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Patagonia Threatens Litigation Over National Monument Review

bears ears

Patagonia has threatened to sue the Trump Administration over its recent call for a national monument review.

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Governor Hickenlooper, CO Senators Pen Letter to Outdoor Retailer

Colorado River

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and the state’s U.S. Senators have penned a letter urging Outdoor Retailer to call Colorado its new home.

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New West Daily Roundup for Feb. 27, 2017

MSU, Montana State University

Today in New West news: 406 Labs at Montana State University fosters startups; audio of Herbert, OIA call released; and UC Boulder researchers debut metamaterial providing “paper-thin air-conditioning.”

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OIA Condemns Utah Governor, Leadership Over Public Lands Stance

In a call with Utah Governor Gary Herbert, the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) sought common ground on the question of public lands in America.

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New West Daily Roundup for Feb. 9, 2017


Today in New West news: West Paw Design named 2016 Montana Manufacturer of the Year, what Jeff Sessions will mean for the marijuana industry, and Patagonia drops out of Outdoor Retailer over Bears Ears.

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Only In Missoula Continued…

Check out a few of the Making It readers' responses for their "Only In Missoula" moments. Thanks for participating in the discussion of what make's Missoula unique--from "west of Higgins" and downtown, to East Missoula and the Northside. Feel free to add your own moment to the list by commenting below. -Big Sis Only in Missoula...where the worst dog owners in the world seem to flock like the swallows of Capistrano, can I step in dog shit in the Albertson's parking lot. -Poopy Shoe Only in Missoula...we're all new west people--Patagonia, cowboy boots, tool belts, laptops--they're all welcome in the western Montana my family helped bulid. -Sarah Only in up a huge joint with friends on the Old Post deck or in Charlie's...a smile, opening the door for someone, thanking a driver for stopping for you to cross, not being a dick on a bike (unless its 2:00 AM...the fun bike hour), or listening to a transients story...these are Missoula values to me. -Change

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When Ed Anacker Made Cyclists Eat His Dust

John Anacker and his brothers grew up in the shadow of an outdoor legend when their town was a different place and the West a different kind of region. As the sons of Bozeman's legendary athletic hedonist Ed Anacker, now a spry octogenarian, they remember slogs with their patriarch who defined himself by acts of extreme physical endurance — this in an age well before the word "ultra" and lucrative sponsorship deals ever entered the vocabulary of American recreation. As the longtime head of the chemistry department at Montana State University, Ed Anacker in his free time put men one third his age to shame, including when he designed the brutal course of the notorious Ed Anacker Bridger Ridge Run held every summer in Bozeman. In writer John Anacker's first essay about his father, he chronicled a climb to the pinnacle of Montana's highest summit, Granite Peak. With this sweet second piece, he tells the tale of what happened when his dad raced a beater bike against the fashion and techno mavens of modern cycling. —Todd Wilkinson

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How The American West Is Being Won And Lost

Jonathan Schechter, a popular "lifestyle statistician" from Jackson Hole, opened up New West's successful Real Estate and Development Conference last autumn with one of the more provocative analyses of why some communities are prospering -- and likely to be buffered somewhat from a deflating real estate bubble nationally -- and why others may not. In an interview with New West today, Schechter talks about the difference between "growth" and "change" in the northern Rockies, how the the new mobility of workers is affecting the region and what Schechter's hometown of Jackson Hole has to teach the rest of the West. Read on for the interview.

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Are Trends In Jackson Hole Applicable To Other Western Towns?

Jackson Hole has been largely insulated from many of the economic hiccups swirling in the outside world around it. The Tetons, though, also have served as a bellwether for assessing how ultra-wealthy communities relate to the landscape and neighboring towns, creating their own ripple effect. In this piece, ace economic commentator Jonathan Schechter looks into his crystal ball for the coming year and makes some predictions about what might lay ahead for his home valley. Will the bursting national real estate bubble have an impact on Jackson Hole and what might the popping portend for other similar outdoor-oriented economies in the Rockies? Realtors, take note. Something else: Jackson Hole's economy is going green.

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Montana Newspaper Editor Calls Bozeman ‘Butt Ugly’

Bozeman, Montana has always assumed an air of superiority when referencing Livingston— that smaller neighboring, bare-knuckled, blue-collar, railroad and river town on the eastern side of Bozeman Pass along Interstate 90. Back and forth across the Pass, the friendly civic jeering has gone on for years, like crowds at a high school football game heckling one another from opposite sides of the field. Now, in another act of attempted one upsmanship, a fresh barb has been cast at Bozeman in the form of an editorial hand grenade lobbed by Stephen Matlow, managing editor of the Livingston Enterprise. "Once a beautiful town in an ideal setting," Matlow wrote, "it has now turned into something butt-ugly where any Californian would feel comfortable."

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