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Little Opposition in State to Nearly Completed Utah NSA Data Center


BLUFFDALE, UTAH—Even now, you’d have a hard time finding a politician in Utah opposed to the construction of the Utah NSA Data Center in Bluffdale.

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New West Daily Roundup for July 9, 2013

Wind turbines farm

Making headlines in the New West today: the plan to implement Boulder wind energy may face capacity issues; a rush to secede in northeastern Colorado appears to be losing steam; and porn. Lots of porn.

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In Utah, State Guns and Campus Firearms

One thing Utah’s recent legislative sessions have made clear is that Utahns like their guns, and they like the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. That amendment, as ratified by the states, reads: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Sounds simple, no?

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Utah Pawn Shop Law Requiring Fingerprinting Threatens Other Secondhand Shops

Ken Sanders, owner of Ken Sander's Rare Books, says he doesn't want to collect sellers' thumbprints for a state database.

Owners of secondhand bookshops, used CD stores and antique shops in Utah say a board of pawn shop owners and law enforcement officials has been trying to use the state legislature to drive them out of business, and they’re sick of it. “They want to make it so that any dealer of secondhand goods would have to obey the same draconian laws as pawn shops,” says Ken Sanders, owner of Ken Sander’s Rare Books, a prominent used bookstore in downtown Salt Lake City. “That would put me and a lot of other people out of business.”

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County in Utah wins title to R.S. 2477 roads


A significant victory on road ownership for a southern Utah county could establish a precedent that could alter the way wilderness is designated in the West. The recognition of Kane County’s title to the historic “Skutumpah Road” in a district court case by Judge Clark Waddoups, and subsequent recognition of its title to four more routes, has given representatives of Kane County hope they may finally get a fair hearing on the issue of road ownership, even from employees of the federal government which is fighting them on the issue.

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Utahns’ memories not that short


Rural Utahns are awaiting the results from a second request for records from the Obama Administration regarding an inventory of 13 million acres of public and private lands in 11 Western states. The inventory’s purpose was to determine the studied lands’ qualifications as future national monuments.

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Making sense of Senator Bob Bennett’s defeat

Stephen Richer

Conversing by e-mail with political commentator Stephen Richer in Washington, D.C., I was reminded once more of the primacy of political narrative over all other elements of discourse in this grape nation of ours. I’ve had talks with socialist friends wherein we couldn’t agree on the basic meanings of such common terms as “shoe,” “sky,” “butter” and “radical right wing conservative.” I feel the same way when I try to hold a conversation with anyone who has lived in D.C. for more than six months.

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Send not to know for whom the political bell tolls. It tolls for Senator Bob Bennett (Probably)

No sacrae, ritus, communio, crypta, potestas, praedia sacra, forum or civilia jura vetantur per Senator Bennett per omnia saecula saeculorum. Deo gratias. Amen.

Unless he starts toeing the pro-free market Club for Growth line and renounces his demonstrated heretical socialist inclinations, Utah Senator Bob Bennett may be looking for a new job after the upcoming election cycle. Bennett, who had promised to serve only two terms when he got the job, has outspent his opponents 20 to one, and still doesn’t have a lock on his own seat. A Rasmussen Report election survey says about 37 percent of voters would support him, compared to 14 percent for challengers Tim Bridgewater and attorney Mike Lee. Candidate Merrill Cook, who lost his House seat to Jason Chaffetz in another “I’m more conservative than you”-upset a few years back, polled at six percent.

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Environmentalists, Opponents Going for End-Zones in Utah

Utah Governor Gary Herbert: "Go long! No, really long!"

It would be difficult to avoid football analogies at this point in the game. The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) has been moving the ball down the field one running play at a time. Their next play may put them in the end-zone. Their opponents in state government, meanwhile, are tossing Hail-Mary passes, with the inevitable possibility of interception.

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Utah Gets Uppity

The West shall rise again!

Utah’s current legislative session is and has been considering a number of bills which would limit the federal government’s powers under the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. To whit: A bill which would allow Utah to opt out of federal health care.

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