their business in the U.S., according to Grego.

“We [opened in Utah] because of the Outdoor Retailer, partly,” said Grego. “It was tough to fly the whole team over twice a year. But we’d also heard great things—that it was very outdoorsy. Ogden particularly is a very up-and-coming outdoors center… It’s been fantastic. Already, we really feel like part of the community. It’s lovely.”

Finally, over in Colorado, according to the Denver Business Journal, Douglas County-based biofuels company Gevo Inc. has announced it’s having issues getting a new production facility in Minnesota up and running:

“It has, however, taken Gevo longer than expected to complete installation of some additional distillation system equipment that was needed after initial operation of the distillation system began in March 2016. As a result, the onset of the production rate ramp-up was delayed and therefore the total annual 2016 production volume is projected to be lower than previously projected,” Gevo said in a statement.

Shares in Gevo (Nasdaq: GEVO) had fallen more than 25 percent in early Wednesday trading, dropping about 19 cents to about 56 cents.

On Tuesday, Gevo reported a second-quarter net loss of $21 million, or a loss of 44 cents per share, which compares with a loss of $14.4 million, or a loss of $1.10 per share a year earlier.

Revenues fell slightly to $8.1 million from $8.9 million in 2015.

Photo credit: Amy Guth,

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