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Governor Steve Bullock Announces Launch of Montana Business Navigator

Montana Governor Steve Bullock has announced the launch of the Montana Business Navigator, a new online service aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs.

Bullock made the announcement earlier today at The Base Camp in Helena, along with entrepreneurs Sarah Calhoun and Scott Brown (owner of The Base Camp), who are both heavily involved in Montana’s Small Business and Downtown Key Industry Network.

“Montana’s small businesses are a driving force of our state’s growing economy,” said Governor Bullock in a press release. “The Montana Business Navigator is the result of feedback from entrepreneurs and small business owners across the state who told us about the need to streamline information, cut red tape and make it easier to create jobs. I’m excited to join Sarah and Scott to show all Montanans how easy it can be to pursue your dreams when we make our services more efficient and user-friendly.”

Specifically, the Business Navigator performs three functions: 1) it teaches prospective business owners about Montana’s business/regulatory culture, 2) instructs existing Montana entrepreneurs on how to better operate their business and 3) gives owners a checklist and basic outline for starting a business in-state. The Business Navigator also covers what licenses and permits are needed, depending on the business. Users can tailor their checklist based on information given. From a press release from the Office of Governor Steve Bullock:

“It’s exciting to see ideas from small business owners being implemented to make starting a business as easy as possible,” said Sarah Calhoun, owner of Red Ants Pants in White Sulphur Springs. “The new Business Navigator is a user-friendly platform that walks you through business permitting and offers access to business planning and financing services. Being in business is not always easy, so having a smooth, staff-supported resource is a huge help.”


“The Business Navigator is the result of hundreds of discussions and working sessions with a diverse group of stakeholders in government, economic development, and private business,” said John Rogers, Chief Business Development Officer for the State of Montana. “We are all proud of the final product.”

The Montana Business Navigator is currently online and you can see it here. Available options include planning, starting, and operating a business in Montana. There’s also a tab explaining why you should choose Montana (if you haven’t already).

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