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Boise to Celebrate Centennial of Julia Davis Park

In just a couple of weeks, the City of Boise will celebrate a very special milestone: The 100-year anniversary of Julia Davis Park is June 23. The 89-acre recreational area’s birthday is noteworthy not just because it is arguably the heart of the City of Trees’ park life, but also because the state of Idaho itself is only about to turn 117. Julia Davis Park, a former apple orchard donated to the city in 1907 by Tom Davis in honor of his late wife Julia, was city’s first public park.

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Teacher to Donate Meteorite to Idaho

Idaho is in the space age, officially. Now we have our own galactic slab. In honor of “Great Outdoors Month,” Idaho First Lady Lori Otter, Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter’s wife, will accept the donation of a valuable meteorite on behalf of the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. The meteorite will land in Idaho’s hands on Friday, June 1 at 9 a.m. at Eagle Island State Park outside of Boise. Retired West Junior High earth sciences teacher Ron Reil of Boise is donating the meteorite for permanent exhibit at Bruneau Dunes State Park.

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A Perfect Spring Day Ruined. By Your Dog.

As I lay on my back on a blanket in the middle of Bonner Park, a Nerf football for a pillow, I gazed up at the sky and watched the clouds scud by. It’s something that grown-ups just never do, and I was digging it. It was an absolutely perfect day, temperature in the low 70’s, a slight breeze from the west pushing those clouds past my field of vision. Barb and I had decided to bring Rusty and Speaker to the park for a picnic on this brilliant Saturday, the most beautiful spring day we’d seen yet. So I lay there, soaking up the long-absent sunshine, picking out various shapes and animals morphing among the clouds. An elephant with a huge trunk. Now it’s a panda bear being bisected by a high-flying airliner. Now it looks a lot like a softball. A bright yellow softball. And it’s getting bigger…BAM! It was an errant throw from Speaker, and it nailed me right in the forehead.

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Red and Delicious: Boise Wants Your Apple Recipes for Cookbook

There’s a wanted poster on Boise City Hall (the city hall’s web site, that is). Dead or alive, the City of Boise is on the hunt for Jona Gold, Lord Nelson, Granny Smith, and their ilk. This is, of course, a call for any and all local recipes for apple dishes. The apple recipes are for a cookbook to be published and distributed in conjunction with the springtime centennial of Julia Davis Park on June 23, 2007. The apple cookbook will help generate interest and awareness in the park and its 100 years of history. Why apples, you ask? Turns out Julia Davis Park in the center of the city was once a blooming apple orchard. And Ms. Davis herself was considered to be quite hospitable to travelers and explorers stopping through town on the popular Oregon Trail route. She greeted and fed the tourists giant apple pies, baked apples, caramel apples, applesauce, and cobbler. Or meat and potatoes, whatever.

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Wanna Write for New West SLC?

Wanna write for New West? We’re looking for writers to help flesh out the Salt Lake City node. If you’re a resident of Salt Lake (or Park City, Ogden, Provo, St. George, or Tooele) and want to contribute stories on current events, politics, arts and entertainment, or simply mouth off about what is going on around you, hey—do it for us.

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Upcoming Concerts: Jolie Holland, Kenny Chesney, Sound Team, Yonder Mountain String Band

Jolie Holland plays the Urban Lounge on Wednesday, June 21 (photo: Randy Harward)

Yonder Mountain String Band Though in their first decade, Yonder Mountain String Band harks back to classic folk/bluegrass sounds, and when I say ‘classic,’ I mean the early sixties folk revival, since those well-worn genres could both technically be traced back to the 1800’s. Both in their wistful melodicism and faux naïve cover art, they are really reminiscent of early sixties folk groups, yet also sharing an indie pop sensibility not unlike, say, the Shins. This is what makes them more than just another retro combo, talented musicians though they may be. It’s the conflict between the experienced voice of the typical pop song protagonist of a song like “Sidewalk Stars,” the opener of their new self-titled release and the innocence portrayed in the eyes of an angst-ridden innocent in “I Ain’t Been Myself In Years.” Perhaps tellingly, the former is in more typical pop instrumentation of guitar, drum and bass, while the latter is firmly anchored in sad yet somehow joyous banjo picking. Then at times the two combine on “How Bout You,” that could have come from a Golden Smog session outtake, with banjo picking and electric guitar solo simultaneously. And their ragged harmonies could be the Band itself. Oh yes, cause to rejoice. June 21, Port O' Call

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Upcoming Concerts: And 1 Mix Tape Tour, Jerry Joseph, Mike Andrews, Biirdie, Tesla, Gregory Isaacs

Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons

Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons Local son turned Portland music scenester (that could describe a lot of people, no?) Jerry Joseph returns with his crowd-pleasing jam band-influenced singer/songwritering. Aside from a captivating live show, Joseph has been no slouch in the studio either, with last year’s Into the Lovely (Cosmo Sex School) the last in a long line of releases. One odd thing about the group: bassist Jr. Ruppell founded Salt Lake punk magazine SLUG in the late 80’s, so he’s seemingly the least likely musician to join a band anywhere near jam territory. San Francisco jam band Zero has added Joseph to their lineup again for their tour. June 15-16, Ego’s Also appearing: June 14: Denver, CO (Quixote’s True Blue) June 18: Victor, ID (Knotty Pine) June 19: Boise, ID (Neurolux)

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Works Every Time: LDS Leaders and Utah Senators Fall for Tawdry Gay Marriage Tactic

“Any country that would deny a gay man the right to bridal registry is a fascist state.” - Margaret Cho This weekend LDS church leaders urged members to lobby their senators in support of President Bush’s proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. As if Orrin Hatch was going to vote any other way, but okay. With gas prices and the Iraq war looming large in the minds of most Americans, is it any wonder that the Bush administration is reverting to its old standby brand of “Hey—look over there!” politics. This proposed ban was nothing more than a desperate and transparent move by a worried man, losing his Svengali grip on the American mind. So, why were LDS church leaders and Utah’s senators so eager to take the bait?

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Upcoming Concerts: Vaux, The Walkmen, Eels, INXS, Les Claypool, Danielson, Lovin’ Spoonful


Vaux Denver metal act, which has in the past often been pinch-hitters, steps to the plate on their own this time. It’s about time, as they have earned it, paid their dues and all the applicable clichés. Who does a metal band pay dues to; and who collects them? At any rate, they maintain snarling vocals and jagged rhythms with more than a nod to punk; if they have to keep up membership in two genres of music they’d better get out there and hit the streets. And then ”Cones” from their latest, Are You With Me, sounds a hell of a lot like Radiohead with its somber synths, faux (rhymes with “Vaux?”)-British accent and ominous lyric “What’s the worst that can happen?” Sometimes there’s a fine line between musical diversity and stylistic confusion, and it’s treading that thread narrow as a kite string that makes this band fascinating. June 6, Club Boomva (Ogden)

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Upcoming Concerts: DJ Quik, Matt Wertz, Gretchen Wilson, Bullets and Octane, Blind Boys of Alabama

Matt Wertz

Matt Wertz Kansas City native Matt Wertz left behind a yen to design sneakers to join the recent parade of singer-songwriters. To be more exact, slightly disheveled guys who write sensitive songs the chicks dig, lyrics in a scrawl across the album cover as though they came to him spontaneously on his newest EP, Today & Tomorrow. He brings some novelty to a genre populated by Jason Mraz and Gavin DeGraw. June 3, Kilby Court Also appearing: June 2: Denver, CO (Bluebird Theater)

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