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One More Ride

New from August Publications: One More Ride

On one level, One More Ride is a collection of stories and remembrances of a life spent on unique motorcycle journeys on the highways and byways of America. But One More Ride from Fred Milverstedt is more than a litany of motorcycle rides: it’s a remembrance of a noteworthy life, with various adventures and misadventures laid out in a fascinating series of stories.

In One More Ride, the story is the thing: life, after all, is nothing more than a series of stories and remembrances, and this set of tales details a life spent on the edge–or, at the least, a life spent on the back of a motorcycle. From the Introduction:

Riding motorcycles, like any other dynamic activity, can be fraught with peril. By contrast, for every time on a given ride you encounter a difficult, sometimes dangerous situation, there are hundreds of times when the rides are magnificent, almost transcendent, and you return home safely and happy as a bug without so much as even a cop coming your way and checking his radar to see if you might have been speeding.

These rides, blissful as they may be, are not exactly the kind of stuff that makes for a well-paced, exciting and entertaining read. It would be boring. And given the kind of writer I am, and the kind I am not, it would be worse.

The stories play out across the American West and the Upper Midwest, with rides in Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota detailed. With some frank assessments of life on a motorcycle today, One More Ride is the chronicle of a unique life, filled with frank talk and a unrivaled writing story, perfect for both motorcycle enthusiasts and those yearning for a life on the road.

“Reading One More Ride is pure pleasure. With an almost magical narrative voice Fred Milverstedt celebrates his lifelong love of bikes and fellow bikers and captures the unique spirit of men and women who feel compelled to do things like rack up 100,000 miles sitting astride an exposed engine and two wheels.”
David Rhodes, author of Jewelweed, The Last Fair Deal Going Down, Driftless, and Rock Island Line

“I greatly enjoyed the book…but hated Fred’s riff on guns.”
David Maraniss, author of When Pride Still Mattered: Lombardi; First In His Class: A Biography of Bill Clinton; and Barack Obama: The Story

You can read more about One More Ride here, along with ordering information. August Publications is the parent company of New West.

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