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New West Daily Roundup for Dec. 11, 2015

Downtown Salt Lake City

Here’s your New West news: Utah could be the first state with a “serious” air pollution problem, Denver and Frontier Airlines reconcile as the company seeks to change flights between the Colorado capital and Bozeman, MT; and Denver housing prices reportedly at the “bubble” threshold.

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New West Daily Roundup for Dec. 4, 2015

ferris mountain wilderness study area wyoming

Today’s New West news: Wyoming wants Congress to reevaluate state’s Wilderness Study Areas, Frontier Airlines reportedly in IPO talks, Glacier National Park breaks attendance record, more developments in the Badger Two-Medicine area, and Salt Lake City’s Avenues neighborhood receiving fiber network from Beehive Broadband.

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Utah Business Honoring Green Business Award Recipients November 19

Downtown Salt Lake City

Utah Business will be honoring the recipients of its annual Green Business Awards tomorrow, November 19 in Salt Lake City.

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New West Daily Roundup for Oct. 28, 2015

downtown bozeman 2013

New West Daily Roundup: the changing face of downtown Bozeman, Modesty Creek and Clark Fork River are reunited, and a new Natural Grocers opens in Salt Lake City.

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New West Daily Roundup for Oct. 27, 2015

Downtown Denver

Here’s your New West news: Denver slides ahead in home-resale price gains, Rocky Mountain Power announces emission plan, and three Boise-based cultural institutions are being updated.

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New West Daily Roundup for Sept. 28, 2015


Today in New West news: Dish Network’s deadline to pay for wireless network frequencies looms, Utah’s $46 million Wasatch Peaks Ranch is up for sale, Boulder, Colorado is ranked high in startup potential, a Seattle-based real estate company has bought up five Denver buildings on Market Street, and Missoula, Montana will be able to taste its first ever legal rye ...

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New West cities rank high in Forbes’ choices for young professionals

downtown Boise

For the under-35 set, New West cities are the place to be, as four metro areas in the region made it in the top ten of Forbes’ Best Cities for Young Professionals.

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SLC Protests 4-Year Anniversary of Iraq War

Protesters gathered outside the County Building August 2006

Several gathered in downtown Salt Lake City Monday to mourn the 4-year anniversary of the war in Iraq. Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson spoke to a crowd outside of the City County Building, repeating the same sentiments he expressed last August when he articulated his opposition to the war in Iraq and demanded President Bush’s resignation. Anderson spoke to a crowd of about 600 anti-war protesters. That’s according to the Deseret Morning News. Despite local criticism, Utahn demonstrators are actually in lock step with the majority of Americans when it comes to discontentment with this war. According to The Salt Lake Tribune recent polling suggests that the majority of Americans are in favor of withdrawing American troops from Iraq within a year. Even within Utah support for the president’s handling of the war is on the decline. The Tribune conducted a poll in January that showed only 41 percent of Utahns agreed with the president’s course of action since the war’s conception four years ago.

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Bozeman Leader Responds To His Town’s Impugned Honor

Steve Kirchhoff

It definitely touched a raw nerve. When Stephen Matlow, editor of the Livingston Enterprise newspaper, wrote an editorial recently calling high and mighty Bozeman, Montana "butt ugly", a town rapidly losing its community soul, many citizens residing in Matlow's intended target reacted with the outrage of defensiveness. Current Bozeman City Commissioner Steve Kirchhoff, a former mayor and home-grown community leader who was once a school teacher in urban Chicago but in the 1990s with his physician wife decided to return to his native town to raise their family, took Matlow's semi-satirical observations to heart. And Kirchhoff's own assessment may surprise you. Like former Missoula Mayor Dan Kemmis [now director of the O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West], Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and others, Kirchhoff believes that what defines the modern West is not just the innovative approaches being employed to make money or selling real estate -- an improvement over the boom and bust days of frontier gold rushes -- but its capacity to see community as something more than economic, social and religious homogeneity. For Kirchhoff, it's the stuff that doesn't appear on ledger books that matters just as much as what's visible in statistics to bean counters. —Todd Wilkinson

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The Birth Dearth Folly And The 300 Millionth American

Dave Foreman is nothing, if not a real deal enigma. Today, there are many preconceived portrayals of the man floating around, often perpetuated by people who have never met him but who base their own authority of opinion on the ether of myths and legends, of which the American West is chock full. Some of these characterizations of Foreman—as a renegade, Leftist, anarchist, neo-Luddite, wimpy-minded, let's-revert-society-back-to-the-Stone Age madman—are inaccurate. But it's true that Foreman is radically progressive and pushy when it comes to challenging the status quo. On New Year's Day, 2007, Foreman published his second "Around the Campfire" column distributed through his organization, The Rewilding Institute. The piece which follows is titled "Birth Dearth Folly and the 300 Millionth American" and is inspired by writings from a current book in progress. The issue of human population, which Foreman writes about, is one that has caused a schizophrenic reaction within the environmental movement because it involves not only American-style resource consumption and depletion but the delicate matters of immigration, the real effects of globalization in populous nations like China and India, and the inability of greens sometimes to have meaningful conversations with people whose skin color is not white.

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