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Should the Salt Lake Police Department clean up house it tear-gassed?


The story A Salt Lake family is at odds with the Salt Lake Police Department on whether the police are responsible for cleaning up the house into which they dumped 10 tear gas canisters.

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Reading Utah’s Environmental News

Utah has had a surfeit of eco-news in the past couple of weeks. First, of course, there’s Tim DeChristopher, the “bogus BLM bidder.” DeChristopher put his paddle up on December 19th to disrupt a BLM sale of mineral rights in Utah. He is now awaiting charges from the BLM, which seems completely flummoxed. They are purportedly not planning on holding another auction.

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Utah Tourism Grant Targets Theater Fans in Idaho

Don’t be surprised if you are soon bombarded with ads for a production of "Les Miserables." The play, however, isn’t coming to town. It isn’t even coming to Idaho; it’s being produced by the Pioneer Theatre Company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Last year, the company purchased out-of-state advertisements for this spring's production of the longest-running musical and saw a great response from Idaho theater lovers. Now that the play is being extended, the company is again hitting up Idahoans with the help of a Utah Board of Tourism Development grant.

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Airline Apologizes to Urinating Passenger on Boise Flight

Thank goodness for barf bags. James Whipple, who drank two "really big beers" at the Boise Airport on March 7, had to use the air-sickness bag tucked into the pocket of the seatback in front of him on a SkyWest Airlines flight to Salt Lake City – only Whipple used it for urination purposes.

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Utah’s Mark England and His Landscapes of Perception


Mark England was recently awarded a $10,000 Fellowship by the Utah Arts Council. His work and that of Jacqui Biggs Larsen of Springville were selected from among 85 applicants for the UAC by New York art critic, writer and teacher Jonathan Goodman. Said Goodman, “(England ’s) visionary landscapes are genuinely original versions of a theme that is nearly overwhelmed by history.”

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Wanna Write for New West SLC?

Wanna write for New West? We’re looking for writers to help flesh out the Salt Lake City node. If you’re a resident of Salt Lake (or Park City, Ogden, Provo, St. George, or Tooele) and want to contribute stories on current events, politics, arts and entertainment, or simply mouth off about what is going on around you, hey—do it for us.

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Utah’s Animal Cruelty Laws Come Under Scrutiny as Marc C. Vincent Goes to Court

Photo of Henry courtesy of the Utah Humane Society

Utah’s pathetically weak animal cruelty laws are about to come into full scope with the upcoming prosecution of Marc C. Vincent of Murray. Vincent is the man who, in May admitted to cornering his wife’s Chihuahua puppy, Henry with a leaf blower, resulting in the loss of the dog’s left eye, but that’s not all he copped to; Vincent also gave a written statement to police admitting that he had placed Henry on a cookie sheet and into a 200 degree oven for five minutes. Henry, who is currently still recovering, suffered severe burns on his paws and chest.

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Real Salt Lake Stadium Plans Could Take Funding from Jordan School District

Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon has been under constant email attack since announcing his endorsement for the Real Salt Lake stadium deal last week. It was a confusing decision to say the least given Corroon’s early skepticism of the project and its $35 million cost to Salt Lake County taxpayers. So, what happened? According to The Salt Lake Tribune Corroon cited several elements that sweetened the deal for him and in his opinion for the county as a whole. For one thing, the county would own all of the land. The county would also rake in 50 cents for every ticket sold and supposedly would not be held accountable financially should RSL fail or decide to pack its bags. There's also the little matter of an extra $45 million of state money that which would supposedly be freed up for other projects. While those benefits sound great, it's not exactly the whole story. It was revealed Wednesday that a large potion of the property tax dollars committed to the project would come from the Jordan School District, except, the District didn’t know about it.

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Utah State Senator Chris Buttars Attempts to Clarify Racist Remarks

At this point we’re all pretty used to Utah State Sen. Chris Buttars’ putting his foot in his mouth, but when he stated during a recent radio interview with Logan radio station KVNU-AM that he thinks “Brown v. Board of Education is wrong to begin with,” few in the community have been willing to let it slide.

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Eugene Mirman at Burt’s Tiki Lounge

Eugene Mirman (photo: Randy Harward)

“There’s a reason there’s a stereotype of hacky stand-up,” says Eugene Mirman. “It’s because it was real.” The comic speaks of the 1980s and early 90s, when the demand for stand-up comedy was massive. Eddie Murphy and Sam Kinison had become superstars and a whole lot of people decided they were just as funny. Comedy clubs went up like Starbucks; pizza joints and Chinese restaurants staged comedy nights. The saturation, Mirman says, led to an inevitable end. “If the demand [for comedy] is huge, then it all becomes kind of similar.” Oh, how we know. The onslaught of Def Jam comics and their honky jokes, redneck comics and their redneck jokes, neurotic undersexed female comics and their jokes about being neurotic and undersexed—it was incessant and maddening. But things are looking up.

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