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Upcoming Concerts: Bullets and Octane, Natalie MacMaster, Virgin College Mega Tour, Soular

Valient Thorr

Bullets and Octane, DaMone, Valient Thorr Bullets and Octane singer Gene Louis had an unlikely musical upbringing for a punk rocker, growing up sitting in on his father’s drum kit in jazz gigs. Moving to SoCal with friend Brent Clawson changing his musical orientation, however, and when the lead singer quit shortly after they founded B&O in 1999, Louis stepped behind the mike. After touring with Avenged Sevenfold in 2004, they moved up to a major label with this year’s In the Mouth of the Young on RCA. There are far worse ways to start a punk band than naming it after a character from Fast Times at Ridgement High, as Boston band Damone did shortly after the turn of the millennium. They are more of the long hair/black spandex wearing wing than the leatherclad Mohawk tribe, mixing skatepunk sensibilities with heavy metal crunch. They had a contract with RCA, from which they were released, to hook up with Island/Def Jam for this year’s Out Here All Night, not in stores for another month but available on I Tunes. With the "Ultimate Shredder" contest on their website, you know I get tired of these bands that are just too political. Let loose and just have some fun, Damone dammit! Valient Thorr is a cartoon metal band from, they claim, Venus, just here to play some tunes and go on ‘tourr.’ April 20, Avalon Theatre

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Sales Representative Wanted: New West SLC

New West is seeking an advertising sales representative for the Salt Lake City node. Candidates should have prior sales experience, be familiar with online publications, and reside in Salt Lake City. If you'd like to become part of a fast-growing, award-winning publication, please contact Mark Phillips at

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Dog Ordinances, While Arbitrary, Are the Law

Photo by Chris Lombardi

It’s no secret that urban living takes some compromises. And most of the time we all agree to do the little things that help make our cities livable for all kinds of people—we keep our trash in bins that we put out once a week for collection, refrain from parking dilapidated cars on our front lawns, and so on. For the most part, city ordinances are things we never even think about, rules of conduct that are so commonsensical for most city dwellers that we barely give them a second thought. However, when those rules concern our pets—the creatures we often love and cherish nearly as much as children, and sometimes in place of children—we might want to pay a little more attention.

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Utah’s Ghoul, Part II: Cadaver Haberdashery?

By Clint Wardlow, Cadaver Haberdashery? Our story begins in January 1862 with shooting of three local hooligans by law enforcement. Lot Huntington, Moroni Clawson, and John P. Smith were wanted for, among other things, the beating of Utah territorial Governor John W. Dawson. A posse had caught up with the three desperados who were making a beeline for California. When he refused to give himself up to the posse, Huntington was shot by notorious Mormon gunman Porter Rockwell. The other two fugitives, perhaps in deference to Old Port's skill with firearms, surrendered. Clawson and Smith, trying to “escape," were later gunned down in Salt Lake City by police.

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Upcoming Concerts: The Stills, The Independents, Rob Zombie, Saves the Day

The Stills It’s unclear if Montreal quartet the Stills’ name refers to illicit liquor or photographic images. But even more unusual, the band’s sound is influenced by Echo and the Bunnymen and Joy Division, whose heydays were when these guys were barely post-womb, let alone post-modern. Although these days, maybe it’s the same thing. Hmm. Rumor has it that a friend (one of their friends, not mine) needed drug money and in return gave the fan four a souped-up four-track. If there is such a thing. A friend in need and all that. The Stills (least likely meaning of name = a cult-like devotion to CSN old fart.) But the set of songs they created was disarming enough to land a deal with Vice Records. This year’s Without Feathers (a reference to a Woody Allen book? Hey that's also 80's hip) followed not too closely on the heals of 2003 debut Logic Will Break Your Heart. Hey, if they are Ian Curtis devotees, maybe their moniker is most likely a tribute to the epochal Joy Division album Still. April 17, Club Sound

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Win New York Doll on DVD!


The absolute last place you’d look to find a former member of the venerated glam/trash/punk band the New York Dolls is in a church, much less an LDS temple. Yet this is where Dolls bassist Arthur “Killer” Kane wound up after the Dolls disintegrated and his own bands—and even a suicide attempt, failed. On the surface, it sounds like just another guy looking for salvation in the most convenient cubby: religion. But as New York Doll, Greg Whitely’s warm documentary about the impoverished, aged ex-rock star plays on, we see Arthur Kane find redemption and renewal on his own terms. That, and Doll’s singer David Johansen singing the Mormon hymn “Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief”—reverently and quietly! That’s powerful stuff. So…how’d you like to win a copy of this bad boy?

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Utah’s Ghoul: John Baptiste

By Clint Wardlow, Some ghouls and grave robbers have carved names for themselves in history. Scotland’s Burke and Hare, and Wisconsin's Ed Gein come readily to mind. These historical figures have become icons, inspiring fear, pulp fiction and movies galore. Burke and Hare have been the subject of at least four movies and several books. Wisconsin Ed was the basis for several classic films, including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, and Deranged. However, Utah has its own premiere grave robber, a man whose career was equally as bizarre as his three more famous counterparts. His name was John Baptiste. What does John Baptiste lacks that other historical ghouls possess? It is certainly not Ed Gein's keen fashion sense. The only difference between the two was that John only wore the corpse's clothes, while Ed donned their skins. Still, both men took to grave robbing as a way to augment their wardrobes.

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Upcoming Concerts: Fall Out Boy, The Books, Kittie, Diamond Nights

Hawthorne Heights

All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, From First To Last, Hawthorne Heights, The Hush Sound If nothing else, Tyson Ritter (vocals/bass) and Nick Wheeler (guitar/programming) of All-American Rejects have taken the oft tiresome genre of emo and made it a little bit fun. But then there’s not much to do in their hometown Stillwater, Oklahoma. Listening to the standard Midwestern musical diet of bands like AC-DC, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi gave them some rudimentary knowledge of how to rock out. And self-deprecation is always a good way to go in naming your band. An independent self-titled debut on Doghouse records in 2002, reissued by DreamWorks, was followed with signing to Interscope and Move Along for that label last year. Fall Out Boy, named after a comic book character from the Simpsons, charted a similar course from their native Chicago. Beginning around the cusp of the new millennium, they played their live performances of emo-tinged newsic into a bidding war among labels, finally won by punk staple Fueled By Ramen, while also receiving an advance from major Island to record a proper debut after several EPs. The best of both worlds, or serving two masters? The deal enabled them to record the set Take This to Your Grave with master producer and decibel farmer Butch Vig. That and a well-reviewed 2003 SXSW appearance were enough to seal their cred, and they could embark on their more ambitious release Under the Cork Tree last year with no worry of proggy residue. On a smaller scale, LA/Florida combo From First To Last found release on punk powerhouse Epitaph for their Heroine sophomore LP. The more poppy combo Hawthorne Heights of Dayton, Ohio debuted on Victory Records in 2004 with The Silence In Black and White, including the single “Ohio Is For Lovers,” (I thought it was Virginia, oh well) followed by this year’s set If Only You Were Lonely. April 11, McKay Events Center (Orem) Also playing: April 12: Magness Arena, Denver

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Raunchy Real Estate

After about the fourteenth time the five kids who live above us decided to have a wrestling match, we thought it might be time to find a new living situation. Being the smart, savvy couple that we are, buying seemed like a good idea. We liked Salt Lake and loved the idea of having our own little home in Sugarhouse or the Avenues—both nice areas that had great homes with fabulous character. No more throwing money down the drain to rent and no more landlords dictating our living situation. Overall, it seemed like a sound idea.

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Flick Chick: Friends With Money, Inside Man, Take the Lead

Jennifer Aniston in Friends With Money

By Jill Adler Friends With Money Olivia (Jennifer Aniston) isn’t one of the rich friends; especially now that she quit teaching at the private school and works as a freelance maid for $65/house. She’s cleaning up others’ messes at the expense of her own and swimming in the circle of friends she can’t relate to. At least not financially - Christine (Catherine Keener) and her husband write successful screenplays, Jane (Frances MacDormand) designs with her metrosexual husband; Franny (Joan Cusack) and Matt (Greg Germann) just have money to burn. This is Olivia’s posse and this is a chickflick all the way. You won’t go home with any heavy message like ‘treasure friends over money’ but, Ladies, you’ll love the wit, edge and comedy that shines through the talented cast. And here you thought Friends was over.

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